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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sicario starring Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin

The premiere is September 18th 2015 in the USA. Sicario means assassin or hit-man; either term means a killer without remorse. In the unsafe country of Mexico seeing someone killed, kidnapped or missing has become so common than the good people live in fear.

The uncontrollable and ungovernable border extending between Mexico and the United States has become the focus of an elite government task force. The force is recruiting the cream of the crop FBI agents to work for them; and this is how Kate Marcer (Emily Blunt) began her job with them.

Her main duty she is to assist in the escalating war against drugs coming into the United States across the border. This task alone is beyond most men, even the ones who walked before her and other agents; whose faded footprints died in the parched land of both countries.

Kate works with the Task Force commanded by a mysterious professional Non-American named Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) who leads them in searching for nameless drug lord. She quickly finds out the playing field might have CIA agents in the mix and the risk factor rises in lieu of their presence; rather than making it more secure.

Her so call duties are multiplying; in essence she now has to watch her back because she does not know who to trust. She’s warned by Matt (Josh Brolin) that she saw things sheshould not have seen; which puts her life at risk. Kate has found out she is not just a member of the task force, but an enemy to so many; even her own people. Who can she trust? Will Kate make it? Who has her back?  Who wants to kill her? Is it Sicario?

This movie will keep us on the edge of our last nerve with its action, drama, crime as it boasts to all it is truly a thriller.

Mark your calendars in the USA for September 18th premiere. Thanks for reading my movie review.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Montana Sky---Ashley Williams, Charlotte Ross & John Corbett

Jack Mercy was one of the wealthiest ranchers in Montana. And his funeral is waiting for his other two daughters to arrive so the preacher can begin. His daughter Willa Mercy (Ashley Williams) is the only daughter who has lived with her father and worked on the ranch. And, today is the first time all three half-sisters are meeting. His attorney, the sheriff, neighbors and employees of the ranch are standing in the graveyard; when the first daughter arrived.

Her name is Lilly Mercy (Laura Mennell) and she acts timid; as she’s escorted to the family graveyard by Adam Wolfchild ( Nathaniel Arcand) who is Willa’s half-brother. He and Willa had the same mother, but different fathers. Lilly and Adam become close as the story unfolds. Lilly divorced her abusive husband after six months of marriage. However, he reappears and starts trouble for Lilly and Adam.

Tess Mercy (Charlotte Ross) the second sister is a writer, she arrived from California dragging her fast paced life with her. And will return to Hollywood where she has her agent, her life and friends as soon as the funeral is over. She is a city girl and wants nothing to do with nowhere Montana.

Bess (Diane Ladd) is the housekeeper who keeps all the sisters and everyone else on the straight path of good manners and to treat everyone with kindness.

Nate Torrence (Aaron Pearl) who is the Sheriff of Monroe County is a hunk, who falls for Tess. Watching their relationship develop is fascinating and funny. 

After the funeral the attorney read the will---and it stated that each of Jack Mercy’s daughters will  inherit 1/3 of the 24 Million Plus Dollar ranch, however, all three daughters are to live a full year on the ranch to legally inherit their part or it will all be donated to the Nature Conservatory---and they will only receive a $100.00 each.
To makes matter worse the attorney tells Willa that Ben McKintock (John Corbett) and he---will be overseers for the one year. Willa is upset over this news, but Ben is happy because he has feeling for Willa. Will Willa will return those feeling? Their relationship is as rocky as the mountains that surrounds Mercy Ranch.

Nora Roberts wrote the book ‘Montana Sky’ and now we are fortunate to see a movie based on her book.

Enjoy and I hope you get your own copy of this very good movie. I still have mine that I watch; the story is great and the scenery is beautiful, in this western, romance, thriller and happy ending movie.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Proof of Life with Meg Ryan & Russell Crowe

Meg Ryan plays Alice Bowman who is world-traveled and shrewd. Her shrewd skills keeps the determined Alice focus as she tried to help her husband, Peter Bowman who has been kidnapper by South American guerrillas.

Russell Crow plays Terry Thorne the professional negotiator hired by Alice to bargain with the guerrillas. Soon Terry realized he is falling in love with Alice, all the while negotiating for her husband's release.

                                                                                                          David Morse play Peter Bowman who is an engineer hired by a company that soon becomes uninsured, and can no longer employ Terry Thorne to help secure Peter's release.

However, the guerrillas are asking for millions for his life. Peter is abused and treated inhumanly by his kidnappers, but he is a strong, gritty and intelligent man, who loves his wife very much. And he is trying to stay alive to see her again.

Pamela Reed played Janis Goodman, Peter's sister, who is petrified that she will never see her brother again. But she flies over from America to help her sister-in-law Alice.

David Caruso plays Dino, Terry's friend who is skilled as a professional negotiator, also. He is aware of the chemistry happening between Alice and Terry, just by being around them.

This is a suspenseful and romantically charged movie, just writing about it makes me want to watch my DVD of Proof of Life again.

Proof of Life was make in 2000, and filmed in:
Biedrusko, Poznan, Wielkopolskie, Poland, Ecuador, Lloyd's Building, Lime Street, Broadgate, London, England, UK, , Quito, Ecuador.

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