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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Run All Night with Liam Neeson, Ed Harris, and Genesis Rodriguez and Joel Kinnaman

Danny’s father Shawn is a mob boss who wants revenge for his son’s death. This situation became complicated because of Jimmy and Shawn’s years of loyalty between them. However, family comes first in a prudent man’s life. Even mobsters love their families.

What can a father do? What any father who is worth a grain of salt would do---protect his son and his son’s family. Jimmy knew Shawn would come after his son because he killed Danny to save his son. Shawn may find revenge is sometimes bitter-sweet.

Will a father stand by his son and protect him from his best friend Shawn Maguire (Ed Harris) he has known for years? This could be the question Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson) thought about in reference to his alienated son Mike Conlon (Joel Kinnaman) who now needs his help.

Jimmy’s life of being a gangster and a hired killer evidently came between him and Mike. Mike’s family comes first in his life, and now they were in jeopardy because his father killed Danny Maguire (Boyd Holbrook).

A father’s love knows no boundaries when it comes to his children.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Mark Wahlberg in Shooter (2007)

Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) and best friend and spotter Donnie Fenn (Lane Garrison) were on a clandestine Ethiopian mission. Bob earned the title as one of the few supreme marksmen on earth and that is why he was high on a mountain overlooking the road. To protect their military convoy as they drove to their destination.

They were in constant contact with the command post and the top ranking officer in charge. When a surprise group of well-armed Ethiopians came in behind the American military convoy a battle began with Bob and Donnie doing a great job of eliminating the enemy.

Until an enemy helicopter surprised them---to take them out--- they called the command post for help. The top ranking office had closed the command post down as the fighting escalated. The officer in-charge did not want to get caught being in a foreign country without the knowledge of his superiors so he pulled the mission and left Bob and Donnie to fight and get home the best way they could.

And, that is when bullets ripped through Donnie from the helicopter and Bob shot it down. But that did not bring his friend Donnie back; and after he made it home he retired from the military.

That happened three years before and now Bob lived alone in the Rockies with his dog Sam. Bob enjoyed the quiet beauty of his winter wonderland and the peacefulness. He made a few close friends who helped each other out on occasion.

Suddenly, his quietness deteriorated as a black SUV drove down his road, with Colonel Isaac Johnson (Danny Glover) with two of his men, Jack Payne (Elias Koteas) and Louis Dobbler (Jonathan Walker) who came to see Bob on a mission.

Bob avoided any government connection and his dog Sam did not like them either, especially the man name Jack, when Sam growled for them to stop walking near the house, he put his hand on his gun. Bob stepped out and told him to stop with his hand on his knife.

Colonel Johnson called his man off and he and Bob went in the cabin to talk. Long story short he wanted Bob to scout out three different cities the president would be visiting and advised them which city would it be possible for a sniper to take a long-range shot.

The Colonel and his men left without Bob’s answer---he thought about it and then called a friend to stop by and feed Sam for him a couple of days, and then he started on his trip.

Bob found two unlikely sources who helped him and they became friends one was Sarah Fenn (Kate Mara) Donnie’s widow and Nick Memphis (Michael Pena) a FBI agent. They believed in his innocence and helped him until the end.

This movie's exploded with action, mystery, revenge, betrayal, murder; however, some good came out of all the pandemonium. Anyone who missed it at the theater can buy the DVD like I did, and then watch it anytime you want an action movie night alone or with friends.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tom Selleck & Laura San Giacomo in---Quigley Down Under (1990)

Around 1876 a wealthy Australian cattle baron by the name of Elliott Marston(Alan Rickman) advertised for the best long distance sharpshooter in the World to travel to the rough and remote Australia countryside to kill dingoes for him. And he was paying a large amount for this service.

When Matthew Quigley(Tom Selleck) read this ad in Montana, USA, he answered the ad stating that he could hit a target at 900 yards. Elliott Marston sent word for him to come to Australia.

When the ship docks we catch a glimpse of Matthew Quigley’s temper as a rough overbearing passenger tries to depart the ship by butting in front of an old couple.

Matthew stops him with butt of his gun in his Netherlands region. Matthew smiled at the couple as they proceed down the ramp telling them the gentleman was not in a hurry.

No sooner has Matthew’s feet hit the wooden dock carrying his saddle and his gun; that he gets in-boiled in Crazy Cora’s(Laura San Giacomo) fight. She started calling him Roy as soon as she saw him telling one and all he is her husband.

Matthew tells her is not Roy, as he rescues her from the men who were trying to put her on their wagon.

After Matthew beats the guys up; they find out that Quigley is the one their Boss sent them bring back to the cattle ranch. Looking at Matthew’s facial expression one can almost hear him say, Oh no---I am going to ride this wagon with her—Crazy Cora.

Now the adventure begins with Cora and Matthew and if you buy or rent this movie you will not regret it, because it is a great movie with great Australia countryside.

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