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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Serena with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper (26 February 2015) USA

When George Pemberton (Bradley Cooper) married Serena Shaw (Jennifer Lawrence) life with such a beautiful woman became unbelievable. They met and married in 1929. They were madly in love; Serena could hardly breathe without George and he felt the same.

Serena became George’s partner in business as well as his wife. Their first meeting was accidental as Serena rode her horse through the beautiful woods in Boston, when George rode up behind her and stopped her to talk. Or, was it all part of a plan?

Strong in their beliefs of success they proceeded with producing a Timber Empire in the beginning of the Great Depression in 1930. Their honeymoon attitude still shined for George and Serena. They traveled to North Carolina to the timber camp; it was her first time there to see all the men who worked hard for a few dollars. However, a few dollars was not what she would settle for in her lifetime. 

Being in the North Carolina Mountain wilderness was new to Serena, but then no one seem to know the real person of strength, determination, and jealousy who would do anything to get what she wanted.

George lived in the timber camp before, long enough to become involved with another woman Rachel Harmon (Ana Ularu), before he had met and married Serena. Their illicit relationship endured because Rachael had his illegitimate son.

Serena showed George her true side of being a partner, she worked more efficient and produced more than any man they employed to manage the crew; some husbands might frown on this; but not George.

When Serena could not produce a child for George, she became obsessed because nothing she ever wanted before became beyond her grasp.

Now, the real sick Serena started to come out; mean, destructive and eliminating anyone who stood in her way.  

And, would George be able to live with Serena now? Or would she decide to rid herself of George. Or, is it true that some loves can never let you go?


I cannot wait to see this movie as I know it will be great beyond my anticipation; by showing us the ones who lived through the Great Depression and what some did to survive.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Johnny Depp & Christian Bale in---Public Enemies (2009)

Accumulating my research from many sources I have compiled a concise background on John Dillinger and some issue of the “Great Depression.”

Some history updates from the Depression Era and facts about the real John Dillinger. John’s Mother died when he was three (3) years old.  His father remarried years later so young John had a step-mother whom he a hated at first, but he soon become fond of her.

 John Herbert Dillinger, Jr. was 26 years old when the “Great Depression Era” began in 1929 shortly after the stock market crashed, in October.

It wiped out millions of investors, because Wall Street freaked out and consumer spending dwindled; which led to massive layoffs. Unemployment was quoted--- 13 to 15 million people were unemployed--- when the Depression had reached its lowest possible point.

Some of the wealthiest people had lost everything and  were now broke and broken; and the many who could not take the pressure or the shame committed suicide. Stories spread about the people who were once Millionaires now stood in food lines along with the ones they once employed. It was a sad and grave time and almost half of the banks in America had failed.

People blamed the banks for all their issues and when John Dillinger and his gang starting robbing banks the people cheered---Dillinger was their hero because he took was from the evil banks that took from the hard working people. He was like Robin Hood to them, because he never took from people, just the banks during a robbery.

Let’s begin our review for the movie Public Enemies the story of John Herbert Dillinger, Jr. (Johnny Depp). As the movie opens John is being taken back to prison by his friend “Red” Hamilton (Jason Clark) who was posing as a lawman as a setup for a jail break.

John had just gotten out of this prison eight (8) week prior to this jail break plan, but here he
was again here to help release his friends.  During the prison break John’s friend Walter Dierich
was shot in the back, so he did not make it. And the guy John blamed for this he pushed him out of the get-away car, after hitting him in the face a few times.

While all this was happening Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale) shot and killed Pretty Boy Floyd (Channing Tatum) and his name fit him because he was very handsome. So that was one down and two to go as per the FBI’s instruction from J. Edgar Hoover (Billy Crudup) to eliminate also, Baby Face Nelson (Steven Graham).

J. Edgar Hoover many were declaring was using the tracking and the murdering of these men for his own agenda of receiving more money to fund his FBI department.

 John and his gang made it to Chicago, where they were enjoying dinner; drinking and the other gang members connect with the woman of their choice. While John sit alone at his table watching a woman who caught his eye. Then he walked over and asked her to dance, and she accepted his hand.
Her name was Billie Frechette (Marion Cotillard) and John Dillinger falls hard for her---she was the only woman he ever loved and with his dying words sent her a message to prove it.

Billie asked John his name and what did he do as they sat in a fancy restaurant eating their dinner. John told her---I am John Dillinger, I rob banks. Billie stared at John and said--- that is something to tell a person you just met. John told her he would never lie to her, and that the only important thing in life is where one is going.
This is a great action, crime, suspense and romance movie which gives input to many questions about what really happened in John Dillinger's life from this movie. I loved this so much because Johnny Depp was in it  so I purchased the DVD.
I hope everyone buys a DVD and enjoys it as much as I enjoy all mine, especially by latest one Public Enemies.
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