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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

San Andreas with Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario and Colton Haynes (May 29th 2015 USA)

California is a beautiful and exciting state to live in after one’s acknowledgment of the possible dangers of earthquakes, mudslides and fires. Therefore, this movie will epitomize the worst case scenario that might be in the future; but we hope not.

Ray (Dwayne Johnson) a rescuer helicopter pilot for Los Angeles Fire Department. His agenda allows for emergencies, but not a gigantic earthquake like this one in life. Remember the saying---truth is stranger than fiction---well I say life experiences are worse than fiction in some cases.

The earth cracked on the west coast and the ripple effect collapsed buildings, bridges, and roadways, like a giant stepping on ants--- disintegrating them into rubble. Scientists do not know what is coming next---it could be a tsunami higher than any recorded since civilization.

There is now a large crack in the earth very deep; and since many miles of lateral movement could occur along the San Andreas Fault it will pulsate to the east coast, and then what will happen is anyone’s guess.

Fear flashed is in Ray’s eyes as he barely makes it in time to save his wife Emma (Carla Gugino) as he watched tall buildings crumbled around her. His hand reached hers to hold tightly as he lifted her into the helicopter. Ray’s helicopter clears the area seconds before a tumbling building crushed them.

Safe, thankful, and exhausted Ray and Emma will cautiously leave on their journey to find their daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario) in San Francisco.

The aftermath shows devastation, death, and grief-stricken people searching for their loved ones in the piles of burning ruins of what once stood tall and proud architectural skyscrapers. Building that stood for many decades now piles of trash waiting for removal by earth-movers to the dump.

On they traveled looking for their daughter. What will they find if they can get to San Francisco? Will the family be joined together again; only to die together trying to make it to safety?

We will see on May 29th of this year when the movie premieres. Will you be in line to see this action, adventure movie when a rescue pilot and his helicopter survived an earthquake; what will happen next?
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Mom's New Boyfriend---Antonio Banderas, Meg Ryan & Colin Hanks

Henry Durand (Colin Hanks) lived with his mother Martha Durand (Meg Ryan) who is grossly overweight, smokes, eats sweets and evidently anything she can get in her mouth.
Martha drove Henry to the airport for a FBI assignment and he reminded her that he will be gone for three years and she says I know Henry.

After Henry’s flight leaves Martha buys a dessert and a cup of coffee and sits on the floor in the terminal and leans back against the wall as she enjoyed her food. Martha picked up her cup of coffee and a man dropped change in it---thinking she was a homeless person.

Martha at that moment she had an epiphany---she changed her life around. She lost over 100+ pounds got into to shape. Traveled and played the stock market and made a lot of money and made many changes in her life. One important change---her name--- she now calls herself Marty in lieu of Martha.

So when Henry returns home there are a lot of changes first he did not recognize his mom---and was shocked to see her in her bikini top. And she told Henry I am not covering them up---they were expensive, and just smiles and then tells him she is now Marty---not Martha.

 Henry tells his mom as they go upstairs that he is engaged to Emily Lott (Selma Blair) and she is coming today.

After Emily arrives the three of them go out to for a walk on the town to enjoy the outdoors and its displays in Shreveport, Louisiana. This is when the toy plane that Tommy Lucero (Antonio Banderas) is flying by remote control hits Marty in the head and knocks her out for a moment. And this is how the three of them meets Tommy.

The FBI thinks Tommy is the leader of a gang of art thieves and so they ask Henry to spy on his mom and her new boyfriend.

The story leads to a funny, romantic, adventure with a good ending.

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