Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fury with Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and Logan Lerman (October 17th 2014)

Fury epitomizes what the fighting men of World War II dealt with, fought with, and the heroes they died with during this horrifying event. This movie tells a story about war, and how the young men received combat-training to fight and kill because it became a necessary evil of do or die; while the war erupted and bellowed around them. 
To the fighting men it felt as the doors of Hell opened and each side fought as the fires and brimstone took a life of its own surrounded them. The doors of Hell stood opened for Wardaddy and his men in April 1945 as they fought for freedom for all Americans.

              Fury the Sherman Tank

US Army Staff Sergeant Don “Wardaddy” Collier (Brad Pitt) trained and led his crew with Fury the Sherman Tank to fight against the enemy on their own ground over the enemy lines. Wardaddy’s war-harden face proved his skills rose from the action he experienced in fighting the enemy. Now his mission led him and his men into the heart and soul of Nazi Germany where the evil enemy lived. Fury protected its five member crew as they fought their way through the enemy lines.

The cold facts that Wardaddy faced with his men proved---although outnumbered they fought against a foe with weapons and ammo capable of wrapping them out in seconds. Still they stood tall and brave because of Wardaddy’s promise to keep them alive. He’s the icon of the brave Americans who fought in World War II.

A new assistant driver assigned to Wardaddy named Boyd “Bible“Swan (Shia LaBeouf) whose tender heart became a challenge to toughen and kill the enemy when needed. Wardaddy former gunner saw no target he did not eliminate and now he needed to train Bible in the middle of a war. Bible became a strong soldier who proved courage germinated in war to protect the men beside him.

These dirty, hungry, fatigued and sadden men remained on a mission nearing the end of the war, but his brave men Norman “Cobb” Ellison (Logan Lerman), US Army Cpl. Trini “Gordo” Garcia (Michael -Pena), Grady “Coon Ass”
Travis (Jon Bernthal) knew Wardaddy would do what he commanded other to do. You get action and drama in this war film and see how men lived and fought while protecting our freedom.                                                                                     

This movie is a winner for an Oscar for the Best Film category. In my opinion, this is Brad Pitt’s best movie since Legends of the Fall. 

David Ayers wore many hats as director, writer and producer; he performed brilliantly and I want to make sure I see more of his movies. This movie had the best people working behind the scenes as their hard work and creative touch is proof in the film.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kill the Messenger with Jeremy Renner, Michael Sheen and Mary Elizabeth Winstead---Premiere October 10th 2014

A movie based on a true story of the life of an American; Gary Webb, a Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist whose investigation of the men and the government responsible for the crack cocaine epidemic that spread through our nation. 

This is his account of what happened as much as a movie can depict a man’s search for the truth when he is no longer alive; to verify how closely the movie is to the truth. 

Kill the Messenger adapted from his book: Dark Alliance.

Gary Webb (Jeremy Renner) an investigative reporter for the San Jose Mercury News searched for the truth and found it. 

It begins with the CIA backing the Nicaraguan Contras; allowing their smuggled cocaine into the United States then given to certain gangs that processed and sold it as crack cocaine to the south central area streets of Los Angeles in the 1980s. 

Then, the Contras received the profits for their fight against reconstruction of their government in Nicaragua.

Allegations increased that the US Government along with other agencies are responsible for the epidemic of crack cocaine that explored through the black communities of our nation.

Gary told his friend Fred Weil (Michael Sheen) his story was a true story that needed telling. And, Michael replied: Some stories are just too true to tell. Michael also told him it was dangerous.

When asked by Ronnie Quail (Robert Patrick): You believe in conspiracy theories Gary? 

Gary said I believe in conspiracy yes, there’s no theory about it. Many were too afraid to believe his story because then people did not view their opinions openly as they do today.

I will be happy when this movie premieres on October 10th, 2014 I will be in line to see it. Always remember to research both sides of any story---because truth can sometimes read like fiction.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo and Bill Paxton (October 31st 2014 USA)

Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) desperately needed a job; but none existed for him. He wanted to improve his career status, but it began to look hopeless. Until driving home late at night he saw police cars and reporters at an accident where someone was badly hurt.

Lou noticed an aggressive videographer Chris Day (Bill Paxton) in the middle of all the mayhem taking shots of the gruesome scene; while two policemen pulled the victim from a burning car before it exploded . He was captivated and tried to get a job with Chris Day, but Chris rudely shut the van door in his face. He clearly did not want to share his exclusive film of the accident.

This however, did not stop Lou from perusing what he knew would be a great career move. He knew the city shines brightest at night and proved rewarding too. He needed a video camera and a police radio; and hired a young guy named Rick (Riz Ahmed) as the second photographer. 

Lou and Rick join the Los Angeles Nightcrawlers, a group of photographers/videographers who make their money off the misery and deaths of others. It is a sleazy business being a crime journalist; taking photos of murders, victims, robberies, traffic accidents, fires, home invasion and any pandemonium happening.

After the first time arriving at a scene before the police, Lou recalled how a kid felt at Christmas opening the gifts he wanted. And, this gave him a career move idea. Lou and Rick arrived on the scene before the police did, and filmed it. Not caring if he disturbed the crime scene or not.

Lou became super encouraged when Nina (Rene Russo) a television news network manager told him to call her when he had something. And, the nights in L.A. would never be the same because Lou was on the crime scenes before the police and sometimes before the criminals left the crime scene. His life of Nightcrawling became an obsession and very profitable.

Nina wanted more from Lou and she demanded something earthshattering so viewers stayed tuned to her network. Nina the opportunist pushed the Nightcrawler trailblazer to bring her a spectacular film so she surpassed all her competitors.

This movie opens in the USA October 31st and illuminates the screen with all the super action and blazing mayhem for the movie fans.

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