Saturday, August 24, 2013

Logan Bartholomew & Peter Fonda in---The Ultimate Life


Jason Stevens (Logan Bartholomew) life was turned upside down because he was doing what his Grandfather Red Stevens (Drew Waters) left in his will for him to do.

Care for his Ultimate Gift, but his covetous extended-family was taking him to court over the will, which required Jason to manager  Red Stevens' Billion Dollar Foundation. 

The woman of his dreams Alexia (Ali Hillis) left on prolonged trip to Haiti and, he had been so busy with the foundation and court proceeding until she was gone before he knew it.

His life was collapsing around him so he goes to see Ted Hamilton (Bill Cobbs). And, Ted asked Jason did he have any idea where the twelve gifts came from his grandfather taught him? So Hamilton shows Jason his Grandfather Red’s journal that he started when he was 15 years old. 

Jason starts reading and is transferred back when Red began his rag to riches journey. And, how he struggled to get there and who he met along the way and the lessons he learned in life.

As Red shared word by word, page by page until it seemed they were on the journey together. It was a lesson in life he learned from his Grandfather Red’s words that touch the abyss of his heart and soul.

Red wrote how he met and worked for Jacob Early (Peter Fonda) who was successful and that was what he wanted to be in life---successful. And, the lessons he learned from him and others along the way to him becoming a Billionaire. And, how some important moments in life disappeared while he worked to become successful; will be lost forever.

Michael Landon, Jr. is the director of this movie and he also directed Logan Bartholomew in the Love Comes Softly Series of movies. Logan was only 19 years old when he first played Willie LaHaye. These movies are from novels written by Janette Oke. And, I have done reviews on some movies from the Love Comes Softly Series with Katherine Heigl and Dale Midkriff--- they are all great movies. 

So once again Michael Landon, Jr. has directed another great movie---as all the others movies he has directed are some of my favorites that I watch over and over.

So do yourself a favor and check out the Love Comes Softly Series---you will be happy you did.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith in---Shining Through

This is one of my favorite movies because of Michael Douglas---no one can outshine him especially in this movie. He is that man that every woman wants. The kind of man who will stop at nothing to save the woman he loves. And, besides “Buffalo Girls” this is my favorite Melanie Griffith movies. She is young and beautiful as makes one hold their breath as she ventures into harm’s way.

The movie begins in 1940 when Adolf Hitler--- was the leader of the Nazi Party---he was born in Austria in 1889 and was a German politician. His gold was to start a New Order of total Nazi German supremacy in Europe. When Hitler’s forces invaded Poland it began World War II. This is the background of this movie.

A young woman named Linda Voss (Melanie Griffith) begins a new job at a New York Law Firm in 1940. She speaks fluent German as she is of Irish/German-Jewish descent.

Linda is first put in a pool with a lot of other girls, but being intelligent she makes sure Ed Leland (Michael Douglas) knows she can speak German. Consequently, she becomes an assistant/translator to Ed Leland. 

He is a man who is serious and never smiles, but that does not put off Linda as she is determined to make a difference in the world. She loves movies and attends as often as possible. And, with her movie knowledge she has figured out that Ed Leland is more than he appears. That he is a spy working for the United States securing information which will help in the war efforts.

Soon they become more than employer and employee---they become lovers. She is totally in love with him, but he makes one wonder if he really loves her or if he is afraid to love anyone because of the war.

What happened next is Ed Leland is called to duty and has to leave the war department. Linda is alone and distressed and is now just another employee in the war department. She cannot find out anything about him or where he is or if he is alive or not. Then, as suddenly as he appeared he returns.

I do not want to spoil the movie for you---so I will stop here and tell you the excitement is just beginning for Leland, Linda and the ones she will meet while on her assignment as a spy to uncover information from Nazi German Officers.  

In order to do the assignment she becomes a nanny for a German officer Franze-Otto Dietrich (Liam Neeson) This is a movie of love, intrigue, romance, mystery, sorrow, trust and unworthy of trust, and, this is why I say it is a great movie.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cameron Bancroft and Daphne Zuniga in---Mail Order Bride

It was common when the Western Territory was young and people traveled from all over the world to a new land for a new beginning even for a mail order bride. Some came as families and some as single men looking for their future in a new land and a few single women were bold enough to come to a new territory.

And, after the land was settled with a home and livestock growing then it was time for a man to marry and start his family. The dream is ideal if there are enough women around to comply. And, if not, then the services of a mail order bride is presented to lonely men---so they begin their correspondence to find a woman who will travel to them and be happy with the meeker life style they had to offer.

To most it was a lot of hard work being a woman married to a rancher, farmer or one who did both. So many came and some did not stay---because it was wild and sometimes brutal in the new territories of the Wild West.

When Diana McQueen’s (Daphne Zuniga) friend died who was corresponding to become a mail order bride, her friend begged her to carry on her dream. Diana was ready for a new life and to get away from the evil over-barring boss Tom Rourke (Greg Evigan) and her life as a con-artist who gets money from men for Tom Rourke. It was sad she had to leave her brother behind---he was a priest and could not leave at the moment.

She packs up and leaves using her friends name in order to meet the Beau Canfield (Cameron Bancroft) who meets her at the stage with a bouquet of Lilies—her friend’s favorite flowers. Diana has landed in a place she feels from her expressions that were forgotten by all including God.

It was difficult for a city girl to be put into a new almost barren environment with no fancy shops, opera, nice restaurants, or beauty shops where a lady can have her hair washed and styled. At first glance she wondered what her friend was thinking.

Right away Beau was finding out differences from the woman who came---from the woman who had written him---about her likes and dislikes. He began to wonder and then his suspensions were validated when Diana picked the pocket of all who attended her engagement party.

Then Beau was mad and began to make Diana work hard on the farm for her keep to punish her, but he began to have feeling for her more and more each day as she gained his respect from her determination to show him---he could not beat her down---no sir.

This is a good movie and I ordered the DVD years ago and watch it often. I hope you enjoy it as much as I still do.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips

Millions were glued to their television in April 2009 after four Somali pirates hijacked an American Maersk Alabama Cargo ship. Captain Richard Phillips wrote a book about his and his crew's experience of being at the mercy of such savage men.

This true story has been made into a movie and will be in theatres October 11, 2013.  Captain Phillips (Tom Hanks) was a very brave man who protected his crew at all cost. The Somalis---Muse (Barkhad Abdi), Bilal (Barkhad Addirahman), Najee (Faysal Ahmed), Elmi (Mahet M.Ali). 

This was the first time in 200 years anyone has hijacked a cargo ship. And this ship was on its way to Mombasa, Kenya. However, in April 2009 it was the 6th vessel in a 7 day time frame to be hijacked---the previous vessels had tens of millions extorted from them for the Somali pirate's pockets.

This cargo ship was carrying 17 Metric tons of cargo and had aboard 20 American crew members. I will always remember what a courageous and protective man Captain Phillips was that April 2009.

And I remember my favorite military unit the SEALS rescued Captain Phillips after killing three Somali pirates who held him captive for days.
The Somali pirates have not stopped hijacking vessels---in 2010 alone the number was 53 vessels and also 30 million dollars more in the pirate's pockets. And the only reason it has decreased any at all---is because vessels traveling through the area are--- well armed.

I cannot wait to see this movie---for two reasons---it is a true story and Tom Hanks is playing in it---he never plays in a movie that is not great.

Mark your calendar for the premiere of Captain Phillips.

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