Saturday, July 6, 2013

Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler---in The Ugly Truth


Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) produced a T.V. morning news show in beautiful Sacramento, the capital city of California which is located at the union of the Sacramento River and American River.

Her show is about to be cancelled because of poor ratings. And the manager of the show Stuart (Nick Searey) has talked to Abby about it because he is very concerned if something does not improve fast---they might be pulled. He told Abby he had two daughters in college and he needed his job and now she needs to find a solution to their problem.

With this on her mind Abby ---she still agreed to keep a blind date with a guy who is 5’8’ much shorter than Abby.

She is a person who likes to control all the events in her life---including guys. She actually has a list of what she is looking for in a perfect man. Abby walks home after the blind date and he probably thought it was the worse blind date in history.

As she started to bed---her cat D’Artagnan stepped on the remote control and changed the channel to “The Ugly Truth Show” and Abby got the shock of her life.
Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler) a Sacramento cable talk show “Host” a channel where listeners call in to talk with him about the ugly truths of life.

 Mike believed and stated on live T.V. is--- men are simple creatures and all they want is sex---so throw away all the books that talk about what men want. Because all they care about is how a woman looks---they just want sex.

Abby was so upset by what she heard that she called in to speak to Mike Chadway. She asked him if he believed in love and he replied that he believed in passion. Well it went downhill from there and he ended up saying she was probably a dog (which crudely put—she was ugly.)

Abby awaken to another day and found that her boss Stuart was smiling so big he could not contain himself---he told everyone he had hired Mike Chadway to do The Ugly Truth on their show.

What a great surprise for most and other knew how Abby felt about so they agreed with her. But after the first day on the show the rating sky-rocket and not only was Stuart happy but the owners wanted to
Fly in and have dinner with Mike who saved their show.

Now Abby had to work with Mike because of the rating; however,  she still had a poor attitude towards him. But it was slowly changes as he gave her advice about how to reel in the doctor who lived in her apartment unit. She finally listened to Mike and his instructions to her are working in her favor.  

Abby told Mike that Colin was the perfect man and she and Colin started dating. He took her to nice places and she pretended to be someone she was not---that Mike implanted into her head---so she could get the man of her dreams.

But was he what Abby really wanted? Was Colin falling for the person Abby was not? Would Mike realize that he was falling for Abby and become jealous of Colin? What would Mike do about it?

Two handsome men and one beautiful woman equal a triangle where one person will lose. And that is
“The Ugly Truth.”

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