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Steven Seagal, Gary Busey and Tommy Lee Jones in---Under Siege

This is one of my favorite Steven Seagal Movies and I actually played the video so much over the years it broke---so I replaced it with a DVD---because this movie is good----movie lovers. 

Casey Ryback (Steven Seagal) is a cook on the US battleship Missouri. No one aboard the ship knows that Casey is also a Navy Seal but Captain Adams (Patrick O’Neal). Casey is his personal cook. Captain Adams and Casey trust each other as they have history together in the Navy.

Casey is well liked and trusted by all who worked closely with him in the kitchen. He only has one person who does not like him and that is ships XO Commander Krill (Gary Busey). 

Commander Krill is actually jealous of Casey’s relationship with the Captain; and cannot get the Captain to reprimand Casey about any issue he has with Casey.

Commander Krill was in trouble with the Captain when he found out that Commander Krill
approved a helicopter landing on the Missouri without clearing it with him. 

Krill told the Captain that it was a surprise for his birthday. So the Captain gave in and Krill told the Captain to stay in his cabin until they came to get him.

In the meantime Krill visits Casey’s kitchen just as Casey put pies in the oven--- and tells him about the Birthday surprise and Casey tells him---I am the only one who cooks for the Captain. 

Krill tells him to stand down that food is being sent for the Captain’s Surprise Birthday party-- and then spits in a pot of food Casey was cooking.
Casey did not take it with a fight. Then Krill had Casey locked up in one of the freezers.

The Helicopter has landed and on board was Miss July—Jordan Tate (Erika Eleniak), who was given a gig to pop out of a cake for the Captain’s Birthday Party. 

And, also getting off the Helicopter was William Stranix (Tommy Lee Jones) posing a leader of a rock band, but is really a mercenary and all the members of the rock band are mercenaries.

When the music stopped the shooting started with the highest Naval Officer in charge shot first then all the others at his table.

Then Commander Krill dressed like a woman with a wig goes to the Captain’s quarters and killed the Captain and the service man that was guarding the door.

William Stranix was a CIA operative who has or orchestrated the plan to unload all the Missouri’s nuclear warheads onto a submarine.

Stranix also has a vendetta with a CIA agent who sent assassins to kill him after he completed a job for them. Sealing the USA’s nuclear warheads is a way of making them pay for trying to kill him.

Krill tells Stranix about Casey being locked up a freezer---so he sends two men to kill him. And this is when the action begins. Casey uses his Deal training and hit them with everything he has and so begins the war on the Missouri. Hell has no fury like Casey when he fights back.

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