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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Survivor with Milla Jovoich, Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson (May 29th 2015 in USA)

Kate Abbott's (Milla Jovoich) new job in the US Embassy is to prevent terrorist attacks in the United States. This is the reason she’s located in the United Kingdom for a better feed from around the world; preventing terrorist reaching the United States.

She is good at her job and when she tried to block a terrorist attack on New York the leaders of the group hired the world’s top assassin; the Watchmaker (Pierce Brosnan) to kill her.

Now, Kate is on the run after proving her job skills by zoning in on the target; and the leaders of the terrorist group is framing her for criminal act. So, it seems everyone is trying to kill her.

Sam (Dylan McDermott) worked with Kate and believes in her, but he is receiving pressure from his superiors to go after her as well. Now, Kate only has her survivor skills to keep her safe, but will they be enough for her to save herself.

She cannot trust anyone as it’s apparent they want her dead. Why? Maybe Kate uncovered the heart of the terrorist operation in the United Kingdom, or the US Embassy. It’s someone who’s trusted who is a cold- blooded killer.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Walk Among the Tombstones with Liam Neeson, Dan Stevens & Boyd Holbrook---Premiere is September 19th 2014

One's past can crawl into one's thoughts and stay like a bad dream that lingers during the day, both are difficult to shake.

This is what Matt Scudder (Liam Neeson) deals with in reference to his past as a former NYPD cop.
It was Matt’s day off and he was enjoying free drinks in a local bar reading his newspaper in a back booth hidden from view by anyone entering the bar.

Matt was minding his own business reading his paper when several men came in to rob the bar; and they fired shots at the bartender. In his pursuit of the robbers---he shot the third robber in the leg and the bullet kept traveling until it stopped in the body of an innocent citizen causing death instantly.

Now Matt makes his living as an unlicensed Private Detective. He does jobs for people who give him gifts of money.

 He was not especially looking for another job at the time he was requested by Kheran Khoury (Dan Stevens) a drug dealer to please come see him.

Kheran Khoury's wife was murdered by kidnappers who received the ransom money, but murdered Mrs. Khoury anyway, and then cut her up in little pieces. Kheran wants Matt to find them so he can do the same to them as they did his wife.

Matt did was not really interested in this job until Kheran played the video where both men were raping his wife. The video got to Matt---now he was furious about a helpless woman being raped and then sending the tape to her husband. Kheran and his brother (Boyd Holbrook) wanted to help Matt search for the killers.

He knew from experience the killers had done this before and would do it again. They were going where the money was and that was the drug traffickers.

Now, action, mayhem and gun fire echoed  through the backstreets from Matt’s support group as they searched the where the lowly scum of the earth frequent.

 Matt forgets about himself for a brooding while and goes after the killers before they kill again.

This movie will premiere on September 19th the third Friday of September---so mark your calendars for another of Liam Neeson action movies.

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