Saturday, October 20, 2012

New in Town---Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr.

Lucy Hill (Rene Zellweger) loved her life in Miami Florida as she worked her way up the ladder. She planned to be even more powerful than her now consulting position. While in a meeting she volunteered to mastermind the companies’ blue collar plant in a small community in the frozen state of Minnesota; to downsize it to 50% of the workforce and to reconstruct the operations of the plant.
However, Lucy’s company only looked at the numbers---and not the faces of the people who she would soon find out about after landing on a very cold day. Lucy arrived at the real estate office to meet Blanche Gunderson (Siobhan Fallon) and Trudy Van Uuden (Frances Conroy) who proceeded to the house she would live in.
Lucy drove her rental car with Blanche as a passenger. Lucy was cold, not used to the icy weather and she had the company business on her mind. So Lucy was driving and not talking until Blanche started asking questions.

 Blanche was such a sweet person who wanted to know more about Lucy. Blanche asked Lucy if she was a scraper---Lucy looked puzzled. Blanche told her that she made scrapbooks, and she belonged to a scrapbook club. After more personal questions from Blanche they finally stopped behind Trudy’s car and the three ladies went into the cold rental house.
Blanche invited Lucy to her home for supper (that is dinner in small towns) and this is where she met Ted Mitchell (Harry Connick, Jr.) and his daughter Bobbie (Ferron Guerreiro).
Lucy and Ted did not hit it off, because of their different ideologies. Lucy was a big city girl born and bred and Ted was a single small town father who was raising her teenage daughter with small town traditions.
The next day Lucy met Stu Kopenhafer (J.K. Simmons) the plant manager, and her life would not be the same. Everyone in the town had experienced the presents of other consultants that were sent to their plant from the Miami Headquarters. And they were not greeted with opened arms. Because the workers felt threatened and feared for their jobs. Yes---Lucy was in for the fight of her life.
This is a good movie Renee and Harry sparked great chemistry together. And it showed how people in small town American will band together to fight for their rights.
Will Lucy's heart warm up to these people and will she help them in the end to save their jobs?

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