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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Blackhat with Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis and Wei Tang

Nicholas Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth) a prisoner serving 15 years in prison for cyber hacking. He is a genius coder who became very popular with the FBI because they needed his expertise. They wanted him to find out who the hacker is and their location.

He told the FBI agent if they commuted his prison sentence he would help them locate the Blackhat (a term for an evil hacker.) Someone, who does his evil deed just because he can. He is demonic and does not care what mayhem or harm he does to others.

American and Chinese government agencies are collaborating to stop the evil Blackhat before he carried out his entire plot to destroy the world.

Nicholas and Chen Dawdi (Leehom Wang) were college roommates at M.I.T. and Chen knows Nicholas is a coding and programming genius. And, with knowledge and opportunity because he is a Chinese M.I.T. trained official of the military given the job of locating the Blackhat. He wanted the best person working with him and that is Nicholas Hathaway.

After the deal sealed Nicholas is working with a FBI agent (Viola Davis) and Chen Dawdi and his sister (Wei Tang) who is a systems engineer. Their journey will take them from Chicago to Hong Kong, from bright lights to dim back streets.

This search will proved dangerous because from typing on the keyboard to facing hired killers is a risky business.
Nicholas and Chen Dawdi (Leehom Wang) were college roommates at M.I.T. and Chen knows Nicholas is a coding and programming genius. And, with knowledge and opportunity because he is a Chinese M.I.T. trained official of the military given the job of locating the Blackhat. He wanted the best person working with him and that is Nicholas Hathaway.

 Cyber Terrorist leave behind cyber finger prints because each hacker leaves something to identity them through their coding which will aid Nicholas in securing verification to prove their intrusion.

I cannot wait to see this movie with its intrigue, action, crime, drama and possible romance.


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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell in---Tango and Cash (1989)

Narcotics Detective Ray Tango (Sylvester Stallone) is a very dark handsome, debonair man and wealthy man---ranking higher on the social level than a regular Beverly Hills Detective. When others are checking the sports status of their favorite team, Ray Tango is checking on the stock market and his investments.

Completely different from Narcotics Detective Gabriel Cash (Kurt Russell) who is also very good-looking, with sapphire-blue eyes and deep dimples; and, who thinks dressing well is wearing a clean shirt and jeans. He fits in with the Downtown Los Angeles division.

Tango and Cash are very popular and cannot endure each other; as each is proud of his known fame. And enjoyed being held in such esteem by many. They worked every day in their districts without running into each other, while both upset the Crime Lord Yves Perret (Jack Palance) as they searched and destroyed his drug operations.Yves Perret is livid because Tango and Cash reduced his income as they shut down more and more of his drug operations daily. So he concocts a plan to get them both out of his hair and business. 

Tango and Cash received information of a big drug bust at a certain location one night, so they both showed up. And, of course they ran into each other as planned by Perret. Each man with his huge ego will try to outdo the other by being first on the scene. Little did they know it was a frame-up; and, a dead FBI agent waited for them wearing a wire.

Suddenly, they’re surrounded by FBI agents who finds Cash’s pistol on the floor; resulting in their arrested. Their trail was not long and the frame-up worked because the audio tape convicted them by an audio expert who verified the tape as authentic.

They plead no contest to a lesser charge for 18 months in a minimum-security prison. However, bad luck rode the bus with them as they arrived at a maximum-security prison where criminals they arrested in the past were serving time.

Tango’s only family was his beautiful sister Katherine ‘Kiki’ Tango (Teri Hatcher) who worked as a dancer in a club. Tango loved his sister very much and was overly protective of her. He constantly wanted to buy her things, and she wanted to get them on her own. Now, what do you think will happen when Cash meets Kiki?

This is a good movie and over the years I enjoyed my video; until my video player ate it. So I need to buy a DVD of Tango and Cash.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Firm

Firm logo.jpgThe Firm is a show that centers on the McDeere Family after they surface from the witness protection program after ten years to begin a new life in the Washington Metro Area. Mitchell McDeere known as Mitch (Josh Lucas) is a graduate of Harvard Law College. 

Mitch’s wife Abby McDeere (Molly Parker) and their daughter Claire McDeere (Natasha Calis) with his brother Raymond known as Ray McDeere (Callum Keith Rennie) is the older brother who served time in prison and is now working with Mitch as an investigator for his law office. 

Ray’s girlfriend Tammy Hemphill (Juliette Lewis) all four went into the witness protection because they helped Mitch who was a whistle blower for the FBI take down a dishonest Memphis Law Firm with ties to the Chicago mob connections.

Claire was born while they were in the witness protection program---so she is familiar with the reason they had to move so often--- to stay ahead of the mob finding them.
And since the Chicago mob boss died in prison the McDeere family is starting their life over---although they are still dealing with the past and its little issue---they are looking brightly towards the future.
Abby is teaching elementary school again and her daughter is in her classroom. Abby freedom is blissfully rewarding now as she can have the career she loves.

Mitch has opened a new law office in a building which was a tiny travel agency, and with him Ray and Tammy. Ray is his investigator for the law practice and Tammy is his secretary and they are working under a strict budget to begin the business. But they are all positive and plan a bright future as the ten years in witness protection.

The first episode beings with Mitch being chased by three men across a park and Mitch got away by running through a huge water fountain and then jumping into the back of a truck.

When he get to a phone he calls Abby telling her she needs to get out of there and she asked why---and Mitch said for her to follow the emergency plan. Mitch tells her he will be there soon---he hangs up.

Mitch met with a man in a hotel room---thinking he had lost the tail of the three men chasing him and they would be safe. But before they can really begin to talk someone is banging on the door saying they are with the hotel security. But Mitch and the man know it is not security because they would have a key.
The small bits of the conversation consist of Mitch telling the man a woman is dead and you know something about it. And the man replied---I am a dead man if I talk, you do not know these people.
Mitch replied---I know people in the FBI they will protect you.
The man said---no one can protect me---I am a dead man already. Then he runs out on the balcony and dives off to the concrete below. He commits suicide jumping to his death eight (8) stories.

Mitch cannot believe his eyes---but has to run out on the balcony himself to escape the men who have now crashed through the locked door. Mitch escapes just in time by sliding down two floors below and running out a second floor window; jumps and landed onto a luggage cart below.

Then the scene takes us back to the McDeere home where they are talking about what happened. This is a great action movie and I wished it was going for a second season but it is not. So enjoy what we do have and it will give us all something to ponder on what might happen after we see all 22 episodes of The Firm.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Johnny Depp & Christian Bale in---Public Enemies (2009)

Accumulating my research from many sources I have compiled a concise background on John Dillinger and some issue of the “Great Depression.”

Some history updates from the Depression Era and facts about the real John Dillinger. John’s Mother died when he was three (3) years old.  His father remarried years later so young John had a step-mother whom he a hated at first, but he soon become fond of her.

 John Herbert Dillinger, Jr. was 26 years old when the “Great Depression Era” began in 1929 shortly after the stock market crashed, in October.

It wiped out millions of investors, because Wall Street freaked out and consumer spending dwindled; which led to massive layoffs. Unemployment was quoted--- 13 to 15 million people were unemployed--- when the Depression had reached its lowest possible point.

Some of the wealthiest people had lost everything and  were now broke and broken; and the many who could not take the pressure or the shame committed suicide. Stories spread about the people who were once Millionaires now stood in food lines along with the ones they once employed. It was a sad and grave time and almost half of the banks in America had failed.

People blamed the banks for all their issues and when John Dillinger and his gang starting robbing banks the people cheered---Dillinger was their hero because he took was from the evil banks that took from the hard working people. He was like Robin Hood to them, because he never took from people, just the banks during a robbery.

Let’s begin our review for the movie Public Enemies the story of John Herbert Dillinger, Jr. (Johnny Depp). As the movie opens John is being taken back to prison by his friend “Red” Hamilton (Jason Clark) who was posing as a lawman as a setup for a jail break.

John had just gotten out of this prison eight (8) week prior to this jail break plan, but here he
was again here to help release his friends.  During the prison break John’s friend Walter Dierich
was shot in the back, so he did not make it. And the guy John blamed for this he pushed him out of the get-away car, after hitting him in the face a few times.

While all this was happening Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale) shot and killed Pretty Boy Floyd (Channing Tatum) and his name fit him because he was very handsome. So that was one down and two to go as per the FBI’s instruction from J. Edgar Hoover (Billy Crudup) to eliminate also, Baby Face Nelson (Steven Graham).

J. Edgar Hoover many were declaring was using the tracking and the murdering of these men for his own agenda of receiving more money to fund his FBI department.

 John and his gang made it to Chicago, where they were enjoying dinner; drinking and the other gang members connect with the woman of their choice. While John sit alone at his table watching a woman who caught his eye. Then he walked over and asked her to dance, and she accepted his hand.
Her name was Billie Frechette (Marion Cotillard) and John Dillinger falls hard for her---she was the only woman he ever loved and with his dying words sent her a message to prove it.

Billie asked John his name and what did he do as they sat in a fancy restaurant eating their dinner. John told her---I am John Dillinger, I rob banks. Billie stared at John and said--- that is something to tell a person you just met. John told her he would never lie to her, and that the only important thing in life is where one is going.
This is a great action, crime, suspense and romance movie which gives input to many questions about what really happened in John Dillinger's life from this movie. I loved this so much because Johnny Depp was in it  so I purchased the DVD.
I hope everyone buys a DVD and enjoys it as much as I enjoy all mine, especially by latest one Public Enemies.
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