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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Serena with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper (26 February 2015) USA

When George Pemberton (Bradley Cooper) married Serena Shaw (Jennifer Lawrence) life with such a beautiful woman became unbelievable. They met and married in 1929. They were madly in love; Serena could hardly breathe without George and he felt the same.

Serena became George’s partner in business as well as his wife. Their first meeting was accidental as Serena rode her horse through the beautiful woods in Boston, when George rode up behind her and stopped her to talk. Or, was it all part of a plan?

Strong in their beliefs of success they proceeded with producing a Timber Empire in the beginning of the Great Depression in 1930. Their honeymoon attitude still shined for George and Serena. They traveled to North Carolina to the timber camp; it was her first time there to see all the men who worked hard for a few dollars. However, a few dollars was not what she would settle for in her lifetime. 

Being in the North Carolina Mountain wilderness was new to Serena, but then no one seem to know the real person of strength, determination, and jealousy who would do anything to get what she wanted.

George lived in the timber camp before, long enough to become involved with another woman Rachel Harmon (Ana Ularu), before he had met and married Serena. Their illicit relationship endured because Rachael had his illegitimate son.

Serena showed George her true side of being a partner, she worked more efficient and produced more than any man they employed to manage the crew; some husbands might frown on this; but not George.

When Serena could not produce a child for George, she became obsessed because nothing she ever wanted before became beyond her grasp.

Now, the real sick Serena started to come out; mean, destructive and eliminating anyone who stood in her way.  

And, would George be able to live with Serena now? Or would she decide to rid herself of George. Or, is it true that some loves can never let you go?


I cannot wait to see this movie as I know it will be great beyond my anticipation; by showing us the ones who lived through the Great Depression and what some did to survive.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Romancing the Stone with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner

Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner) is an extremely successful venturesome romance novelist---who lives in New York City---with her cat Romeo. Joan writes about action, adventure and romance just as she desired to experience it. 

Full of thrills, titillating romantic adventures which changes within a heartbeat, into the abyss of excitement; which Joan lacked in her life. However, she could write about it and bring it to life in the pages of her books.

She is totally different from her character Angelina, who is beautiful, sexy; self-reliant and loves her hero Jessie. It was her imagination and with her typewriter she brought her hero Jessie to bigger than life in every novel. Joan---an excellent writer who lived through her novels---to give it more ambiance; enjoying every second until she typed her last word.

Excitement did not reign in her life as a writer's she had little time to socialize; because of her dedication to writing. Her small circle of friends included her agent Gloria (Holland Taylor); whom she had a meeting with in a local bar to deliver her just completed novel to her.

Gloria tried to get Joan interested in some of the men in the bar; but to no avail. Joan let her know they did not interest her. Gloria said: Why not because they are not Jessie? Joan replied: I know there is someone out there for me. It seemed to Joan they has this same conversation each time they met.

Joan worried about her sister Elaine (Mary Ellen Trainor) who is in Columbia where her husband was recently murdered. She probably thought about this as she opened the door to her apartment and found it burglarized, and before she could call the police to report it her sister Elaine called. She asked Joan if she received an envelope from her husband and did it contain a treasure map?

Ralph (Danny DeVito) and his brother Ira (Zack Norman) kidnapped Elaine and stood by her side as she telephoned her sister Joan. Joan verified she received the package and her sister asked her to bring it to Columbia. 

So Joan is now on her way leaving her cat with her agent until she returned. Joan arrived in Columbia and luckily missed connecting with Ralph who was there to drive her to her sister Elaine. But Joan boards a bus to Cartagena or so she thinks. She got on the wrong bus because she accepted assurance from the same man who burglarized her apartment, and killed her super in New York City and is stalking her for the map.

The bus accidentally runs into a parked truck filled with birds. The other passengers leave to walk the bus route; while the wicked stalker talked Joan into waiting for the next bus. And, while she waited patiently sitting on her suitcase, the man who wanted the map pointed his gun at her.

This is the moment Jack Colton (Michael Douglas) a Soldier of Fortune showed up on the hilltop, and the stalker with a gun shot a hole in his water pouch. Then a gunfight breaks out as Jack chases the bad guy away sending his bullets flying over his head as he runs away.

Then Joan asked for Jack’s help to get to Cartagena and offered to pay him. Jack asked for $500.00; but settled for $350.00 in travelers check. And, then the adventure of Joan’s life is born; and so is our movie entertainment. 

We can travel along with them through the jungles, mudslides and Crocodiles. We watched as their relationship developed on a closer level; and Joan starts to enjoy her adventure. 

So, the once mousy Joan becomes a real beauty as her journey continued and she blossomed into a woman who likes having fun.

Joan’s true life adventure out shined her character Angelina’s in her novels, and Jack emulated
Jessie’s character so closely it is chilling.

I became a fan of Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner from this movie, and I am still one of their greatest fans, today. I hope you enjoyed my review and please return for more. Thanks.

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