Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck & Jeff Osterhage in---The Sacketts

Mr. L’Amour before his death on June 10, 1988, his good intentions were to write 7 or 8 more novels to add to his series of 
The Sacketts.

This is a TV version of the third novel in The Sackett Series, made in 1979. Thirty-three years ago, but just as popular today.

The Sackett Chronicles is about three Tennessee born young men who came home at the end of the Civil War. They came home to their Ma who was still living on the family’s meek farm.

The first-born Tell Sackett (Sam Elliott) left home a few years before the younger boys did to find his fortune in the Wild West. And while he is seeking his fortune in the gold fields---his younger brothers are still at home with their Ma.

We find Orrin Sackett (Tom Selleck) on his wedding day and everyone is having a great time at Orrin’s Tennessee home. With his Ma and younger brother, Tyrel Sackett (Jeff Osterhage).

Everyone was having a great time until a man steps from the edge of the house and says, “Orrin, you killed my brother Jeb.”

Orrin replied, “Jeb had a gun Long Higgins (James O’Connell).”

Long Higgins didn’t care he stated that Orrin took his brother’s life and he was here to make it even. And he fired his gun just when Orrin’s bride-to-be runs in front of Orrin to stop the shooting, because he was unarmed.

Long Higgins bullet intended for Orrin, killed his bride-to-be, and while Long reloaded his gun, Tyrel drove up in a buggy and kneeled down by Orrin and the girl.

Long Higgins said he would bag him two Sacketts today, and pointed his gun and Tyrel shot him.

Next we see a funeral of Orrin’s never to be bride with all her family and friends gathered in an old cemetery. Orrin is standing with his head down with a very sad expression as he listens to the preacher that was to marry them, but instead was burying his bride-to-never-be.
After the funeral Ma Sackett rushes Tyrel off with his saddle bags packed because he knows other brothers will come for him, and he was her baby boy. Tyrel finally agrees to leave after he tell his Ma when he gets settled he will send for her and then they kiss good-bye.
A short time passes and Ma Sackett sends Orrin off to protect him. So Orrin goes out to the Wild West to connect with Tyrel.

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