Wednesday, November 28, 2012

State of Play

Intrigue, murder, cover-up makes this movie an attention keeper. It has one’s mind going around in a labyrinth. Just when you believe you know the answer---of who did what to whom---it blows up in your face.

The first scene---we see what appears to be a common thief as he burst from an alleyway nearly collided with an elderly couple. And slides over the front of a moving car; then he ran and hid in an alley behind large garbage cans. He waits awhile trying to catch his breath---then starts looking around to see if it is safe to leave his haven. It was a bad move because his pursuer shot him twice---and few second later a guy delivering Pizza on a bike rode by---and the killer shot him also.

The first guy shot was dead, but the second guy was in critical condition in a comma.  The Pizza man had a family he was trying to support with his low wage job, and now the family might have no one.

Next we see Cal McAffrey (Russell Crowe) who looks like a reject from the 60’s with his long hair and unshaven face; driving his car singing, dialing his cell phone, eating and spilling food all over the car and then he throws his trash on the back seat; which by now looks like a refuse can. When he arrived he greeted Det. Bell who is investigating the crime scene.

Cal McAffrey is a brilliant reporter for the Globe in Washington DC and is known by many of the law enforcement employees. Cal smells a story behind the story of what just happened, and he goes to work on solving it. He is unflappable but works for a tough Editor Cameron Lynne (Helen Mirren) whose bottom line is whatever is good for the paper. She is a fan of Cal’s but she does not give him sweet words of praise very often---because she knows it is sales that will keep her bread and butter.
Then a beautiful young redhead leaves her home to walk to the subway station as it is her mode of travel to her job. Upon arriving there she stands close to the edge waiting for the subway---one just knows something bad is going to happen.

The police called Congressmen Stephen Collins’ (Ben Affleck) office before he arrived . When he arrives his secretary tells him Soni Baker (Maria Thayer) who worked for the Congressman as his aide was killed in an accident at Metro this morning she was identified by her badge.

Congressman Collins is stunned---he stands with a look of disbelief. One of his staff members reminds him that it is time for the meeting this morning.

The meeting begins with Stephen Collins saying—Welcome to our hearing of Private Security Contractor Winkle into the Defense Answers and Practices—before we begin I have received some terrible news.

This is only the beginning of the story---now the News Media is speculating that Congressman Collins had an affair with his aide Soni Baker. The Domino effect begins as Cal McAffery

Congressmen Collins is a young tall dark and handsome man who is married. Will he remain the darling of his political party? Will his wife forgive him? Will he turn to his college room-mate Cal McAffrey for help? Is he innocent of being involved in the murders?

This is a great movie---and I am watching it again tonight, as one always misses something the first time. Enjoy the State of Play Movie.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Man of the House

Now what could make a Tommy Lee Jones movie even better? Adding a group of University of Texas Cheerleaders because they witnessed a homicide and saw the murderer; and of course and having Tommy Lee as Texas Ranger (Lt.Roland Sharp) guard them. 

Lt. Ranger Sharp has been assigned to act as an undercover coach assistant and live with the cheerleaders in a two storied house along with two deputies.

Now since Lt. Ranger Sharp has a daughter is a little aware of how teenagers act. Or is he? Will Ranger Sharp learn anything from the girls and will the girls learn from him?

The beautiful Professor Polly McCarthy (Ann Archer) will impress the hard nosed Ranger. Will a romance begin? If the five cheerleaders have anything to say about it---there will be love in the air?

Watch as Anne (Christina Milian), Teresa (Paula Garces), Heather (Vanessa Ferlito), Barb (Kelli Garner) and Evie (Monica Kenna) the cheerleaders will turn the rough edges of the adamant Ranger Sharp into a polished charmer.

This movie is funny, dangerous, romantic and life changing for all--- as they learn the ins and outs of living together and how to help each other as a second family.

Circumstances brings the---Father Know Best Attitude---out for all the girls to benefit---from his experience's and knowledge---even if they think he is over-the-hill and maybe hopeless. Hopeless or not the girls will give the Ranger a make-over.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

National Treasure---Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger & Justin Bartha

Being an inquisitive boy Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) was found in his grandfather’s attic searching for information about the mystical treasure his family has searched for so many years--- to find it--- and prove it was real.
Ben’s Grandfather John Adams Gates (Christopher Plummer) found him in his attic--- and told him he was undertaking the duty of the “Family Gates” to find--- the most spectacular treasure in history.

Grandfather Gates told Ben the story behind the search---how the treasure grew through the centuries and was moved across continents---until it was hidden by American’s founding fathers ---that left clues for us. It is our duty to find it and protect it, and today I hand this down to you Benjamin.

Years later---Ben still searched for the treasure---as he followed the clues of ten generations---he stayed true to his promise to his grandfather. Ben’s father Patrick Gates (Jon Voight) tells him it is a myth. But Ben has his own belief about the treasure and is determined to find it.

Ben is hired by Ian Howe (Sean Bean) to find the treasure. Ben and his friend Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) joined with Ian and his crew to find the next clue. Since Ben was a boy he was told that "Charlotte" held the secret. But who was Charlotte? Where was Charlotte?

After they found a ship buried deep in the snow---everything went wrong for Ben and Ian. In their conversation Ben is the only smart enough to find the conclusion to all the clues. Ben said the map to the treasure had to be on the back of the Declaration of Independence and that is when Ian said they would steal it.

When Ian said that Ben said "No"---so Ian tried to end their Boss and Employee relationship by killing Ben and Riley---only it did not work out that way. Because Ben and Riley survived to fight another day.

Now they had to protect the Declaration of Independence and they could only do this by stealing it themselves before Ian and his crew steals it. And this is when they meet Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger) who works and protects the Declaration of Independence.

This is there the action, adventure, fun, and romance begins as the three of them team up to find the treasure and protect it and the Declaration of Independence.

This is a great movie I’ve had my copy since 2004 and maybe you will get yours to watch it anytime you like.

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