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Monday, June 24, 2013

Faster---Dwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton

Driver (Dwayne Johnson) was sent to prison for ten years for being involved with his brother in a bank heist. His brother (Matt Gerald) was the only one in Driver’s crude upbringing who really loved him. His step-father beat him and his mother (Annie Corley) never tried to intervene at any time. Only his brother tried to protect him and showed him what brotherly love was all about.

So when his brother’s driver for the bank job backed out---Driver offered to drive for his brother. Although Driver was never in the bank and never had a gun---he was still involved as the driver---making him an accessory.

Driver proved to be an excellent driver as he eluded the police cars that chased them all over the city. So the good news is they got away. The bad news is another gang decided to rob Driver’s brother’s gang of the bank money.

Five men were involved---but only four broke into the house and shot two of the gang then tied up driver and his brother. They demanded to know where the money was---but the brother would not tell them. One of the guys threatened to shoot the brother several times if they did not tell them where the money was hidden.

Driver was afraid for his brother’s life---so he told them where they hid the money. So everything was fine they found the money so Driver thought they would leave. His brother kept telling Driver everything would be alright.

After they found the money the big black guy with the tattoos on his hands and arms grabbed Driver’s brother head and cut his throat. Driver was screaming---as he watched his brother fall to the floor bleeding out before his eyes---and he could not do anything. One of the men had a camera and told Driver to smile---and that was when Driver looked into the camera and said---I will hunt you down and kill every one of you.

The 5th man a dirty cop (Billy Bob Thornton) who was the leader walked into the room and pulled his gun and shot Driver in the head. Driver was left for dead---but he had an Angel looking out for him that day. The surgeons saved his life---then implanted a metal plate in his head to replace what was blown away by the bullet. The bullet went through his head and out his cheek---leaving a nasty scar.

Driver finally got out of prison and he was on his way to avenge his brother’s death. He paid a guy with contacts to make a list of the four men and to find out where his girlfriend was so he could find them all.

Driver did not realize the man in charge was the 5th man---a dirty cop---who did not care who he hurt as long as he got his way.

Driver hunted down each and every one of them---and while this was happening the dirty cop hired a hit man to kill Driver. Driver was now the hunted by a professional killer (Oliver Jackson Cohen) as he hunted for revenge---the killer hunted Driver--- because he was paid to do so. The movie is filled with action, crime, drama and is a thriller to say the least.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Las Vegas ---James Caan, Josh Duhamel and James Lesure

Las Vegas ---Television Drama 2003 – 2008

I love this TV Series---it begins with an embarrassing when Ed Deline (James Caan) President of Operations of the Montecito Resort & Casino in Las Vegas--- walks in on his daughter---Delinda Deline (Molly Sims) and Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel) making love.

Since Danny worked for Ed Deline as one of his surveillance men it was a doubly awkward moment when Delinda looked up and said---Hi Daddy.

Delinda did not tell Danny she was Ed Deline’s daughter and since she had just returned home from college he was not aware she was in the Montecito, nor, home for that matter.

Delinda who looks like a model is tall with long blond hair and a beautiful face with light greenish-blue eyes. She is her daddy’s heart and anyone who even touches her is in big trouble.

Ed Deline is an ex-CIA officer who is in charge of running the everyday operations of the Montecito. He is a dedicated, hard, tough and very intelligent man. A man of connections and  if one is smart one will not mess with him. He is not afraid of anything in life---unless it has to do with his family.

Danny is a valuable member of Ed’s top surveillance team---that observes all of the Montecito Resort and Casino---everything from valet parking, restaurant management to casino security.

Danny was born in Las Vegas and worked for his father in his construction business until he joined the Marines---his skills put him in Black Ops---so he has an excellent background for

His job at the Montecito and is very good at it. Ed Deline likes him a lot.

Mike Cannon (James LeSure) is a brilliant MIT graduate who has degrees in Mechanical Engineering begins as a valet worker then is promoted to Ed’s surveillance to work with Danny. They work well together with the average discussion 0f who is the best in their jobs. When actually they both balance out each other’s skills making them an asset to the team.

Samantha “Sam” Marquez (Vanessa Marcil) is has she puts it---she is the best Casino Host in Vegas or the world. She has her “Whales” super-rich customers who she caters to and this is how she earns her money---when they loss---she wins. Sam is a tough cookie on the outside, but is soft and very human on the inside---which very few people get to see this side of her.

Mary Connell (Nikki Cox) starts out as the Special Events Director at the casino. She is a life-long friend of Danny’s and at one point she is engaged to him. Danny is her self-appointed protector and feels more like a brother to her than a boyfriend.

Jullian Deline (Cheryl Ladd) is Ed wife and Delinda’s mother. She plays a supporting part as a wife and mother. She loves her other daughter that she and Ed raised Nessa Holt (Marsha Tomason) who also works as “The Pit Boss” at the Montecito’s Casino. Ed rescued her from his CIA days since her father was forced into the CIA---and faked his own death--- which Nessa does not know about until much later. Ed actually saved her life by bringing her home to his family to be raised as a daughter to him and Jullian and a sister to Delinda.

Cooper (Tom Selleck) in Season Five buys Montecito and makes vast improvements and wins the respect of all his employees. Cooper takes great pleasure in everyone who visits his Resort and Casino enjoys their visit. Therefore, will want to return and play in the casino---because this is how he earns his money.

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