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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Colin Farrell, Noomi Repace and Terrence Howard in---Dead Man Down

Everything in Victor’s (Colin Farrel) life was going great. His job as an enforcer to a New York City crime boss Alphonse Hoyt (Terrance Howard) paid well.

Victor is a family man with a wife and a daughter and life was as normal as life can be in his business---he could take care of his family and give them a better life than most families--- during these troubled times.

Until Beatrice (Noomi Rapace) witnessed a murder and Victor was the one who did it. He did not know someone was recording his criminal act. But Beatrice was and for her own benefit.

She stalked Victor until she found out what she needed to know. Then and only then did she plan what she would do next. And that was to meet him in a public location where she would be safe when she told him.

Beatrice met Victor and told him she saw what he did and then showed him the video. Victor wondered in those short second what did this woman want---experience told him---it would not be good---when he found out.

She told him that his boss Alphonse Hoyt was the one responsible for the scars on her face and she wanted Victor to kill him---she was after revenge.

This is where the action begins--- but does not ever seem to end---ever. It only gets worse as Alfonse learns it is Victors who is trying to kill him. Then he kills the ones Victor loved the most---his family.

Then the Gates of Hell opened with flames and smoke---- revenge rode a horse of fire leading the  Devil's posse--- as Victor now is after his own retaliation---this city has never seen the likes of what this man will do for payback. Will Alphonse pay with his life? Will Victor be killed before he get revenge for his family?
What will Beatrice be doing when all the rages of Hell happened? Will the movie end with our cheers? We will have to wait and see when it comes out in March 8, 2013.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Logan's War: Bound By Honor---Chuck Norris and Eddie Cibrian

When Logan Fallon (Brandon Ryan Barrett) was ten years old his father Nicholas Fallon (Matthew Tompkins) a prosecutor for the city of Chicago; was prosecuting a notorious gangster Albert Talgorno (R.D. Call) to send him to prison for a long time.

Even though Nicholas Fallon had police around his house to protect his family; young Logan was still afraid and worried. He told his father when he came into his room to say good night---he had a feeling---that something bad was going to happen. His father assured him that he had nothing to fear because they were protected by the police. He kissed Logan good night and everyone soon was asleep.

Logan had a rare gift of being able to sense danger before it happens it the only reason the men who entered their home on the night his family was murdered did not take them completely by surprise. His father got his gun and his mother called the police; however that did not spare them.

When Logan’s father was shot, Logan ran and hid behind a cabinet from which he could see the killers through the holes in the wood work. There was four of them; Sal Mercado (Jeff Kober) with three other gangster who carried out the order from Albert Talgorno.

Logan watched his as mother was shot and heard the shots when his little sister was killed. They could not find Logan and had to leave because the police sirens were loud and near. Logan was the only one who survived that terrible night.

 Logan’s Uncle Jake (Chuck Norris) his father’s brother had the same gift as Logan of being able to sense danger before it happened. He knew something was wrong so went to his brother’s as fast as possible.

Logan was in the hospital when his Uncle Jake arrived. Logan talked with Special Agent John Downing (Joe Sano) and when he asked Logan did he see the killers, he said no.

Logan went home with his Uncle Jake to live with him and Ben (James Gammon) who was Jake’s father-in-law. Logan had a lot to filter and tried to understand it all. Now he had a new home with his Uncle and Ben. Both men helped Logan and he grew into a well-balanced young man. A young man who had all the skills of a trained fighter.

The older Logan is played by (Eddie Cibrian) who became a ranger with his Uncle Jake's help. Logan now a man who served his country with honor. Logan still has a vendetta that pumps through his very heart and soul; never leaving his mind. He will go after the men and the man who sent them to kill his family. This is a Blood fued to be carried out by Logan and his Uncle Jake.

And now the action starts as Logan and his Uncle Jake take care of business.

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