Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama withReese Witherspoon, Patrick Dempsey & Josh Lucas

This is a story about first love, it doesn’t matter how young one is at the time they give their heart away to someone else; what matters is after all is said and done; it still belongs to the first love of your life.

This is what happened to Melanie Spooner (Reese Witherspoon) who married Jake Perry (Josh Lucas) whom she had loved all her life, but it didn’t work out from the start, they were too young to handle their love.
So Melanie leaves and goes to New York, and began working as a fashion designer. She followed the path that most designers do in New York; she changed her name. So everyone in New York knew her as Melanie Carmichael.
Melanie worked hard for seven years, to make her name known in the Fashion World, and she was finally there, but not without sacrifice.

She had not been home to see her parents in seven years; however, she had tried to get her parents to come to New York, by sending them tickets. Later, her mama would tell her it just didn’t suit.—that has to be a Southern Expression--.
Melanie meets Andrew Henning, and they become engaged. Sweet Home Alabama was made in 2000.
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Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Johnson in---Double Jeopardy (1999)

A great movie with Tommy Lee Jones, and Ashley Judd, that is full of action packed scenes that would keep even the critics glued to the screen. It all takes place in the Wealthy neighborhood of Whidbey Island with Ashley as Elizabeth (Libby) Parsons, and Bruce Greenwood as Nick Parson, her husband.

Because of being in debt Nick parson has a plan what will send his wife to prison, and leave him free to do as he wishes. And his wish is to have Annabeth Gish as Ashley Green to look after Libby and Nick’s four year old son Matty, while he wheels and deals making himself rich. All the while Libby is serving time in prison for something she did not do.

Libby made friends while incarcerated, and one of them was an attorney before she was disbarred and sent to prison for killing her husband; however, she told Libby when she got out she could walk up to Nick in Time Square and shoot him; and not be arrested because you cannot be convicted twice for a crime—and it was called Double Jeopardy, a clause in the Fifth Amendment.
Finally, Libby is out on parole after seven years, and she starts looking for Matty; while trying to follow all the rules of Tommy Lee Jones as Parole Office Travis Lehman. But she is strong willed and determined and takes Office Travis Lehman for a ride of his life.
This is a very good movie—I have watched my old video so many times—and I am planning to watch it more.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Kevin Costner & Susanna Thompson in---Dragonfly



Dragonfly is one of my favorite movies, and my old video still looks great after all this time. And I have played it over and again.

Kevin Costner stars in this as Dr. Joe Darrow, and he is madly in love with his wife, starring Linda Hunt, with Kathy Bates as their neighbor.

This is a Supernatural Shocker, one that hits the abyss of one's spiritual belief, and touches the heart. We all hope that something wonderful can come from a terrible loss of human life, and in this movie it happened to Dr. Joe Darrow.

Dr. Joe Darrow's wife, Dr. Emily worked at the same hospital as her husband, and she was a doctor to terminally ill children. Children who claimed that while the doctors had to resuscitate them; they died and come back with a story to tell of their experience in the after life.

A very pregnant Dr. Emily left the USA for a tropical jungle in a third world country, she felt badly because she had words with her husband about leaving---because he did not want her to go. But she could not turn her back on these people, who needed medical attention.

The day of the bus accident, it started to rain hard, as the bus had to maneuver over muddy slippery roads, which lead around a mountain, when suddenly a rock slide slid down the mountain hitting the bus and throwing it into the river.

Dr. Joe got the word that Emily and her baby had died; he lost his balance in life for a long time. He could not think or feel, and all he would do is stay in their Victorian home with Emily's pet parrot. Joe was on a long leave from the hospital, his friends watched as days melted into weeks as he just sit in their home, still numb, a walking dead man.

His next door neighbor played by Kathy bates, was a good friend to him, and she tried to understand what he was going through. But no one could understand what was to come next---he didn't understand it and it happened to him.

Emily loved dragonflies, and one day he decided to visit Emily's patients, and each child had drawings of dragonflies taped all around their rooms. When he questioned one child he said Emily sent him a message, she said she is waiting for you under the rainbow.

Joe didn't think much about it until he got home and was looking at some pictures Emily had sent him. In one picture Emily was sitting by a waterfall under a rainbow, holding a parrot.

This is a good movie, one that you will remember for a very long time, and will want to watch it over again and again. But I do not want to tell you the best part--so rent or buy the DVD, you will enjoy it.  BEPH  2011

Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick, Jr. in---Hope Floats


When I feel the need to see something, sad, funny, true to life, and a sweet love that blooms and springs to life; I put on my old video of "Hope Floats."
Starring Sandra Bullock as Berdie Pruitt, Harry Connick, Jr. as Justin the first boy who kissed her in High School, and still loves her; and Gena Rolands as Berdie Pruitt's Mother.

This is a story to touch your heart, and you will feel for the family as Berdie who once had a lifestyle that most people would envy, now has to adjust from a cheating husband who committed adultery with her best friend, to a life without him.

Berdie with her young daughter packs up the two of them and goes back home to her Mama. Her Mama is a very strong and wise woman, who also has a heart condition, which she does not share with Berdie. But that did not stop her Mama from taking in her young grandson, to care for and love.

Life is a struggle as Berdie has to come to terms with her new life, and as her mother tells her--Get out of bed, go outside and get the stink off of you. Finally Berdie takes her advice and looks for a job.

But the person she has to apply for a job with is from her high school days, and her nick name was "Polka Dot" and she first was very rude to Berdie, but it all turns out well.

Her daughter has problems in school with a bully, and at one point it seemed to consume Berdie, but someone comes to her rescue.

And one of my favorite singers --Garth Brooks---sings Hope Floats. A good show for the family to watch together.

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