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Cameron Bancroft and Daphne Zuniga in---Mail Order Bride

It was common when the Western Territory was young and people traveled from all over the world to a new land for a new beginning even for a mail order bride. Some came as families and some as single men looking for their future in a new land and a few single women were bold enough to come to a new territory.

And, after the land was settled with a home and livestock growing then it was time for a man to marry and start his family. The dream is ideal if there are enough women around to comply. And, if not, then the services of a mail order bride is presented to lonely men---so they begin their correspondence to find a woman who will travel to them and be happy with the meeker life style they had to offer.

To most it was a lot of hard work being a woman married to a rancher, farmer or one who did both. So many came and some did not stay---because it was wild and sometimes brutal in the new territories of the Wild West.

When Diana McQueen’s (Daphne Zuniga) friend died who was corresponding to become a mail order bride, her friend begged her to carry on her dream. Diana was ready for a new life and to get away from the evil over-barring boss Tom Rourke (Greg Evigan) and her life as a con-artist who gets money from men for Tom Rourke. It was sad she had to leave her brother behind---he was a priest and could not leave at the moment.

She packs up and leaves using her friends name in order to meet the Beau Canfield (Cameron Bancroft) who meets her at the stage with a bouquet of Lilies—her friend’s favorite flowers. Diana has landed in a place she feels from her expressions that were forgotten by all including God.

It was difficult for a city girl to be put into a new almost barren environment with no fancy shops, opera, nice restaurants, or beauty shops where a lady can have her hair washed and styled. At first glance she wondered what her friend was thinking.

Right away Beau was finding out differences from the woman who came---from the woman who had written him---about her likes and dislikes. He began to wonder and then his suspensions were validated when Diana picked the pocket of all who attended her engagement party.

Then Beau was mad and began to make Diana work hard on the farm for her keep to punish her, but he began to have feeling for her more and more each day as she gained his respect from her determination to show him---he could not beat her down---no sir.

This is a good movie and I ordered the DVD years ago and watch it often. I hope you enjoy it as much as I still do.
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