Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some of My Favorite Books

One of my favorite authors was Erma Bombeck, who died in 1996. She was so funny and unique in her humor about her life, her husband, and children. One could always read between the lines to know this lady, loved her family. The first book I read of  Erma's was The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank. Which was published in 1976 by McGraw-Hill. And it became a Best Seller.

 I did some research on her career, and found she interviewed Shirley Temple Eleanor Roosevelt and Mamie Eisenhower, while working at the Dayton Journal Herald as a reporter.

I was reminded of Erma the other day, when I was shopping at a bookstore-- I saw the book, Family--The Ties That Bind And Gag!--and of course I had to buy it.

So many people miss her, and in my opinion there is absolutely no one like her living today. Sure we have funny women like Joan Rivers who has a potty mouth, and many more whom uses strong language, which shows they are not in the same orbit as Erma Bombeck.

 I am sure all the Angels in Heaven are enjoying Erma Bombeck and her unique humor. Just maybe, that is not always thunder we hear during a storm, it could be laughter from Erma entertaining.

02/29/2012 Erma Bombeck I still miss you, and your wonderful humor.

© BEPH  2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Five Mike Creek---Louise Caire and Jay Kerr

 Five Mile Creek was filmed in 1983, and is a story about Australia in 1860's. It is a story about the time of the Australian Gold Rush, and how it affected the lives of many people.

The movie began with how Maggie Scott and her daughter Hannah traveled on a ship from America to Australia.. The journey was anything but pleasant on the rough seas. Con Madigan, traveled on the same ship--another American from the west. He was a cowboy type, tall, lean and handsome. But most of all he was a decent man.

Con introduced himself to Maggie and Hannah, and they became friends on their journey. Con traveled with a very fine American made stage coach, which he kept a keen eye on. He would join his partner in Australia, Jack Taylor, and together they would start a first stagecoach line in the region. Jack Taylor would be meeting him with some of the finest horses of the region, and then he would pay Con his half of the partnership.

 Maggie was a beautiful woman with a strong will. A strong will was what Maggie would need in the days to come. Upon arriving at Port Nelson, Maggie's husband did not meet his family. But he left word for her and Hannah to join him at Five Mile Creek.      Maggie along with Hannah search all over Port Nelson for anyone who had seen her husband, but no one had heard the name, and had not seen anyone of that description.   

 Finally, Maggie was directed to Paddy, who was getting supplies for Five Mile Creek. She talked Paddy into taking them with him to Five Mile Creek, telling him that was where her husband was meeting her. Paddy had tried to talk her out of going by telling her it was unsafe for her and Hannah, but Maggie prevailed.  

 Maggie and Hannah admired the countryside on their buckboard ride to the Outback. Maggie did not find her husband there, but she did find Kate. Kate was the cute outpost keeper, not by choice, but because her brother ran off to gamble. Kate's brother left her without much to eat, but did leave her with a bunch of chores to do   

 Maggie, Hannah, Kate,and Paddy joined together because of circumstances, and became a family because they cared for each other. Con, and Jack started their stage line and brought passengers to Five Mile Creek. Kate and Maggie cooked for them, therefore earning some money.    

Others, like Sam who was an orphan became part of the family, and Ben came from America who was a friend of Con's.   

 The story was about all of them and their lives on the beautiful, but dangerous Outback. Five Mile Creek will forever be branded in my mind. And when anyone says Australia, I always think of Five Mile Creek.

© BEPH  2011

Christy---Kellie Martin and Tyne Daly

                                                          First Movie

     To anyone, who has been stuck in your home, by the snow, rain, storms, or just not feeling up to par. Maybe, you have been watching movies or reading, and I think it is the best thing to do to avoid---cabin fever. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite movies. Which one can now find on DVD, and watch them over and over again, as I do.This one was made about sixteen years ago, and is still a favorite of many of my friends.Christy Complete Series.jpg
     Is there is anyone out there that has not seen "Christy" starring Kellie Martin and Tyne Daly? Then you have missed a great movie with the best actors. This movie is based on a novel by Catherine Marshall. ( It is cold and raining outside, and I am going to watch Christy, again--I have lost count of how many times I have watched the complete series.)
     If anyone wants a great movie which one can watch anytime to relax your mind, after a hard day at work, this is one to buy, you won't be sorry.
     Christy  was filmed in 1994-1995. It is in color and is  907 minutes long. Which is 15 hours of the best movie ever made on location in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, in my opinion.
     The movie begins in 1912, almost 100 years ago, when times were really hard for these mountain people. They barely had enough food to eat in the winter months, but their pride would not let them complain.
     I will never forget Cutter's Gap, because I was so engrossed in the movie, that I felt all the hurt, pain and the love these people shared. It felt like home to me, and I couldn't wait for the next night,(after work) to watch more---working in the daytime interferes with----my movie watching.
     This is a story of a young girl named Christy Huddleston, who left her loving parents, and the home she grew up in North Carolina to come to Cutter's Gap. She was there to teach children who were too poor to wear shoes, and lived in one of the poorest area of Tennessee.
     Christy was only a few years older than some of the students she came to Cutter's Gap to teach. This movie is so amazing. As I watched it, I struggled with Christy, as she learned the ways of the mountain people and their great Scottish pride
     She was constantly trying to make their lives better---but hitting the brick wall of pride. However, that did not stop her, and she learned how to help the proud Appalachian people keep their pride.
     Her sweet and helpful ways got her into trouble some of the time, but her heart was always in the right place. And she found love in Cutter's Gap. I won't tell if she married the tall handsome preacher; or the good looking doctor who was born in Cutter's Gap, and wore his proud Scottish pride, like a second skin.
     Christy became best friends with one of Cutter'sGap hardworking mothers. This was a very special relationship for them both, from the beginning to the end of the movie; I was the invisible member of Cutter's Gap.

© BEPH  2011