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Gerard Butler & Aaron Eckhart in---Olympus Has Fallen

It is snowing in Camp David and President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Echhart), the First Lady (Ashley Judd doing a cameo) and their son Connor (Finley Jacobsen) are all dressed in formal attire. Because they are ready to leave for a party at a Billionaire’s home. The president’s secret service guards are ready to lead and follow in their cars. The leader of President Asher’s guard is Mike Banning, he and the president are very close as friends as well as employee and boss. And the Asher’s son Connor loves Mike and follows him around like a shadow.

The snow and winds are strong as the five black SUV’s leave Camp David. Connor asked to ride with Mike and two other secret service guards. When the vehicles crossed over the bridge something large hit the lead SUV with a force so great it spun out-of-control, then went over the bridge making the other cars stop short and the President’s vehicle crashed the bridge railing was hanging half-way off the bridge.

Mike tried to get the President and the First Lady out while three other men were holding the back of the vehicle. The vehicle was so heavy they did their best to hold it steady and upright. Mike worked fast in getting the seatbelt cut off of the president, and then he would get the first lady’s---but luck was not on their side---this winter blizzard night. The men holding the vehicle screamed it is going as Mike pulled the president out---the car went over the ledge with the first lady and the two men up front. Mike was devastated he could not breathe or shout any orders---all he could do was look at Connor. One could tell a part of him died that night, because he loved the entire family and now one was gone and he blamed himself.

Eighteen months later Mike Banning has a desk job in the Treasury Department and he is bored to death with it. He still has issues that haunts his memory about that fatal night, and concerned about Connor and the President. And, this morning after a brief conversation with his wife Leah (Radha Mitchell) he apologized for not attending a July 4th Barbecue with her.

Mike meets Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs (Angela Bassett) for coffee this morning on July 5th and some of his previous secret service agents stopped by their table to shake hands. After they departed Mike tells her---he wants back in and Director Lynn Jacobs said you know Mike everybody know you did the right things, no one blames you---it is just seeing you every day would remind the president of the tragedy. Connor misses his mom and he misses his buddy.

During the morning at work one could tell that Mike was thinking about Conner, the little boy he loved and taught him about every tunnel and hiding place in the White House. Conner learned fast and Mike filled his memory bank with every tidbit that could and might save his life one day.

His boring day continued until he heard the alarm call and looked out the his window to see smoke and an aircraft flying low and shooting at people in the streets and visitors to Washington DC. Then Mike Banning jumped into action and to help wherever he could.

This movie is an action, thriller and will keep your eyes glued to the screen. I just got my DVD from Amazon and I have watched it three (3) times already---it is just that good. I cannot tell everything or about everyone that was impressive in this review as it would go on forever.

Mike meets the enemy with Special Forces skills and a death-wish determination for the ones who has invaded his White House and the people he loves, the president and Connor. Olympus is the secret service code word for the White House.

I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did ---and still do, because some of my favorite people are in it. To name a few: Morgan Freeman, Gerard Butler, Cole Hauser and Angela Bassett are some if my favorites. And, I was very impressed with Melissa Leo who played the role of Secretary of Defense Ruth McMillan.

Buy it and watch it when your heart desires---you will always find something new each you watch it.

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