Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tears Of The Sun---Bruce Willis, Cole Hauser and Monica Bellucci

It is always a chilling event when a democratic government disintegrates
because that is when the evil military dictators take control. They seize
what is left of the country and their rebel army will murder the citizens
and any missionaries left in the country. As they massacre and in some
cases they genocide many people of their own race. It does not matter

to them if it is women and children---because they are being paid to do a job.

When this happened in Nigeria the US Government sent in their best man to retrieve an American Dr. Lena Flore Kendrick (Monica Bellucci) who is with the “Doctors Without Borders” at a Catholic mission in a remote village deep in the jungle of Nigeria.

Navy SEAL Lieutenant A.K. Waters (Bruce Willis) Special Ops Commander and his elite squadron of tactical specialists travel through the jungle to retrieve and take the doctor to safety. This was their command and duty to follow orders to the letter. But they had never dealt with a stubborn woman doctor before.

Dr. Kendrick would not leave without the 70 villagers that would be left at the mercy of the rebel army. She insisted with they all went together or she would not leave. They were then taken on a death-defying trudge through the dense jungle of Nigeria to a safe haven at the border.

Waters and his men dodged the rebels who are tracked them from the village. This harden veteran and his men have chosen to ignore their command from the US government and are following their hearts in the rescue of the innocent villagers.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin in---The Marine 3 Homefront

Sergeant Jake Carter (Mike “The Miz” Mizain) a Marine of the Special Ops has returned to his home town in a rural area---where most of the locals are just common folks---who live a simple life.

He is anxious to see his two sisters Lily and Amanda for some family time and fun together. Jake is home hoping to get lot of R&R as he just completed a tough clandestine assignment in Central America.  

What is most important to him is spending time with Lily (Ashley Bell) and Amanda (Camille Sullivan) his sweet precious sisters. And like all brothers he feels responsible for the sisters he loves so much and wants to see them every time his career permits.

Jake’s choice could’ve been any exotic place in the world for his rest and relax---but he wanted to go home to see his family. His heart still beats the loudest for his rural living and his small country town---where neighbors have your back---and everyone helps when needed.

All the sweetest and comfort of being home was like a fleeting moment---very short-lived. Lily and her boyfriend are in the wrong place at the very horrible wrong time. Lily saw something which ended in with Jonas Pope (Neal McDonough) is a radical determined to release terrorist violence and mayhem on American soil.

Jack will use every skill to get his sister back from Jonas and stop him from his evil deed. It is difficult to believe that Jonas was once a college professor. What happened to his mind to make him turn against America and become a terrorist?

Here is a special treat for you to watch "Miz" from the WWE.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney and Sebastian Koch in---A Good Day to Die Hard

John McClane the subversive cop who takes action past the limit of no return is also a father. His two children are Lucy and Jack McClane and he will do anything for them humanly possible. And they know this---however they feel it is their duty to protect their Dad as much as possible to keep him out of trouble which has not worked so far.

John has a prickly relationship with his son Jack but this does not stop him from traveling to Russia because he thinks his outwardly strong-willed son needs him.

Lucy takes her Dad to the airport and tells him to try and not made whatever he is going to find a bigger mess than it already is.

John looks at his daughter and smiles as he departs from the vehicle and as he walks away he says his favorite line----Yippee ki yay. So now we know John McClane is in for a lot of action because trouble seems to follow him where ever he goes.

Jack McClane has been arrested as he is led to a bullet proof armor vehicle and guarded by men ready for battle. However, it appears that Jack has a lot of his father in him as he escapes and is riding off in a van and almost runs over John McClane.

Jack is surprised to see his dad and after he and his dad talked the truth is much clearer. John now knows his son is a CIA operative trying to prevent a nuclear weapons heist.
Now the two McClane have joined together to fight the enemy and being on foreign soil does not intimidate John McClane. So when John and Jack McClane become partners they are a source to fear---as all Hell will break out---so if it is the Russians that are the evil nuclear weapon robbers---they had better dig a hole and hide---because the McClanes will bury them.

This movie will be out on DVD soon and I for one cannot wait.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Steven Seagal, Eric Bogosian and Everett McGill in---Under Siege 2---Dark Territory

The United States has launched a new satellite named “Grazer One”. This satellite is so powerful it can locate a topless sunbather on the beach and film her freckles.

So all the Pentagon Brass feel great about themselves---patting each other on the back; as Grazer One has proven it is operating at the level it was designed to do.

Seal Commander Casey Ryback (Steven Seagal) has retired after the last episode---where he with the help of a few---reclaimed the US Battleship Missouri. Now he is a Chef at the “Mile High Cafe” in Denver---but is still contacted by the Seals for various reasons---probably for his expertise advice.

Casey recently lost his brother in an airplane crash---and now he has planned a train trip with his niece Sarah Ryback (Katherine Heigl) to they can---become reacquainted. He has not seen her in five years; because due to his Seals assignments he missed his brother’s funeral. He wonders if his niece holds that against him.

So much is going through his mind now but he must stay focused on his niece and start a wonderful vacation with her. So he headed for the train station and looked for his niece.

Casey looked at so many young girls and eliminated each one---confused---until his niece found him. Sarah was so grown up and very beautiful---he felt very proud she was his niece.

When he asked her what she had been doing. A little of her bitterness showed in her answer of---taking care of airplane crashes and planning a funeral.

As they walked to the train Casey told his niece---I remembered you liked Teddy Bears---so I got you one and this may not be exactly like the ones you like---but it is the thought that counts.

Sarah took the bear and said---thanks. Then she started walking fast past him. Poor Uncle Casey struck out again. He says---I guess I am not trained for this.

On the same train is Captain Linda Glider (Brenda Brakke) and Captain David Trilling (David Gianopoulos) so one might think they are meeting as lovers do.

Casey and Sarah will travel through the Rocky Mountains to reach their destination LA. Casey made a prudent decision and hoped for a great time getting to know his niece again---Casey tried to relax.

Relaxation will be a short pleasure as Travis Dane (Eric Bogosian) with Marcus Penn (Everett McGill) a gun for hire with his 20+ mercenaries seized the train and all the people on board.

Travis Dane who has a psychiatric-disorder is the ex-CIA brain child of the “Grazer One” Satellite. He contracted to make 1 Billion dollars by hacking in the CIA Database and planned to destroy the Eastern Seaboard by blowing up a nuclear reactor. He boarded the train to set up a mobile database for his evil commitment.

Now we know there will be plenty of action in this movie---just what I like about Steven Seagal---he has been one of my favorite action actors for many years. And will be for many more I hope.

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