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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sicario starring Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin

The premiere is September 18th 2015 in the USA. Sicario means assassin or hit-man; either term means a killer without remorse. In the unsafe country of Mexico seeing someone killed, kidnapped or missing has become so common than the good people live in fear.

The uncontrollable and ungovernable border extending between Mexico and the United States has become the focus of an elite government task force. The force is recruiting the cream of the crop FBI agents to work for them; and this is how Kate Marcer (Emily Blunt) began her job with them.

Her main duty she is to assist in the escalating war against drugs coming into the United States across the border. This task alone is beyond most men, even the ones who walked before her and other agents; whose faded footprints died in the parched land of both countries.

Kate works with the Task Force commanded by a mysterious professional Non-American named Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) who leads them in searching for nameless drug lord. She quickly finds out the playing field might have CIA agents in the mix and the risk factor rises in lieu of their presence; rather than making it more secure.

Her so call duties are multiplying; in essence she now has to watch her back because she does not know who to trust. She’s warned by Matt (Josh Brolin) that she saw things sheshould not have seen; which puts her life at risk. Kate has found out she is not just a member of the task force, but an enemy to so many; even her own people. Who can she trust? Will Kate make it? Who has her back?  Who wants to kill her? Is it Sicario?

This movie will keep us on the edge of our last nerve with its action, drama, crime as it boasts to all it is truly a thriller.

Mark your calendars in the USA for September 18th premiere. Thanks for reading my movie review.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Walk Among the Tombstones with Liam Neeson, Dan Stevens & Boyd Holbrook---Premiere is September 19th 2014

One's past can crawl into one's thoughts and stay like a bad dream that lingers during the day, both are difficult to shake.

This is what Matt Scudder (Liam Neeson) deals with in reference to his past as a former NYPD cop.
It was Matt’s day off and he was enjoying free drinks in a local bar reading his newspaper in a back booth hidden from view by anyone entering the bar.

Matt was minding his own business reading his paper when several men came in to rob the bar; and they fired shots at the bartender. In his pursuit of the robbers---he shot the third robber in the leg and the bullet kept traveling until it stopped in the body of an innocent citizen causing death instantly.

Now Matt makes his living as an unlicensed Private Detective. He does jobs for people who give him gifts of money.

 He was not especially looking for another job at the time he was requested by Kheran Khoury (Dan Stevens) a drug dealer to please come see him.

Kheran Khoury's wife was murdered by kidnappers who received the ransom money, but murdered Mrs. Khoury anyway, and then cut her up in little pieces. Kheran wants Matt to find them so he can do the same to them as they did his wife.

Matt did was not really interested in this job until Kheran played the video where both men were raping his wife. The video got to Matt---now he was furious about a helpless woman being raped and then sending the tape to her husband. Kheran and his brother (Boyd Holbrook) wanted to help Matt search for the killers.

He knew from experience the killers had done this before and would do it again. They were going where the money was and that was the drug traffickers.

Now, action, mayhem and gun fire echoed  through the backstreets from Matt’s support group as they searched the where the lowly scum of the earth frequent.

 Matt forgets about himself for a brooding while and goes after the killers before they kill again.

This movie will premiere on September 19th the third Friday of September---so mark your calendars for another of Liam Neeson action movies.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dolph Lundgren, Alex Karzis and Kata Dobo' in Detention (2003)

Sam Decker (Dolph Lundgren) wanted to help the children as a teacher at Hamilton High a public school where the system has forsaken the students who wanted to learn and always putting the worst in detention, who does not seem to care about much. Detention does not solve any issues and seems it’s the pit stop for the worst students who do not go by the rules of the school.

Probably the reason Sam has stayed this long is because his girlfriend Margo (Jennifer Baxter), a tall beautiful blue-eyed blond who takes his breath away--- works at the school also.
Sam secured a new job with good pay and turned in his resignation to the Hamilton High’s principal. But Sam does not get off that easily, because the principal gave him an extra duty with the after school students in detention.

After a few stolen minutes with his girlfriend Sam enters the detention class to find three boys and a pregnant girl. The rebels of the school system and it seems of life has given them everything but candy sweetness in life. It’s written on their faces the pain in their hearts that the teachers do not take time to notice.
Sam thought after his duties as a soldier, trained in combat who witnessed the worst in war. That he would spend the rest of his life helping and working with high school kids, teaching them and watching them learn. But as he looks at the students before him---he wonders if they wanted any better in life---surely they do.

While the four students are in detention, there is one student in a wheelchair studying in the library to get a scholarship for college. His attitude is not the best, but his intentions seem basically good.

The security guard makes the seventh person left in the closed-down school, with all the doors locked and all the lights are off except in detention, security office and the library.

On the other end of town the police are transporting a truck with 300 million of cocaine, and the mastermind plan of the brutal criminal Chester lamb (Alex Karzis) and girlfriend Gloria Waylan ( Kata Dobo') with his gang of killers are to take it. And, because Chester’s inside information from a crooked cop and a FBI agent they were successful.

Now, they have taken the cocaine to the Hamilton High Auto Shop to work on the two vehicles to transport their treasure.

However, there are seven little stumbling blocks in their great planning---the school is not empty because detention is not over, a student is in the library and the security guard. Now, the action begins.
The killers find out they are not alone and starts a war after the children and Sam.

Sam and the five children---together will fight against the killers. Who will win? A good action drama with a lot of thrills, this is another Dolph Lundgren good combative movie.

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