Sunday, December 23, 2012

Vanessa Redgrave, Dennis Farina & Nastassja Kinski in Bella Mafia

The Movie starts as a love story with Sophia (Nastassja Kinski) and Michael Luciano (Michael Hayden) as two young lovers who had to say their goodbyes because Michael is going to the Harvard in the USA ---which will be a long ways from Palermo, Italy.

Michael hated to leave Sophia but he had to return home for his going away party to be with his parents and three brothers. Michael father is Don Roberto Luciano (Dennis Farina) and mother is Graziella Luciano (Vanessa Redgraves).

Don Roberto Luciano had a visitor that afternoon mob boss Pietro Carolla (Tony Lo Bianco) from the U.S. who wanted permission to traffic drugs.

But Don Luciano rejected his request. During the conversation Don Roberto Luciano introduces his sons to Carolla. This was the wrong thing to do, because later that night Michael goes to see Sophia to say goodbye with a kiss. Sophia was wearing the heart locket Michael had given her that afternoon at the beach; she was so proud of it.

When Michael started walking home a car pulls up beside him---and it is Pietro Carolla who offers Michael a ride home. But Michael never makes it home. He is beaten, killed and left at the gate of his home, Pietro has his revenge.

In the meantime, Sophia finds out she is pregnant so she goes to the convent to the sisters where she works and lives there to have her baby boy. One day she decides to go to Don Roberto Luciano; after finding out that Michael is dead---to tell them she had Michael’s son and she needed money to help raise him, leaving the baby at the convent to be taken care of until she returns that same day. Sophia puts the locket around her son’s neck to keep him safe while she went to the Luciano’s home.

Sophia is turned away from the gate of the Luciano home and is almost thrown in the path of a car driven by Constantino Luciano (Richard Joseph Paul). Constantino takes Sophia into their home and his mother Graziella and he takes care of her until she is on her feet once again. She called the convent and one of the sisters told her that her baby was adopted by a wonderful family, and this news almost killed her. Sophia never had the chance to tell them about Michael’s baby---so they never knew about him.

A few years later a wild little boy is taken in by the monks who stated his name was Luka and was having a fit because one monk had taken a heart locket he always wore around his neck. The monk in charge gave the locket back to Luka.

Constantino and Sophia fall in love and later they have twin boys. This is a great movie that was three hours long----and I could have watched another three hours it was that good.

I hope everyone will get this DVD because it is well worth owning and viewing whenever ---each time I watch it---I see something new.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Expendables 2

This movie is packed with action, adventure, firepower, fighting, it looks like a small war behind these guys wherever they go. The leader of the team is Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) a rough exterior of a man who takes no prisoners kind of guy, whose appearance is strong, fierce and relentless when it comes to his enemies or any enemy who has sinned against humane living; but one can tell he does have a kind heart under all the hardness. The beautiful scenery in the movie adds to the viewer’s pleasure as the guys travel overland and in their plane.

The movie begins with Barney Ross and his team Lee Christmas (Jason Statham) who seems to be Barney’s right hand man---is equally just as fierce with his expertise with a knife or sword. Yin Yang (Jet Li) probably knows all the martial arts including judo, jiu jitsa, and aikide and is so fast he spins like a top. Gunner Jensen (Dolph Lundgren) is a Swedish skilled genius who is on a mission to get the job done and is the scariest looking of them all. Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) is a walking tall wall of a muscular giant---this is one man who is a team on his own. Toll Road ( Randy Couture) evens out the team with his strength and professional quietness---looking at him---one can refer to the saying, “Still Waters Run Deep” and the enemy should never hesitate when he  is confronted by him.

These are the main five who are from a disbanded old-school “Mercenaries” that has formed a team of Expendables men living on the edge as they take high risk missions for big money. And each one knows in advance they are expendable and might at any time be killed, even though they have each other’s back.

Joined for a short time is Bill the Kid they call him (Liam Hemsworth) who is skilled as a sniper---and he is one of the best long ranger sniper known. He is a handsome young man that the guys are in awe of because of his skills and youth. They have forgotten how it was to be that young again---because they are reasoned older men with the skills of a small army, rough, tough and rode hard.

In finishing up a mission they not only rescued the target but found Trench (Arnold Schwarzenegger) tied to a chair by the enemy Japanese Terrorist  Group and they saved them both.

Then finally after a long mission they are flying home for a long deserved rest---in Barney’s plane that he uses as his home---when Church (Bruce Willis) calls him to remind him he took his 5 million dollars and now he owned him a mission.

In this mission Maggie (Nan Yu) joins the Expendables---because Church insisted she go with them because she has the skill needed to rescue an item--- he needs from a wrecked plane.

This is where they met Vilian (Jean-Claude Van Damme) the meanest inhumane psychotic man on the planet and the mayhem begins. Vilian leads a band of Terrorist-for-Hire cutthroats.

This is a volatile movie and the screen lights-up like the 4th of July  fireworks all going at once when Barney’s team and the Terrorist-for-Hire butt heads over 5 tons of weapon-grade Plutonium.
Any action fan can get their thrill with this movie and I am one of them. I rate this movie---WOW!
     Expendables 3---Premiere's August 15, 2014

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Saturday, December 1, 2012


The movie begins with five expert bank robbers that creates a skillful team which includes GordonJennings (Idris Elba), John Rahway (Paul Walker), A.J. (Hayden Christensen), and Jake (Michael Ealy), and Jess (Chris Brown) these men are very professional in their attire and manner

They all lead the good life, any luxury that want is theirs, women and more women. The team has just finished a bank job and has money to invest in whatever venture their little robbing heart’s desire.

After each job they always started to plan another one---however one of their former team members is released from prison--- known by the name of Ghost (Tip T.I. Harris). Ghost has his own agenda; one is getting even with Jake because he feels he stole his girlfriend away from him.
Ghost comes to them with a plan to rob two armored cars that will be carrying 20 million. But Jake does not feel comfortable about this plan because he feels he is being rushed. The team does not trust Ghost because being careful is their second nature after all these years.
Even though this team of men proved very professional in their area of expertise and never left any clues  behind that would lead the law to them---which is all well and good. But they did not count on a stubborn Los Angeles Detective Jack Welles (Matt Dillon). His job is very important to him and he is like a Bulldog with a bone---he never gives up.
This is an action packed movie with great actors and storylines.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

State of Play

Intrigue, murder, cover-up makes this movie an attention keeper. It has one’s mind going around in a labyrinth. Just when you believe you know the answer---of who did what to whom---it blows up in your face.

The first scene---we see what appears to be a common thief as he burst from an alleyway nearly collided with an elderly couple. And slides over the front of a moving car; then he ran and hid in an alley behind large garbage cans. He waits awhile trying to catch his breath---then starts looking around to see if it is safe to leave his haven. It was a bad move because his pursuer shot him twice---and few second later a guy delivering Pizza on a bike rode by---and the killer shot him also.

The first guy shot was dead, but the second guy was in critical condition in a comma.  The Pizza man had a family he was trying to support with his low wage job, and now the family might have no one.

Next we see Cal McAffrey (Russell Crowe) who looks like a reject from the 60’s with his long hair and unshaven face; driving his car singing, dialing his cell phone, eating and spilling food all over the car and then he throws his trash on the back seat; which by now looks like a refuse can. When he arrived he greeted Det. Bell who is investigating the crime scene.

Cal McAffrey is a brilliant reporter for the Globe in Washington DC and is known by many of the law enforcement employees. Cal smells a story behind the story of what just happened, and he goes to work on solving it. He is unflappable but works for a tough Editor Cameron Lynne (Helen Mirren) whose bottom line is whatever is good for the paper. She is a fan of Cal’s but she does not give him sweet words of praise very often---because she knows it is sales that will keep her bread and butter.
Then a beautiful young redhead leaves her home to walk to the subway station as it is her mode of travel to her job. Upon arriving there she stands close to the edge waiting for the subway---one just knows something bad is going to happen.

The police called Congressmen Stephen Collins’ (Ben Affleck) office before he arrived . When he arrives his secretary tells him Soni Baker (Maria Thayer) who worked for the Congressman as his aide was killed in an accident at Metro this morning she was identified by her badge.

Congressman Collins is stunned---he stands with a look of disbelief. One of his staff members reminds him that it is time for the meeting this morning.

The meeting begins with Stephen Collins saying—Welcome to our hearing of Private Security Contractor Winkle into the Defense Answers and Practices—before we begin I have received some terrible news.

This is only the beginning of the story---now the News Media is speculating that Congressman Collins had an affair with his aide Soni Baker. The Domino effect begins as Cal McAffery

Congressmen Collins is a young tall dark and handsome man who is married. Will he remain the darling of his political party? Will his wife forgive him? Will he turn to his college room-mate Cal McAffrey for help? Is he innocent of being involved in the murders?

This is a great movie---and I am watching it again tonight, as one always misses something the first time. Enjoy the State of Play Movie.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Man of the House

Now what could make a Tommy Lee Jones movie even better? Adding a group of University of Texas Cheerleaders because they witnessed a homicide and saw the murderer; and of course and having Tommy Lee as Texas Ranger (Lt.Roland Sharp) guard them. 

Lt. Ranger Sharp has been assigned to act as an undercover coach assistant and live with the cheerleaders in a two storied house along with two deputies.

Now since Lt. Ranger Sharp has a daughter is a little aware of how teenagers act. Or is he? Will Ranger Sharp learn anything from the girls and will the girls learn from him?

The beautiful Professor Polly McCarthy (Ann Archer) will impress the hard nosed Ranger. Will a romance begin? If the five cheerleaders have anything to say about it---there will be love in the air?

Watch as Anne (Christina Milian), Teresa (Paula Garces), Heather (Vanessa Ferlito), Barb (Kelli Garner) and Evie (Monica Kenna) the cheerleaders will turn the rough edges of the adamant Ranger Sharp into a polished charmer.

This movie is funny, dangerous, romantic and life changing for all--- as they learn the ins and outs of living together and how to help each other as a second family.

Circumstances brings the---Father Know Best Attitude---out for all the girls to benefit---from his experience's and knowledge---even if they think he is over-the-hill and maybe hopeless. Hopeless or not the girls will give the Ranger a make-over.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

National Treasure---Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger & Justin Bartha

Being an inquisitive boy Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) was found in his grandfather’s attic searching for information about the mystical treasure his family has searched for so many years--- to find it--- and prove it was real.
Ben’s Grandfather John Adams Gates (Christopher Plummer) found him in his attic--- and told him he was undertaking the duty of the “Family Gates” to find--- the most spectacular treasure in history.

Grandfather Gates told Ben the story behind the search---how the treasure grew through the centuries and was moved across continents---until it was hidden by American’s founding fathers ---that left clues for us. It is our duty to find it and protect it, and today I hand this down to you Benjamin.

Years later---Ben still searched for the treasure---as he followed the clues of ten generations---he stayed true to his promise to his grandfather. Ben’s father Patrick Gates (Jon Voight) tells him it is a myth. But Ben has his own belief about the treasure and is determined to find it.

Ben is hired by Ian Howe (Sean Bean) to find the treasure. Ben and his friend Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) joined with Ian and his crew to find the next clue. Since Ben was a boy he was told that "Charlotte" held the secret. But who was Charlotte? Where was Charlotte?

After they found a ship buried deep in the snow---everything went wrong for Ben and Ian. In their conversation Ben is the only smart enough to find the conclusion to all the clues. Ben said the map to the treasure had to be on the back of the Declaration of Independence and that is when Ian said they would steal it.

When Ian said that Ben said "No"---so Ian tried to end their Boss and Employee relationship by killing Ben and Riley---only it did not work out that way. Because Ben and Riley survived to fight another day.

Now they had to protect the Declaration of Independence and they could only do this by stealing it themselves before Ian and his crew steals it. And this is when they meet Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger) who works and protects the Declaration of Independence.

This is there the action, adventure, fun, and romance begins as the three of them team up to find the treasure and protect it and the Declaration of Independence.

This is a great movie I’ve had my copy since 2004 and maybe you will get yours to watch it anytime you like.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Live Free or Die Hard---Bruce Willis, Justin Long & Timothy Olyphant

John McClane---when I hear his name I am ready for an action packed adventure. From his original Die Hard to Live Free or Die Hard; I am a Bruce Willis #1 fan. I watch his Die Hard movies when I need to relax and let him perform the action as no one else can.

In this movie John McClane (Bruce Willis) is a tough cop from the old school of getting the job done no matter what method it takes. His skills and experience saved the day and lives in this film.

John is trying to make a connection with his daughter Lucy Gennaro McClane (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and communicate with her---to no avail. His captain calls him as John is leaving his daughter’s apartment.

The FBI’s Cyber Crime Division was hacked and the Director made the decision to pick up all “Hackers” know to the FBI. And since it is the 4th of July most policeman are off duty. So who do they want? They want Detective John McClane to pick-up a hacker by the name of Matthew “Matt” Farrell (Justin Long) and deliver him to the FBI in Washington DC.

The same time John arrived at Matt’s apartment so did the Thomas Gabriel’s (Timothy Olyphant) gang of Internet Terrorist to kill Matt as they had the other hackers whom they used for their benefit.

 The first shot was through the window---then all war broke-out as the assassins broke in shooting and John shooting back and protecting Matt at the same time it was war. Then suddenly one of the Matt’s trophies fell onto the delete key and a bomb went off that was put in to especially kill Matt, but killed one of the assassins. John and Matt got away after the two remaining killers tried on last time to kill them.

Matt told John after they arrived in DC that this was a “Fire Sale” that mean everything goes so our Nation was in for a rough time.

 This is a great movie and I enjoy watching my DVD.

Next: John McClane movie will premiere February 14, 2013 titled  “A Good Day to Die Hard”

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Mom's New Boyfriend---Antonio Banderas, Meg Ryan & Colin Hanks

Henry Durand (Colin Hanks) lived with his mother Martha Durand (Meg Ryan) who is grossly overweight, smokes, eats sweets and evidently anything she can get in her mouth.
Martha drove Henry to the airport for a FBI assignment and he reminded her that he will be gone for three years and she says I know Henry.

After Henry’s flight leaves Martha buys a dessert and a cup of coffee and sits on the floor in the terminal and leans back against the wall as she enjoyed her food. Martha picked up her cup of coffee and a man dropped change in it---thinking she was a homeless person.

Martha at that moment she had an epiphany---she changed her life around. She lost over 100+ pounds got into to shape. Traveled and played the stock market and made a lot of money and made many changes in her life. One important change---her name--- she now calls herself Marty in lieu of Martha.

So when Henry returns home there are a lot of changes first he did not recognize his mom---and was shocked to see her in her bikini top. And she told Henry I am not covering them up---they were expensive, and just smiles and then tells him she is now Marty---not Martha.

 Henry tells his mom as they go upstairs that he is engaged to Emily Lott (Selma Blair) and she is coming today.

After Emily arrives the three of them go out to for a walk on the town to enjoy the outdoors and its displays in Shreveport, Louisiana. This is when the toy plane that Tommy Lucero (Antonio Banderas) is flying by remote control hits Marty in the head and knocks her out for a moment. And this is how the three of them meets Tommy.

The FBI thinks Tommy is the leader of a gang of art thieves and so they ask Henry to spy on his mom and her new boyfriend.

The story leads to a funny, romantic, adventure with a good ending.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Logan's War: Bound By Honor---Chuck Norris and Eddie Cibrian

When Logan Fallon (Brandon Ryan Barrett) was ten years old his father Nicholas Fallon (Matthew Tompkins) a prosecutor for the city of Chicago; was prosecuting a notorious gangster Albert Talgorno (R.D. Call) to send him to prison for a long time.

Even though Nicholas Fallon had police around his house to protect his family; young Logan was still afraid and worried. He told his father when he came into his room to say good night---he had a feeling---that something bad was going to happen. His father assured him that he had nothing to fear because they were protected by the police. He kissed Logan good night and everyone soon was asleep.

Logan had a rare gift of being able to sense danger before it happens it the only reason the men who entered their home on the night his family was murdered did not take them completely by surprise. His father got his gun and his mother called the police; however that did not spare them.

When Logan’s father was shot, Logan ran and hid behind a cabinet from which he could see the killers through the holes in the wood work. There was four of them; Sal Mercado (Jeff Kober) with three other gangster who carried out the order from Albert Talgorno.

Logan watched his as mother was shot and heard the shots when his little sister was killed. They could not find Logan and had to leave because the police sirens were loud and near. Logan was the only one who survived that terrible night.

 Logan’s Uncle Jake (Chuck Norris) his father’s brother had the same gift as Logan of being able to sense danger before it happened. He knew something was wrong so went to his brother’s as fast as possible.

Logan was in the hospital when his Uncle Jake arrived. Logan talked with Special Agent John Downing (Joe Sano) and when he asked Logan did he see the killers, he said no.

Logan went home with his Uncle Jake to live with him and Ben (James Gammon) who was Jake’s father-in-law. Logan had a lot to filter and tried to understand it all. Now he had a new home with his Uncle and Ben. Both men helped Logan and he grew into a well-balanced young man. A young man who had all the skills of a trained fighter.

The older Logan is played by (Eddie Cibrian) who became a ranger with his Uncle Jake's help. Logan now a man who served his country with honor. Logan still has a vendetta that pumps through his very heart and soul; never leaving his mind. He will go after the men and the man who sent them to kill his family. This is a Blood fued to be carried out by Logan and his Uncle Jake.

And now the action starts as Logan and his Uncle Jake take care of business.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thicker Than Water with Melissa Gilbert, Lindsay Wagner & Brian Wimmer

Natalie Jones (Melissa Gilbert) who is the daughter of Judge Charles Evers Trevor’s is looking up at her recently deceased father’s favorite painting; of two horses running and playing.
When Abygail Jordon (Nan Martin) the Judge’s longtime housekeeper who helped bring-up Natalie; walked into the room. They talked a while and then she handed Natalie a locked wooden box with a key.
Abygail told her--- your father had something he wanted you to know---but being a man never got around to it.
Abygail left the room and let Natalie be alone with her father’s past. After she viewed the information she called her friend Larry Gorman (Robert Mailhouse) an attorney who worked in the same law firm with her. Although Natalie was a top attorney in the firm; she valued Larry’s opinion.
Natalie did not know her father was married before he married her mother; to a famous “Rodeo Queen” named Maggie Mae Jarret. She found a picture in the wooden box of Maggie Mae and her dad who she called “Charlie.”
Natalie Goggled Maggie Mae Jarret online and found she lived in California also. So she planned a trip to find out more about her.
When Natalie arrived she stopped at the local restaurant and ordered a bowl of Chili. Then followed the waitress’ directions carefully; she finally arrived at her destination. She pulled behind an old work truck at the cemetery.
Natalie walked carefully on the dirt and grass as she looked for the gravesite. Finally, Natalie stood at Maggie Mae Jarret’s grave. To her right she heard a rattling sound then she saw a huge rattlesnake. She froze it frightened her so; then all of a sudden a woman walked up behind her and said do not move. It will leave when it realizes you are not going to hurt it.
"Are you here about Maggie Mae?"
Natalie rplied, "Yes I am writing an article on rodeo stars."

"My name is “Jess” Jess Jarret (Lindsay Wagner) ---Maggie Mae was my mother."

Natalie looked shocked, "I didn’t know she had a daughter."

"Yes I am her daughter--- and you look a little sick." 
" Are you ok?"

Natalie told her no--- she had eaten some Chili at the little restaurant.

Jess told Natalie to follow her home to learn more about Maggie Mae. But instead Natalie had to lie down she felt so ill.

Natalie met Lulu Nichols (Lindy Newton) after she arrived home from school. Lulu is Jess’ adopted daughter. Lulu had chores to do so she left Natalie on the couch with a rag on her head.

This is how she met Sam Nelson (Brian Wimmer) the local Veterinarian who is part of Jess’ family.

And now the good part of the movie begins---so I will stop before I spoil it for you. This is a very good movie. It has heart, kindness, dedication, family values, fellowship, love and romance.

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New in Town---Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr.

Lucy Hill (Rene Zellweger) loved her life in Miami Florida as she worked her way up the ladder. She planned to be even more powerful than her now consulting position. While in a meeting she volunteered to mastermind the companies’ blue collar plant in a small community in the frozen state of Minnesota; to downsize it to 50% of the workforce and to reconstruct the operations of the plant.
However, Lucy’s company only looked at the numbers---and not the faces of the people who she would soon find out about after landing on a very cold day. Lucy arrived at the real estate office to meet Blanche Gunderson (Siobhan Fallon) and Trudy Van Uuden (Frances Conroy) who proceeded to the house she would live in.
Lucy drove her rental car with Blanche as a passenger. Lucy was cold, not used to the icy weather and she had the company business on her mind. So Lucy was driving and not talking until Blanche started asking questions.

 Blanche was such a sweet person who wanted to know more about Lucy. Blanche asked Lucy if she was a scraper---Lucy looked puzzled. Blanche told her that she made scrapbooks, and she belonged to a scrapbook club. After more personal questions from Blanche they finally stopped behind Trudy’s car and the three ladies went into the cold rental house.
Blanche invited Lucy to her home for supper (that is dinner in small towns) and this is where she met Ted Mitchell (Harry Connick, Jr.) and his daughter Bobbie (Ferron Guerreiro).
Lucy and Ted did not hit it off, because of their different ideologies. Lucy was a big city girl born and bred and Ted was a single small town father who was raising her teenage daughter with small town traditions.
The next day Lucy met Stu Kopenhafer (J.K. Simmons) the plant manager, and her life would not be the same. Everyone in the town had experienced the presents of other consultants that were sent to their plant from the Miami Headquarters. And they were not greeted with opened arms. Because the workers felt threatened and feared for their jobs. Yes---Lucy was in for the fight of her life.
This is a good movie Renee and Harry sparked great chemistry together. And it showed how people in small town American will band together to fight for their rights.
Will Lucy's heart warm up to these people and will she help them in the end to save their jobs?

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Las Vegas ---James Caan, Josh Duhamel and James Lesure

Las Vegas ---Television Drama 2003 – 2008

I love this TV Series---it begins with an embarrassing when Ed Deline (James Caan) President of Operations of the Montecito Resort & Casino in Las Vegas--- walks in on his daughter---Delinda Deline (Molly Sims) and Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel) making love.

Since Danny worked for Ed Deline as one of his surveillance men it was a doubly awkward moment when Delinda looked up and said---Hi Daddy.

Delinda did not tell Danny she was Ed Deline’s daughter and since she had just returned home from college he was not aware she was in the Montecito, nor, home for that matter.

Delinda who looks like a model is tall with long blond hair and a beautiful face with light greenish-blue eyes. She is her daddy’s heart and anyone who even touches her is in big trouble.

Ed Deline is an ex-CIA officer who is in charge of running the everyday operations of the Montecito. He is a dedicated, hard, tough and very intelligent man. A man of connections and  if one is smart one will not mess with him. He is not afraid of anything in life---unless it has to do with his family.

Danny is a valuable member of Ed’s top surveillance team---that observes all of the Montecito Resort and Casino---everything from valet parking, restaurant management to casino security.

Danny was born in Las Vegas and worked for his father in his construction business until he joined the Marines---his skills put him in Black Ops---so he has an excellent background for

His job at the Montecito and is very good at it. Ed Deline likes him a lot.

Mike Cannon (James LeSure) is a brilliant MIT graduate who has degrees in Mechanical Engineering begins as a valet worker then is promoted to Ed’s surveillance to work with Danny. They work well together with the average discussion 0f who is the best in their jobs. When actually they both balance out each other’s skills making them an asset to the team.

Samantha “Sam” Marquez (Vanessa Marcil) is has she puts it---she is the best Casino Host in Vegas or the world. She has her “Whales” super-rich customers who she caters to and this is how she earns her money---when they loss---she wins. Sam is a tough cookie on the outside, but is soft and very human on the inside---which very few people get to see this side of her.

Mary Connell (Nikki Cox) starts out as the Special Events Director at the casino. She is a life-long friend of Danny’s and at one point she is engaged to him. Danny is her self-appointed protector and feels more like a brother to her than a boyfriend.

Jullian Deline (Cheryl Ladd) is Ed wife and Delinda’s mother. She plays a supporting part as a wife and mother. She loves her other daughter that she and Ed raised Nessa Holt (Marsha Tomason) who also works as “The Pit Boss” at the Montecito’s Casino. Ed rescued her from his CIA days since her father was forced into the CIA---and faked his own death--- which Nessa does not know about until much later. Ed actually saved her life by bringing her home to his family to be raised as a daughter to him and Jullian and a sister to Delinda.

Cooper (Tom Selleck) in Season Five buys Montecito and makes vast improvements and wins the respect of all his employees. Cooper takes great pleasure in everyone who visits his Resort and Casino enjoys their visit. Therefore, will want to return and play in the casino---because this is how he earns his money.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck & Jeff Osterhage in---The Sacketts

Mr. L’Amour before his death on June 10, 1988, his good intentions were to write 7 or 8 more novels to add to his series of 
The Sacketts.

This is a TV version of the third novel in The Sackett Series, made in 1979. Thirty-three years ago, but just as popular today.

The Sackett Chronicles is about three Tennessee born young men who came home at the end of the Civil War. They came home to their Ma who was still living on the family’s meek farm.

The first-born Tell Sackett (Sam Elliott) left home a few years before the younger boys did to find his fortune in the Wild West. And while he is seeking his fortune in the gold fields---his younger brothers are still at home with their Ma.

We find Orrin Sackett (Tom Selleck) on his wedding day and everyone is having a great time at Orrin’s Tennessee home. With his Ma and younger brother, Tyrel Sackett (Jeff Osterhage).

Everyone was having a great time until a man steps from the edge of the house and says, “Orrin, you killed my brother Jeb.”

Orrin replied, “Jeb had a gun Long Higgins (James O’Connell).”

Long Higgins didn’t care he stated that Orrin took his brother’s life and he was here to make it even. And he fired his gun just when Orrin’s bride-to-be runs in front of Orrin to stop the shooting, because he was unarmed.

Long Higgins bullet intended for Orrin, killed his bride-to-be, and while Long reloaded his gun, Tyrel drove up in a buggy and kneeled down by Orrin and the girl.

Long Higgins said he would bag him two Sacketts today, and pointed his gun and Tyrel shot him.

Next we see a funeral of Orrin’s never to be bride with all her family and friends gathered in an old cemetery. Orrin is standing with his head down with a very sad expression as he listens to the preacher that was to marry them, but instead was burying his bride-to-never-be.
After the funeral Ma Sackett rushes Tyrel off with his saddle bags packed because he knows other brothers will come for him, and he was her baby boy. Tyrel finally agrees to leave after he tell his Ma when he gets settled he will send for her and then they kiss good-bye.
A short time passes and Ma Sackett sends Orrin off to protect him. So Orrin goes out to the Wild West to connect with Tyrel.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Johnny Depp & Christian Bale in---Public Enemies (2009)

Accumulating my research from many sources I have compiled a concise background on John Dillinger and some issue of the “Great Depression.”

Some history updates from the Depression Era and facts about the real John Dillinger. John’s Mother died when he was three (3) years old.  His father remarried years later so young John had a step-mother whom he a hated at first, but he soon become fond of her.

 John Herbert Dillinger, Jr. was 26 years old when the “Great Depression Era” began in 1929 shortly after the stock market crashed, in October.

It wiped out millions of investors, because Wall Street freaked out and consumer spending dwindled; which led to massive layoffs. Unemployment was quoted--- 13 to 15 million people were unemployed--- when the Depression had reached its lowest possible point.

Some of the wealthiest people had lost everything and  were now broke and broken; and the many who could not take the pressure or the shame committed suicide. Stories spread about the people who were once Millionaires now stood in food lines along with the ones they once employed. It was a sad and grave time and almost half of the banks in America had failed.

People blamed the banks for all their issues and when John Dillinger and his gang starting robbing banks the people cheered---Dillinger was their hero because he took was from the evil banks that took from the hard working people. He was like Robin Hood to them, because he never took from people, just the banks during a robbery.

Let’s begin our review for the movie Public Enemies the story of John Herbert Dillinger, Jr. (Johnny Depp). As the movie opens John is being taken back to prison by his friend “Red” Hamilton (Jason Clark) who was posing as a lawman as a setup for a jail break.

John had just gotten out of this prison eight (8) week prior to this jail break plan, but here he
was again here to help release his friends.  During the prison break John’s friend Walter Dierich
was shot in the back, so he did not make it. And the guy John blamed for this he pushed him out of the get-away car, after hitting him in the face a few times.

While all this was happening Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale) shot and killed Pretty Boy Floyd (Channing Tatum) and his name fit him because he was very handsome. So that was one down and two to go as per the FBI’s instruction from J. Edgar Hoover (Billy Crudup) to eliminate also, Baby Face Nelson (Steven Graham).

J. Edgar Hoover many were declaring was using the tracking and the murdering of these men for his own agenda of receiving more money to fund his FBI department.

 John and his gang made it to Chicago, where they were enjoying dinner; drinking and the other gang members connect with the woman of their choice. While John sit alone at his table watching a woman who caught his eye. Then he walked over and asked her to dance, and she accepted his hand.
Her name was Billie Frechette (Marion Cotillard) and John Dillinger falls hard for her---she was the only woman he ever loved and with his dying words sent her a message to prove it.

Billie asked John his name and what did he do as they sat in a fancy restaurant eating their dinner. John told her---I am John Dillinger, I rob banks. Billie stared at John and said--- that is something to tell a person you just met. John told her he would never lie to her, and that the only important thing in life is where one is going.
This is a great action, crime, suspense and romance movie which gives input to many questions about what really happened in John Dillinger's life from this movie. I loved this so much because Johnny Depp was in it  so I purchased the DVD.
I hope everyone buys a DVD and enjoys it as much as I enjoy all mine, especially by latest one Public Enemies.
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