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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cut Bank – Liam Hemsworth, Teresa Palmer and Billy Bob Thornton (2015)

Cut Bank Montana’s population is approximately 2,978 qualifying it for a small town where the Rockies meet the Plains. Growing-up in a small town has its good and not so good points. Dwayne McLaren (Liam Hemsworth) wants more than anything to move to a big city leaving the small town mentality flapping in the wind. He is making his living as an auto mechanic, not a fleet mechanic that pays well, but automobiles of the citizens of Cut Bank.

Dwayne is in love with his beautiful blond girlfriend Cassandra Steely (Teresa Palmer) and wants to take her with him to live in a city that never sleeps. And, that has been his dream since he graduated two years ago. However, it takes a lot of money for his dream to come true, so for now he just enjoys being with Cassandra.

Until one day his luck changed while making a video of his girlfriend in a field of flowers. Or, did he make his luck change? Anyway, while videotaping Cassandra someone walked across the field of flowers and shot the mailman in cold blood. Dwayne and Cassandra hid in the flowers, while he kept his camera running---he caught everything on video.

He showed the video of the murder to Sheriff Vogel (John Malkovich) and Big Stan Steely (Billy Bob Thornton) which showed the mail was taken. Maybe someone wanted something the mailman had on his mail truck. And, during the time of this occurrence a guy name Derby Milton (Michael Stuhlbarg) was looking for a package.

Dwayne’s luck is changing because he will get money for his video and everything is looking great. Until, Big Stan Steely tells him---he is on to him because he videotaped a moneymaking crime. And, then Joe Barrett (Oliver Pratt) tells the sheriff they need to see the body. So, where is the body?

This is going to be a good action, mystery thriller and that is how savvy small townspeople are---they see everything, hear everything and tell everything.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Goodnight for Justice with Luke Perry, Lara Gilchrist and Ron Lea

Times were difficult for farmers in the 1800s in the Wyoming Territory because of the long droughts. No rain to germinate the seeds farmers planted---sometimes the last seeds planted without money left to buy more. I am sure the non-growing seeds the tired family man cursed many times before the farmer gave up his dirt farm, he could not even do dry farming without water to carry to his seed.

This is how John William Goodnight (Luke Perry) began his journey that gave him a new direction in his young life.

John walked with his parents William (Adrian Hough) and Ada Goodnight (Ingrid Tesch) into town without looking back at the unfruitful life they left.  When arriving at Dry Gulch they shared a covered wagon with Judge Aldous (Tom Butler) and Rebecca Shaw (Gabrielle Rose). The wagon was the only stage-coach the families had to travel in.

Judge Aldous Shaw and his wife enjoyed talking to John because he was bright and quick with his questions of the Judge. Everyone laughed and talked as the old covered wagon bumped and rattled its way over the crude roads.

Suddenly, bullets flew towards the stage-coach by the brother and his men who the Judge had hung that morning before leaving Dry Gulch. The driver shot in cold blood and the wagon overturned killing John’s mother and his father murdered protecting his son. The brother of the hung man---killed the judge by stabbing him---in the back.

John and Rebecca Shaw survived the slaughter and she took him in and; educated him and he became a lawyer.

This is where we find the hard-drinking, property damaging rebel rousing John Goodnight who seemed lacking in professional ambiance of a privilege few. John as a lawyer had never lost a case, but it did not seem to make his happy. So his adopted mother took measures into her own hands and had the Governor of Illinois swear John in as a Circuit Judge of Wyoming Territory.

John’s new life begins as a judge---Hell-bent on seeing---justice served. He did not care for lawyers because winning was utmost important with them; and many times justice was not served. John and Rebecca were still looking for justice in finding the ones who killed her husband his parents.

John would meet the most vial and cruel people in the Wyoming territory as well as good decent people. Even the law enforcers like the sheriff of some towns were crooks; so he had his hands full of staying alive and seeing justice served—one way or another.

He travelled on horseback through storms to arrive on time for his court sessions. Sometime, the wildlife of the night interrupted is sleep, but with his bottle of whiskey and a book to read---kept him warm and cozy through the night.
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Serena with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper (26 February 2015) USA

When George Pemberton (Bradley Cooper) married Serena Shaw (Jennifer Lawrence) life with such a beautiful woman became unbelievable. They met and married in 1929. They were madly in love; Serena could hardly breathe without George and he felt the same.

Serena became George’s partner in business as well as his wife. Their first meeting was accidental as Serena rode her horse through the beautiful woods in Boston, when George rode up behind her and stopped her to talk. Or, was it all part of a plan?

Strong in their beliefs of success they proceeded with producing a Timber Empire in the beginning of the Great Depression in 1930. Their honeymoon attitude still shined for George and Serena. They traveled to North Carolina to the timber camp; it was her first time there to see all the men who worked hard for a few dollars. However, a few dollars was not what she would settle for in her lifetime. 

Being in the North Carolina Mountain wilderness was new to Serena, but then no one seem to know the real person of strength, determination, and jealousy who would do anything to get what she wanted.

George lived in the timber camp before, long enough to become involved with another woman Rachel Harmon (Ana Ularu), before he had met and married Serena. Their illicit relationship endured because Rachael had his illegitimate son.

Serena showed George her true side of being a partner, she worked more efficient and produced more than any man they employed to manage the crew; some husbands might frown on this; but not George.

When Serena could not produce a child for George, she became obsessed because nothing she ever wanted before became beyond her grasp.

Now, the real sick Serena started to come out; mean, destructive and eliminating anyone who stood in her way.  

And, would George be able to live with Serena now? Or would she decide to rid herself of George. Or, is it true that some loves can never let you go?


I cannot wait to see this movie as I know it will be great beyond my anticipation; by showing us the ones who lived through the Great Depression and what some did to survive.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

John Wick with Keanu Reeves, Bridget Moynahan and Willem Dafoe (October 24, 2014)

What happens when a fire-breathing dragon is attacked? It makes ashes of its enemies; and all the fires of Hell cannot compete with the retribution coming their way.

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) retired from his profession as a hired assassin to enjoy a normal life with his wife (Bridget Moynahan) until she became terminally ill. John's heart ache became unbearable; his precious wife would soon be gone. His wife gave him a beagle puppy before she died because she wanted him to take care of something living. He would think about the puppy, play with the puppy and not be sad after she was gone.
When she died his world spun out of control, only the sweet little gift of love his wife gave him; a puppy saved him. John had something he had to feed and take care of during the night and day. He worked on his 1969 Ford Mustang, a super-fast power car and he never went anywhere without his puppy. He enjoyed his fast car and puppy, but he stayed close to home where he still grieved for his dead wife, but the puppy helped his bruised heart as time passed.
                                                                                                                                                                    John Wick's Paybacks are Final  
One day while John was filling his gas tank at the station; two guys inquired about buying his car. John told them it was not for sale. Later the two guys broke into John’s home beat him senseless, killed his puppy and stole his car.

That was the biggest mistake of their criminal lives because John went after them for killing the puppy and stealing his car. And, many would pay for this unthinkable evil act against a man and his pet.

New York City would witness the revenge of a man who feared no living being and will kill the killers who killed a helpless puppy; they took everything from him. 

John’s payback became complicated because one of the goons Losef Tarasov (Alfie Allen) was the son of Viggo Tarasov (Michael Nyqvist) a New York City Crime Boss.

Viggo warned his son: It is who you did this to not what you did. And, of course the son Losef with his gangster I.Q. stated he was not afraid of John Wick. Little did he know of what was coming his way; a retribution that would make him want to crawl into Hell with Satan opening the door for him. John Wick did not show mercy or forgiveness; he let his gun speak for him.

(Willem Dafoe) received a contract on John from Viggo Tarasov. And, Marcus’orders are to use everyone to go after John Wick. 

It looks like Satan will be standing at his door for a long time letting the evil humans in to cool off from John Wick’s evening the score with vengence.

.Everyone from John’s past wanted to know if John is back and after a few shoot-outs he said: Yell, I’m thinking I’m back. And, he proved it in full-blown action mode leaving a trail of paybacks the city will never forget.

This is a movie I want to see because I love action movies and I will be in line on October 24th for my ticket---if God is willing and the creek don’t rise---I’ll be there to see one of my favorite actors Keanu Reeves.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Taken 3 with Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace and Forrest Whitaker-(January 9th 2015)

Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) tried to live a normal life-like anyone else, but his enemies keep coming after him and his family.

He retired from the CIA as one of the best operative in the agency; so he could be near his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) in California.

Kim lived with her mother and her step-father. Kim persuaded her father to let her go to Paris when she was 17 years old; with her friend Amanda (Katie Cassidy).

He gave in telling her she had to call him as soon as she got there. And, she promised she would.

 First, in Taken his daughter and her friend Amanda becomes victims of kidnapping in Paris by Albanian Human Traffickers and he gets her back after killing many Albanian gangsters.

Then, the Albanians are after him and his family. Brian’s combative skills, explosive expert training and a proficient sniper equipped him as the elite specialist of survival skills in the world.

His particular set of skills did not end at combative training; they just begun there and went on to search and find the enemy and exist as a ghost when necessary. And, he used these skills to save his family.

                              TAKEN 2

Second in Taken 2 his daughter Kim and his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) who Bryan called Lenny--surprised Bryan in Istanbul.

Murad Krasniqi (Rade Serbedziji) the father of one of the dead Albanian gangsters who kidnapped Kim in Paris; kidnapped Bryan and Lenny.

He gets away again by killing the Murad and more of the kidnappers. Now, he has more enemies added to the list of haters out for revenge.

                                                                   TAKEN 3

In Taken 3 life is almost normal for Bryan for a while as he saw his daughter and his ex-wife often. He and Lenny became good friends after the ordeal in Istanbul. They visited and had drinks together; the three were almost as a family again.

On that terrible day Bryan went to visit Lenny and walked into a ghastly murder scene with her on the bed with blood everywhere. He’d been there a few minute when two cops came in and tried to arrest him. 

Bryan knew one of the two people on this earth he loved was dead; and now he had to warn his daughter Kim.

Therefore, he could not let them arrest him for a crime he did not commit and leave his daughter flapping in the wind of unawareness. He escaped the two cops and warned his daughter not to trust anyone.

The killer told him soon everyone he loved would be dead. And, Bryan was hot on their trail to end this madness once and for all. 

The Police Inspector Frank Dotzler (Forest Whitaker) was after Bryan determined to arrest him. He told Bryan if he went after the killers the FBI, the LAPD and the CIA would be after him and they would find him. Bryan said “Good Luck.”

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

From Paris with Love---John Travolta & Jonathan Rhys Meyers (2010)

James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is an ambitious young aide to the United States Ambassador Bennington (Richard Durden) in France. James floats in a calm sea of dullness serving him. However, James would rather be on an assignment with the job of his passion; as a low rank secret agent for the CIA.

James is hoping to get an assignment in the CIA of a higher-level so he can prove his worth to the agency. And, just when he is enjoying being with his girlfriend---he gets a call from the CIA telling him to pick up his partner Charlie Wax (John Travolta) because he is being detained by French Customers at the airport. Because Charlie does not want to turn over his cans of his favored energy drink to them.

This was James’ first test of the assignment and after Charlie Wax called the French Airport Security Agents everything in the book and then some, he stood defiant against them, Yes,  James was shocked by Charlie's loud mouth with foul words being spit out at anyone or anything that got in this big bad CIA agents’ way. James slapped a Diplomatic Mail sticker on the bag of energy drinks. This solved the issue since the drinks were now protected from Customs.

James’ CIA handler advised him to do what Charlie Wax told him because he was on a very important assignment. Which James found out later it involved terrorist that were responsible for the death of the niece of Secretary of Defense.

Charlie Wax takes James on an action adventure of his assignment and one might describe it as a high-level CIA tutorial where killing and bombing is a big part of the lesson. This will be the beginning of James’ hard lesson on the facts of life as a CIA Operative. Will James make it to the end? Will Charlie Wax and James become friends and contacts to help each other with any future assignments they will be given?

Only after seeing the entire movie will one be able to answer all the questions one might want answers to; so buckle up this will be a ride to remember.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Non-Stop---Liam Neeson & Julianne Moore in--- (February 28, 2014)

Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) hates everything about flying, the long irritating lines, the crowds, delays, cancellations, and bad airlines’ food. 

He appeared in a bad mood on his drive to the airport to board a non-stop international service from New York to London. It is ironic he felt this way, because it is his job to fly. 

Why? Bill is a Federal Air Marshal for the Federal Transportation Security Administration. He is a plain clothes-officer on airplanes and in the airports. And, it is his job to travel the airplanes to protect the citizens from criminals and their activity.

Bill is in great physical condition, with Marshal Art’s skills and is proficient in weapon usage and it is his job to recognize and capture dangerous individuals.

This service from New York to London history’s proved a smooth flight in the past---without a threat of a storm or strong turbulence. But today’s flight will yield a change for Bill and all who are on the non-stop flight.

Bill sits by a beautiful red-head named Jen Summers (Julianne Moore). Jen tries talking with Bill, but he makes it short and sweet. He is on duty and it’s not his job to listen politely to a nosy woman who might be lovely but he is not in the mood for lovely.

While everyone is asleep Bill gets a text on his secure line---that informed him if 150 million dollars is not transferred to the account number furnished a passenger will die---every twenty (20) minutes.

This message tells Bill someone has hacked his secure line, but how? He knows Wi-Fi secured and unsecured are easy for hackers, but not true with secure lines. Now his analytical mind goes back to Jen Summers, she was sitting close, but it’s not possible she did anything.

His attention goes to a passenger named Jack Hammond (Anson Mount) he had a feeling about him---so it is best to continued his investigation of everyone.

Bill informed the pilot and other key employees of the situation, and twenty (20) minutes later he finds a dead body---then all Hell opens up as he will stop at nothing to catch the criminal and save the passengers.

This movie has so many twists, turns, and surprises with thrills, action and fireworks it will keep everyone glued to their seats. As the hijacking is just the beginning of the death defying events that followed the passengers as they frantically try to stay alive in this unsolved mystery.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dolph Lundgren, Alex Karzis and Kata Dobo' in Detention (2003)

Sam Decker (Dolph Lundgren) wanted to help the children as a teacher at Hamilton High a public school where the system has forsaken the students who wanted to learn and always putting the worst in detention, who does not seem to care about much. Detention does not solve any issues and seems it’s the pit stop for the worst students who do not go by the rules of the school.

Probably the reason Sam has stayed this long is because his girlfriend Margo (Jennifer Baxter), a tall beautiful blue-eyed blond who takes his breath away--- works at the school also.
Sam secured a new job with good pay and turned in his resignation to the Hamilton High’s principal. But Sam does not get off that easily, because the principal gave him an extra duty with the after school students in detention.

After a few stolen minutes with his girlfriend Sam enters the detention class to find three boys and a pregnant girl. The rebels of the school system and it seems of life has given them everything but candy sweetness in life. It’s written on their faces the pain in their hearts that the teachers do not take time to notice.
Sam thought after his duties as a soldier, trained in combat who witnessed the worst in war. That he would spend the rest of his life helping and working with high school kids, teaching them and watching them learn. But as he looks at the students before him---he wonders if they wanted any better in life---surely they do.

While the four students are in detention, there is one student in a wheelchair studying in the library to get a scholarship for college. His attitude is not the best, but his intentions seem basically good.

The security guard makes the seventh person left in the closed-down school, with all the doors locked and all the lights are off except in detention, security office and the library.

On the other end of town the police are transporting a truck with 300 million of cocaine, and the mastermind plan of the brutal criminal Chester lamb (Alex Karzis) and girlfriend Gloria Waylan ( Kata Dobo') with his gang of killers are to take it. And, because Chester’s inside information from a crooked cop and a FBI agent they were successful.

Now, they have taken the cocaine to the Hamilton High Auto Shop to work on the two vehicles to transport their treasure.

However, there are seven little stumbling blocks in their great planning---the school is not empty because detention is not over, a student is in the library and the security guard. Now, the action begins.
The killers find out they are not alone and starts a war after the children and Sam.

Sam and the five children---together will fight against the killers. Who will win? A good action drama with a lot of thrills, this is another Dolph Lundgren good combative movie.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Faster---Dwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton

Driver (Dwayne Johnson) was sent to prison for ten years for being involved with his brother in a bank heist. His brother (Matt Gerald) was the only one in Driver’s crude upbringing who really loved him. His step-father beat him and his mother (Annie Corley) never tried to intervene at any time. Only his brother tried to protect him and showed him what brotherly love was all about.

So when his brother’s driver for the bank job backed out---Driver offered to drive for his brother. Although Driver was never in the bank and never had a gun---he was still involved as the driver---making him an accessory.

Driver proved to be an excellent driver as he eluded the police cars that chased them all over the city. So the good news is they got away. The bad news is another gang decided to rob Driver’s brother’s gang of the bank money.

Five men were involved---but only four broke into the house and shot two of the gang then tied up driver and his brother. They demanded to know where the money was---but the brother would not tell them. One of the guys threatened to shoot the brother several times if they did not tell them where the money was hidden.

Driver was afraid for his brother’s life---so he told them where they hid the money. So everything was fine they found the money so Driver thought they would leave. His brother kept telling Driver everything would be alright.

After they found the money the big black guy with the tattoos on his hands and arms grabbed Driver’s brother head and cut his throat. Driver was screaming---as he watched his brother fall to the floor bleeding out before his eyes---and he could not do anything. One of the men had a camera and told Driver to smile---and that was when Driver looked into the camera and said---I will hunt you down and kill every one of you.

The 5th man a dirty cop (Billy Bob Thornton) who was the leader walked into the room and pulled his gun and shot Driver in the head. Driver was left for dead---but he had an Angel looking out for him that day. The surgeons saved his life---then implanted a metal plate in his head to replace what was blown away by the bullet. The bullet went through his head and out his cheek---leaving a nasty scar.

Driver finally got out of prison and he was on his way to avenge his brother’s death. He paid a guy with contacts to make a list of the four men and to find out where his girlfriend was so he could find them all.

Driver did not realize the man in charge was the 5th man---a dirty cop---who did not care who he hurt as long as he got his way.

Driver hunted down each and every one of them---and while this was happening the dirty cop hired a hit man to kill Driver. Driver was now the hunted by a professional killer (Oliver Jackson Cohen) as he hunted for revenge---the killer hunted Driver--- because he was paid to do so. The movie is filled with action, crime, drama and is a thriller to say the least.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Colin Farrell, Noomi Repace and Terrence Howard in---Dead Man Down

Everything in Victor’s (Colin Farrel) life was going great. His job as an enforcer to a New York City crime boss Alphonse Hoyt (Terrance Howard) paid well.

Victor is a family man with a wife and a daughter and life was as normal as life can be in his business---he could take care of his family and give them a better life than most families--- during these troubled times.

Until Beatrice (Noomi Rapace) witnessed a murder and Victor was the one who did it. He did not know someone was recording his criminal act. But Beatrice was and for her own benefit.

She stalked Victor until she found out what she needed to know. Then and only then did she plan what she would do next. And that was to meet him in a public location where she would be safe when she told him.

Beatrice met Victor and told him she saw what he did and then showed him the video. Victor wondered in those short second what did this woman want---experience told him---it would not be good---when he found out.

She told him that his boss Alphonse Hoyt was the one responsible for the scars on her face and she wanted Victor to kill him---she was after revenge.

This is where the action begins--- but does not ever seem to end---ever. It only gets worse as Alfonse learns it is Victors who is trying to kill him. Then he kills the ones Victor loved the most---his family.

Then the Gates of Hell opened with flames and smoke---- revenge rode a horse of fire leading the  Devil's posse--- as Victor now is after his own retaliation---this city has never seen the likes of what this man will do for payback. Will Alphonse pay with his life? Will Victor be killed before he get revenge for his family?
What will Beatrice be doing when all the rages of Hell happened? Will the movie end with our cheers? We will have to wait and see when it comes out in March 8, 2013.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

State of Play

Intrigue, murder, cover-up makes this movie an attention keeper. It has one’s mind going around in a labyrinth. Just when you believe you know the answer---of who did what to whom---it blows up in your face.

The first scene---we see what appears to be a common thief as he burst from an alleyway nearly collided with an elderly couple. And slides over the front of a moving car; then he ran and hid in an alley behind large garbage cans. He waits awhile trying to catch his breath---then starts looking around to see if it is safe to leave his haven. It was a bad move because his pursuer shot him twice---and few second later a guy delivering Pizza on a bike rode by---and the killer shot him also.

The first guy shot was dead, but the second guy was in critical condition in a comma.  The Pizza man had a family he was trying to support with his low wage job, and now the family might have no one.

Next we see Cal McAffrey (Russell Crowe) who looks like a reject from the 60’s with his long hair and unshaven face; driving his car singing, dialing his cell phone, eating and spilling food all over the car and then he throws his trash on the back seat; which by now looks like a refuse can. When he arrived he greeted Det. Bell who is investigating the crime scene.

Cal McAffrey is a brilliant reporter for the Globe in Washington DC and is known by many of the law enforcement employees. Cal smells a story behind the story of what just happened, and he goes to work on solving it. He is unflappable but works for a tough Editor Cameron Lynne (Helen Mirren) whose bottom line is whatever is good for the paper. She is a fan of Cal’s but she does not give him sweet words of praise very often---because she knows it is sales that will keep her bread and butter.
Then a beautiful young redhead leaves her home to walk to the subway station as it is her mode of travel to her job. Upon arriving there she stands close to the edge waiting for the subway---one just knows something bad is going to happen.

The police called Congressmen Stephen Collins’ (Ben Affleck) office before he arrived . When he arrives his secretary tells him Soni Baker (Maria Thayer) who worked for the Congressman as his aide was killed in an accident at Metro this morning she was identified by her badge.

Congressman Collins is stunned---he stands with a look of disbelief. One of his staff members reminds him that it is time for the meeting this morning.

The meeting begins with Stephen Collins saying—Welcome to our hearing of Private Security Contractor Winkle into the Defense Answers and Practices—before we begin I have received some terrible news.

This is only the beginning of the story---now the News Media is speculating that Congressman Collins had an affair with his aide Soni Baker. The Domino effect begins as Cal McAffery

Congressmen Collins is a young tall dark and handsome man who is married. Will he remain the darling of his political party? Will his wife forgive him? Will he turn to his college room-mate Cal McAffrey for help? Is he innocent of being involved in the murders?

This is a great movie---and I am watching it again tonight, as one always misses something the first time. Enjoy the State of Play Movie.

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