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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hello, My Name is Doris starring Sally Field, Max Greenfield and Beth Behrs~March 11th 2016 in USA

Doris Miller (Sally Field) accepted the humdrum life of a woman in her sixties until she met the new art director John Fremont (Max Greenfield) a young muscular hunk who, was now working in her office. To say daydreams are for the young would be a foolish statement because older women enjoy them as well.

Since John and Doris worked in the same office they seemed to find themselves together at lot. And, Doris decided after she attended a self-help seminar to give in to a new friendship with a much younger guy and see where it goes. Even if they become just great friends Doris was beginning to enjoy much younger people and they loved her.

She inspired the younger crowd as well as getting their attention and being including in their lives. Doris began to shine and to enjoy life probably for the first time. Doris’ spent most of her life caring for her mother. She even gave up marriage because she was a loyal daughter. Now she dressed younger and was being included by John’s crowd who truly liked her.

Doris was having the time of her life because she and John were becoming close. This did not sit well with her close friend played by (Tyne Daly) because she either thought Doris had lost her mind, or she was jealous and felt she was losing a friend.

What will happen between this December and May relationship? Every woman should experience a relationship with a younger man---if only once. She will have great memories to last forever.

This is on my list to see as I have always loved Sally Field in anything she played in. My calendar is marked for March 11th 2016. See you at the movies.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith in---Shining Through

This is one of my favorite movies because of Michael Douglas---no one can outshine him especially in this movie. He is that man that every woman wants. The kind of man who will stop at nothing to save the woman he loves. And, besides “Buffalo Girls” this is my favorite Melanie Griffith movies. She is young and beautiful as makes one hold their breath as she ventures into harm’s way.

The movie begins in 1940 when Adolf Hitler--- was the leader of the Nazi Party---he was born in Austria in 1889 and was a German politician. His gold was to start a New Order of total Nazi German supremacy in Europe. When Hitler’s forces invaded Poland it began World War II. This is the background of this movie.

A young woman named Linda Voss (Melanie Griffith) begins a new job at a New York Law Firm in 1940. She speaks fluent German as she is of Irish/German-Jewish descent.

Linda is first put in a pool with a lot of other girls, but being intelligent she makes sure Ed Leland (Michael Douglas) knows she can speak German. Consequently, she becomes an assistant/translator to Ed Leland. 

He is a man who is serious and never smiles, but that does not put off Linda as she is determined to make a difference in the world. She loves movies and attends as often as possible. And, with her movie knowledge she has figured out that Ed Leland is more than he appears. That he is a spy working for the United States securing information which will help in the war efforts.

Soon they become more than employer and employee---they become lovers. She is totally in love with him, but he makes one wonder if he really loves her or if he is afraid to love anyone because of the war.

What happened next is Ed Leland is called to duty and has to leave the war department. Linda is alone and distressed and is now just another employee in the war department. She cannot find out anything about him or where he is or if he is alive or not. Then, as suddenly as he appeared he returns.

I do not want to spoil the movie for you---so I will stop here and tell you the excitement is just beginning for Leland, Linda and the ones she will meet while on her assignment as a spy to uncover information from Nazi German Officers.  

In order to do the assignment she becomes a nanny for a German officer Franze-Otto Dietrich (Liam Neeson) This is a movie of love, intrigue, romance, mystery, sorrow, trust and unworthy of trust, and, this is why I say it is a great movie.

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Chuck Norris---in The Lone Wolf McQuade

The Lone Wolf—J.J. McQuade (Chuck Norris) is one of my favorite Chuck Norris movies. It is filled with drama, action, adventure and love.

McQuade is a Texas Ranger who works alone and uses his own uniquely practiced skills to bring criminals to justice.  He can shoot straighter than most and he uses his martial arts as second nature---he does not need to think---he just reacts. He believes in justice and sometimes not by the rules of his badge---but he gets the jobs done his way.

Don’t get in his way or harm his family because he will come after anyone who does---and it will not be pleasant. He will not be forced into a fight---nor, will be back down from one.

After handling a gang of horse thieves and bringing the leader in---while saving a group of young Texas Rangers who were following the orders of their leader who lead them into the hands of the gang.

McQuade almost missed his best friend Dakota’s (L.Q. Jones) retirement speech but he makes it in time---dusty and nasty in all his glory. He was talking to Dakota when the Captain walked up and asked him to come to his office.

The reason the Captain wanted him there is to show him what was written in the newspaper about McQuade being a lone wolf---always working alone. The Captain introduce McQuade's new partner to him---Kayo (Robert Beltran) one of the young rangers he saved this morning.

McQuade said no way kid and then he leaves without another word. The Captain told Kayo to stay with him. So the fun begins of having a partner while not acknowledging him.

Kayo goes to McQuade’s home which is an isolated dump---but he likes it. His only pet is a lone wolf he befriended---probably because they were so much alike. This is when Kayo meets the wolf that is guarding McQuade’s house. Kayo runs inside the house as the screen door is unlocked and sees the mess inside the house.

McQuade meets Lola Richardson (Barbara Carrera) and they become involved. The only issue there is a local criminal Rawley Wilkes (David Carradine) is in love with her too. Lola's late husband was Rawley’s partner who he killed for money and her love---and of course she does not know this---yet.

This is a very good movie and I hope you will enjoy the videos and the review.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jerry O'Connell & Lauren Stamile in---Midnight Bayou

Unless you have lived in a cave---you know who Nora Roberts is---she is one of my very favorite writers and I love her movies from her books.

Today I will talk about one of her movies titled:  Midnight Bayou (2009)

This one is a bit scary but it keeps your attention to the very end---are you ready?

Declan Fitzpatrick (Jerry O’Connell) a Boston law student was invited by his roommate in college and best friend Remy (Chris Lindsay) to his hometown of New Orleans; during Mardis Gras of 2001.

This is exhilarating for Declan and a group of other young college kids as they drove through the outskirts of New Orleans. Declan was standing up in the convertible shouting and taking picture when suddenly a woman dressed in an antiquated maid uniform of over 100 years ago---was standing in the road of front of the fast oncoming car.

Declan shouted stop and the driver stopped---he jumped out of the car looking around for the woman but she had vanished---nowhere to be seen. Then through the dead vines and trees Declan saw the house a beautiful old dilapidated Southern Mansion.

Remy told him it was called Manet Hall---and had bad juju. But amazingly it was love at first sight for Declan---then and there he wanted to buy it. The house moaned and groaned and his friend Remy and his girlfriend Effie(Ciera Payton) said come on lets go or you will be walking to Boston.

Eight years later after he has been a practicing attorney for years---Declan leaves Boston and buys Manet Hall from Odetta Simone (Faye Dunaway). The improvements are magnificent bringing the place back from dilapidation to becoming just what he wanted it to be. It was absolutely beautiful when the interior of the mansion was refurbished.

While he and workers were moving his boxes into his new home he has a beautiful visitor Lena Simone (Lauren Stamile) the granddaughter to Odetta Simone. Lena’s grandmother told her about the new owner Delcan Fitzpatrick. He was engaged to be married and broke it off two days before the wedding and came to New Orleans to buy Manet Hall.

Odetta had bake cornbread and wanted her granddaughter to take it to the new owner. Lena finally gave in and went to Manet Hall. Odetta told Lena if my knees were not giving me trouble and I was 20 years younger---I would go myself and you would not have a chance.

She and Delcan were instantly attracted to each other---but why they did not know. The movie takes the main characters back 100 years to the spirits which initially lived in Manet Hall. It shows how everyone is connected to the past and if the mystery of Abigail Manet (Bianca Malinowski) is not solved then the spirits who haunts Manet Hall will haunt it  forever.

The Manet family is the mother Josephine Manet (Ashley LeConte Campbell), the oldest son who married Abigail is Lucian Manet (Alan Ritchson) and his evil no good brother is Julian Manet (Alejandro Rose-Garcia).

Lucian truly loved his wife and his brother loved her in his own wicked way. The mother was always trying to get rid of Abigail because she was once one of their maids and she did not think she was good enough for her son.

I enjoyed this movie and I read the book also. The movie made the book come to life for me and I am sure anyone who owns the DVD or buys the movie will enjoy it for years.

I love all of Nora Roberts' movies and I have also reviewed on this movie blog titled “Northern Light” and I have more to share with my readers if you like this movie.

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Saturday, December 1, 2012


The movie begins with five expert bank robbers that creates a skillful team which includes GordonJennings (Idris Elba), John Rahway (Paul Walker), A.J. (Hayden Christensen), and Jake (Michael Ealy), and Jess (Chris Brown) these men are very professional in their attire and manner

They all lead the good life, any luxury that want is theirs, women and more women. The team has just finished a bank job and has money to invest in whatever venture their little robbing heart’s desire.

After each job they always started to plan another one---however one of their former team members is released from prison--- known by the name of Ghost (Tip T.I. Harris). Ghost has his own agenda; one is getting even with Jake because he feels he stole his girlfriend away from him.
Ghost comes to them with a plan to rob two armored cars that will be carrying 20 million. But Jake does not feel comfortable about this plan because he feels he is being rushed. The team does not trust Ghost because being careful is their second nature after all these years.
Even though this team of men proved very professional in their area of expertise and never left any clues  behind that would lead the law to them---which is all well and good. But they did not count on a stubborn Los Angeles Detective Jack Welles (Matt Dillon). His job is very important to him and he is like a Bulldog with a bone---he never gives up.
This is an action packed movie with great actors and storylines.

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