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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Goodnight for Justice with Luke Perry, Lara Gilchrist and Ron Lea

Times were difficult for farmers in the 1800s in the Wyoming Territory because of the long droughts. No rain to germinate the seeds farmers planted---sometimes the last seeds planted without money left to buy more. I am sure the non-growing seeds the tired family man cursed many times before the farmer gave up his dirt farm, he could not even do dry farming without water to carry to his seed.

This is how John William Goodnight (Luke Perry) began his journey that gave him a new direction in his young life.

John walked with his parents William (Adrian Hough) and Ada Goodnight (Ingrid Tesch) into town without looking back at the unfruitful life they left.  When arriving at Dry Gulch they shared a covered wagon with Judge Aldous (Tom Butler) and Rebecca Shaw (Gabrielle Rose). The wagon was the only stage-coach the families had to travel in.

Judge Aldous Shaw and his wife enjoyed talking to John because he was bright and quick with his questions of the Judge. Everyone laughed and talked as the old covered wagon bumped and rattled its way over the crude roads.

Suddenly, bullets flew towards the stage-coach by the brother and his men who the Judge had hung that morning before leaving Dry Gulch. The driver shot in cold blood and the wagon overturned killing John’s mother and his father murdered protecting his son. The brother of the hung man---killed the judge by stabbing him---in the back.

John and Rebecca Shaw survived the slaughter and she took him in and; educated him and he became a lawyer.

This is where we find the hard-drinking, property damaging rebel rousing John Goodnight who seemed lacking in professional ambiance of a privilege few. John as a lawyer had never lost a case, but it did not seem to make his happy. So his adopted mother took measures into her own hands and had the Governor of Illinois swear John in as a Circuit Judge of Wyoming Territory.

John’s new life begins as a judge---Hell-bent on seeing---justice served. He did not care for lawyers because winning was utmost important with them; and many times justice was not served. John and Rebecca were still looking for justice in finding the ones who killed her husband his parents.

John would meet the most vial and cruel people in the Wyoming territory as well as good decent people. Even the law enforcers like the sheriff of some towns were crooks; so he had his hands full of staying alive and seeing justice served—one way or another.

He travelled on horseback through storms to arrive on time for his court sessions. Sometime, the wildlife of the night interrupted is sleep, but with his bottle of whiskey and a book to read---kept him warm and cozy through the night.
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Mark Wahlberg in Shooter (2007)

Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) and best friend and spotter Donnie Fenn (Lane Garrison) were on a clandestine Ethiopian mission. Bob earned the title as one of the few supreme marksmen on earth and that is why he was high on a mountain overlooking the road. To protect their military convoy as they drove to their destination.

They were in constant contact with the command post and the top ranking officer in charge. When a surprise group of well-armed Ethiopians came in behind the American military convoy a battle began with Bob and Donnie doing a great job of eliminating the enemy.

Until an enemy helicopter surprised them---to take them out--- they called the command post for help. The top ranking office had closed the command post down as the fighting escalated. The officer in-charge did not want to get caught being in a foreign country without the knowledge of his superiors so he pulled the mission and left Bob and Donnie to fight and get home the best way they could.

And, that is when bullets ripped through Donnie from the helicopter and Bob shot it down. But that did not bring his friend Donnie back; and after he made it home he retired from the military.

That happened three years before and now Bob lived alone in the Rockies with his dog Sam. Bob enjoyed the quiet beauty of his winter wonderland and the peacefulness. He made a few close friends who helped each other out on occasion.

Suddenly, his quietness deteriorated as a black SUV drove down his road, with Colonel Isaac Johnson (Danny Glover) with two of his men, Jack Payne (Elias Koteas) and Louis Dobbler (Jonathan Walker) who came to see Bob on a mission.

Bob avoided any government connection and his dog Sam did not like them either, especially the man name Jack, when Sam growled for them to stop walking near the house, he put his hand on his gun. Bob stepped out and told him to stop with his hand on his knife.

Colonel Johnson called his man off and he and Bob went in the cabin to talk. Long story short he wanted Bob to scout out three different cities the president would be visiting and advised them which city would it be possible for a sniper to take a long-range shot.

The Colonel and his men left without Bob’s answer---he thought about it and then called a friend to stop by and feed Sam for him a couple of days, and then he started on his trip.

Bob found two unlikely sources who helped him and they became friends one was Sarah Fenn (Kate Mara) Donnie’s widow and Nick Memphis (Michael Pena) a FBI agent. They believed in his innocence and helped him until the end.

This movie's exploded with action, mystery, revenge, betrayal, murder; however, some good came out of all the pandemonium. Anyone who missed it at the theater can buy the DVD like I did, and then watch it anytime you want an action movie night alone or with friends.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Winter’s Tale (2014) ---Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe and Jessica Brown Findlay

A love that consumed the heart and mind of an Irish thief named Peter Lake (Colin Farrell) and haunted his very soul. Because his one love, soul mate Beverly Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay) was his only true love. Whom he met while robbing an empty house---or so he thought was empty---until he met Beverly---the beautiful lady still at home. He never experienced the feeling of love between a man and a woman before her.

It becomes known to him later that she is very ill; she was dying of consumption (mainly a disease of the lungs) and had only a short time to live her young life to its fullest. His love for her makes him preoccupied with justice---a renewed Peter. Beverly loved and protected Peter to the end of her earthly life.
Colin and Beverly

Love does not know a time and place when it should transpires as love needs no clock to tick the time of it appearance. But when it does arrive--- all other issues are off the table. Because real and true love waits for no one; and it takes no votes to confirm who approved or disapproved---it simply does not give a darn.

Peter Lake’s story begins at the turn of the century when his immigrant parents are not admitted to Ellis Island for reasons unknown to me at this time. He was found and adopted. And his adopted father (Matt Bomer) sent him to school in Manhattan to become a mechanic when he was old enough.

Soon without his consent he becomes a gang member of the ‘Short Tails’ and in time becomes an enemy of the leader Pearly Soames (Russell Crowe). Pearly wanted Peter killed and demanded that his gang of thugs do it. Peter always managed to stay one step ahead of the gang until one day his luck ran out---but he’s saved by a beautiful white horse named Athansor. He becomes Peter’s Guardian Angel.

This mystical love story began in 1916 and evolved to the present day which finds Peter not knowing who he is now. Because he and his Guardian Angel horse Athansor goes through clouds into another time; and time is lost for him. A human mind cannot always take all that the supernatural has to offer.

Then he returns to the modern day where he meets Virginia Gamely (Jennifer Connelly) and Abby (Rigley Sobo) a darling little girl. Virginia befriends Peter and begins to understand his time and presence here is not normal, but she is not sure what is happening. However she knows he is here for a reason---that much she is sure.

Love and destiny rose above the coldest of winters in New York to keep lover’s hearts warm even though their life journey might be as short as it seems in this supernatural world of theirs.

This great love story will open on Valentine’s Day---February 14, 2014 for all the fans to enjoy. So mark your calendars for what I believe to be a love story your heart will long remember.

I want to know if Beverly and Peter are together for always and do they get another chance on earth to be happy and maybe have a family together. One can dream about it until the movie comes out and then we will know. Happy waiting to you all---until a “Winter’s Tale” Premieres on Valentine’s Day.

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