Saturday, August 24, 2013

Logan Bartholomew & Peter Fonda in---The Ultimate Life


Jason Stevens (Logan Bartholomew) life was turned upside down because he was doing what his Grandfather Red Stevens (Drew Waters) left in his will for him to do.

Care for his Ultimate Gift, but his covetous extended-family was taking him to court over the will, which required Jason to manager  Red Stevens' Billion Dollar Foundation. 

The woman of his dreams Alexia (Ali Hillis) left on prolonged trip to Haiti and, he had been so busy with the foundation and court proceeding until she was gone before he knew it.

His life was collapsing around him so he goes to see Ted Hamilton (Bill Cobbs). And, Ted asked Jason did he have any idea where the twelve gifts came from his grandfather taught him? So Hamilton shows Jason his Grandfather Red’s journal that he started when he was 15 years old. 

Jason starts reading and is transferred back when Red began his rag to riches journey. And, how he struggled to get there and who he met along the way and the lessons he learned in life.

As Red shared word by word, page by page until it seemed they were on the journey together. It was a lesson in life he learned from his Grandfather Red’s words that touch the abyss of his heart and soul.

Red wrote how he met and worked for Jacob Early (Peter Fonda) who was successful and that was what he wanted to be in life---successful. And, the lessons he learned from him and others along the way to him becoming a Billionaire. And, how some important moments in life disappeared while he worked to become successful; will be lost forever.

Michael Landon, Jr. is the director of this movie and he also directed Logan Bartholomew in the Love Comes Softly Series of movies. Logan was only 19 years old when he first played Willie LaHaye. These movies are from novels written by Janette Oke. And, I have done reviews on some movies from the Love Comes Softly Series with Katherine Heigl and Dale Midkriff--- they are all great movies. 

So once again Michael Landon, Jr. has directed another great movie---as all the others movies he has directed are some of my favorites that I watch over and over.

So do yourself a favor and check out the Love Comes Softly Series---you will be happy you did.

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