Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jerry O'Connell & Lauren Stamile in---Midnight Bayou

Unless you have lived in a cave---you know who Nora Roberts is---she is one of my very favorite writers and I love her movies from her books.

Today I will talk about one of her movies titled:  Midnight Bayou (2009)

This one is a bit scary but it keeps your attention to the very end---are you ready?

Declan Fitzpatrick (Jerry O’Connell) a Boston law student was invited by his roommate in college and best friend Remy (Chris Lindsay) to his hometown of New Orleans; during Mardis Gras of 2001.

This is exhilarating for Declan and a group of other young college kids as they drove through the outskirts of New Orleans. Declan was standing up in the convertible shouting and taking picture when suddenly a woman dressed in an antiquated maid uniform of over 100 years ago---was standing in the road of front of the fast oncoming car.

Declan shouted stop and the driver stopped---he jumped out of the car looking around for the woman but she had vanished---nowhere to be seen. Then through the dead vines and trees Declan saw the house a beautiful old dilapidated Southern Mansion.

Remy told him it was called Manet Hall---and had bad juju. But amazingly it was love at first sight for Declan---then and there he wanted to buy it. The house moaned and groaned and his friend Remy and his girlfriend Effie(Ciera Payton) said come on lets go or you will be walking to Boston.

Eight years later after he has been a practicing attorney for years---Declan leaves Boston and buys Manet Hall from Odetta Simone (Faye Dunaway). The improvements are magnificent bringing the place back from dilapidation to becoming just what he wanted it to be. It was absolutely beautiful when the interior of the mansion was refurbished.

While he and workers were moving his boxes into his new home he has a beautiful visitor Lena Simone (Lauren Stamile) the granddaughter to Odetta Simone. Lena’s grandmother told her about the new owner Delcan Fitzpatrick. He was engaged to be married and broke it off two days before the wedding and came to New Orleans to buy Manet Hall.

Odetta had bake cornbread and wanted her granddaughter to take it to the new owner. Lena finally gave in and went to Manet Hall. Odetta told Lena if my knees were not giving me trouble and I was 20 years younger---I would go myself and you would not have a chance.

She and Delcan were instantly attracted to each other---but why they did not know. The movie takes the main characters back 100 years to the spirits which initially lived in Manet Hall. It shows how everyone is connected to the past and if the mystery of Abigail Manet (Bianca Malinowski) is not solved then the spirits who haunts Manet Hall will haunt it  forever.

The Manet family is the mother Josephine Manet (Ashley LeConte Campbell), the oldest son who married Abigail is Lucian Manet (Alan Ritchson) and his evil no good brother is Julian Manet (Alejandro Rose-Garcia).

Lucian truly loved his wife and his brother loved her in his own wicked way. The mother was always trying to get rid of Abigail because she was once one of their maids and she did not think she was good enough for her son.

I enjoyed this movie and I read the book also. The movie made the book come to life for me and I am sure anyone who owns the DVD or buys the movie will enjoy it for years.

I love all of Nora Roberts' movies and I have also reviewed on this movie blog titled “Northern Light” and I have more to share with my readers if you like this movie.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

John Cena, Ethan Embry and Amy Smart in---The Reunion

How brothers can despises each other? Nevertheless---Sam Cleary (John Cena) and Leo Cleary (Ethan Embry) seen to. Maybe---later we will find out why. And as far as their youngest brother Douglas (Boyd Holbrook) ---neither one likes him, however neither one knows him. This sounds like a dysfunctional family in a sea of dislike waves that washes upon the family shore. They all share the same drunkard womanizing father, but they all have different mothers.

The only shining light and saving grace in this triangle of brotherly dislike is their sister Nina Cleary (Amy Smart). Who unfortunately promised her father before his death she would bring all three brothers together again. So she sends each one a letter notifying them of their father’s death and there will be a reading of the will.

The youngest brother Douglas is getting out of prison. He was sent there because he is a thief and is very good at his illegal skill---however he did get caught and had to pay for his crime. He has never met his half- sister, half-brothers or his father for that matter. His mother left when he was a baby.

The middle son Leo Cleary is a bail bondsman who is in debt up to his eyeballs. And Sam is a tough cop who has been suspended for his roughness and unprofessionalism becoming a police office.

So Nina after ten years of not seeing each other now has all the brothers together as she promised her father. She tried to explain to her brothers that their father had changed over the years. Only Sam and Leo knew him---and when they knew him he was a drunk all the time he was home, and Sam was mainly the father to Nina and Leo---but he left when he was 17 years old---he could not take anymore.

So the two children left behind Nina and Leo learned to take care of each other. And this maybe one reason Leo hates Sam so much---we will find out.

After the will is read each child will receive 3 million dollars with the stipulation the brothers form a business and work together for two years, and then they will get their money.

So this is where the fun beings as the three brothers go after a one of Leo’s bail skippers for $250,000. Now the guy who skipped is also a member of a gang who has kidnapped a Billionaire. So the race is on into the back country on horseback with the help of a beautiful woman.

Will they get their man? Or will they be captured and held? Are these brothers working well together or not? What happens when the Billionaire is rescued? Will it be the brothers who do it?

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson in---The Avengers

The first Avengers Comic Book was published in 1963---which any avid comic book collector knows. So for 49 years our Super Heroes have lived in the printed and illustrated pages until 2012 when Marvel Studios produced the film. During the time from 1963 until 2012 they only came alive and active in our dreams.

This is one of the most popular films today which is viewed by a vast audience of 49 years of being fans of the “Super Heroes.” And even as a female I admit to loving them also. So, from grandparents to grandchildren this is a family film. That could be the reason Walt Disney is the distributor of the Marvel Comic.

Marvel’s Super Heroes are: Iron Man, Tony Stark (Robert Downy, Jr.), The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), Thor, (Chris Hemsworth), Captain America, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Hawkeye, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), and Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) are the magnificent ones we all loved to watch.

The movie begins when Asgardian Loki (Tom Hiddleston) bumps into the Other (Alexis Denisof) boss of the celestial people Chitauri. The Other makes a deal with Loki if he will recover the controlling energy source Tesseract---then Other will give Loki an army of Chitauri so he can conquer  Earth. This is a very dangerous energy source and it might be too much for our Super Heroes. We will have to wait and see---but I think they will win in the end.

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) director of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Maria Hill (Cobi Smulders) lieutenant Agent enter an isolated research building during a test on the energy source Tesseract. The Tesseract suddenly galvanizes and a portal opens which permits Loki to reach Earth. What will the Super Heroes do now? Will Loki use his scepter to enslave anyone? Will a war begin? Can the Heroes save New York from Loki?

I will watch my DVD to review the ending of this great film. One of my favorites and I know there are many fans out there who wants to know also.  

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Josh Hartnett, Ben Kingsley and Morgan Freeman in---Lucky Number Slevin

 Everyone---are you ready for a big dose of action with an all-star cast from the “Cream of the Crop Actors”? Then this is the movie for you.

Slevin Kelevra (Josh Hartnett) is invited by a friend---Nick Fisher (Sam Jaeger) to come for a visit. However, he finds his friend Nick is not home at the moment. So he makes himself at home by taking a long shower to wash his troubled week of stress away.

His terrible week included being robbed---while he walked the streets in an easy mode--- he enjoyed the window displays when he came to the city. Slevin was minding his own business when suddenly he was hit in the face and robbed.

Now he is tired, bruised, broke and worried about his absent friend---this was not like Nick not to be here to make him feel welcomed.

He gets out of his leisurely shower feeling refreshed as much a worried guy can be---when someone knocked on his friend’s apartment door. He answered it with a towel wrapped around his waist---it is Lindsey (Lucy Liu) the neighbor who is friendly, talkative and little nosy.

Lindsey wanted to know what happened to his face. So he explained---and he hoped she would leave---but she stayed longer---because she liked the view---of Slevin and his towel.

After Lindsey left Nick’s apartment---Slevin had two more visitors. Two gangsters who worked for “The Boss” Elvis (Dorian Missick) and Sloe (Mykelti Williamson) told Slevin the Boss wanted to see him.

Slevin tells them---I am not who you think I am---I do not live here.

Sloe told him---you look like the guy who lives here.

Slevin---asked them---You have never seen him---have you?

Still with a towel wrapped around his waist---Slevin ends up stand in front of the Boss (Morgan Freeman) and tried to explain this was a case of mistaken identity. He says to the Boss---I am not the guy you want.

Slevin does not know at this point Nick owed both the Boss and the Rabbi money. And if he knew while standing there in front of the Boss--- his towel might fall off.

The Boss wanted him to kill the son of the Rabbi in revenge for him murdering the Boss’ son. And as if this is not enough for Slevin to worry about. Both powerful bosses--- the Boss and the Rabbi (Sir Ben Kingsley) crime lords--- hired a professional hitman Mr. Goodkat (Bruce Willis); who is a heartless killer.

And while Slevin is trying to just stay alive---from being caught in the middle; he must feel like a very unlucky guy.

What will happen next? Will Slevin and Lindsey fall in love in the middle of his identity crisis? Will his friend Nick finally show up? Will Detective Brisowski (Stanley Tucci) continue to pressure Slevin to help him get the two crime lords?

I really like this DVD because of the action and the fact it might not be too far from fiction imitating life. What a great time we live in---as we do not need to leave home for entertainment. Just put in a DVD and pop some corn---for a lovely family night, girl’s night or special someone night to watch a great movie.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dead Drop with Luke Goss

Michael Shaughnessy (Luke Goss) is a former CIA Operative who is on a quest to find out who pushed him out of an airplane 3000 feet over the ocean. The one who pushed him is the truth he seeks so intently--- he has gone into a killing rage to find out fast because his memory is unraveling.

Could he find out  he was abducted by the one of his enemies he sent to prison? Or could it even be a friend? He did not know at this point--- leaving him grateful for surviving the fall from the plane---but still looking for answers. 

His memory was slowing escaping his grip on reality and he had to hurry to find the truth before it slips through his mind and is gone forever. Leaving the attempted murderer who could be his nemeses or a false friend; free to try again.

When Michael was a CIA Operative in the field he made many friends and enemies which could be either one that wanted him dead. But he was not dead---he lived to retaliate and wants to look his want-to-be killer in the eye. Not many men had the courage to face him---only the ones who were 80% emotionally demented.

After leaving the CIA Michael became a government contractor and crossed into an unsafe North Mexican drug trafficking gang to find the person who tried to kill him. What will he find there--- or has he bitten off more than his government associates are willing to help him with--- this time.

His CIA friend Dwight (Cole Hauser) might be the only one who has his back or not. He has shaken so many bushes until the evil that hides under them is beginning to surface. One of the worst is Santiago (Nestor Carbonell) who is very nervous about being trailed, especially by Michael the crazed ex-CIA mad man. And we all know when a panther is cornered what will happen.

Who will Santiago take as a hostage? Will it be someone Michael Shaughnessy loves---will he be the victor in the end? Or will Santiago with all his drug money wealth and his men   who will stop at nothing to satisfy their Boss.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg in---2 Guns

 When the best two law enforcement men are joined at the hip to investigate the other one---we will catch a ride with action, drama, crime and thrills with a laugh sprinkle among the action.

Bobby Beans (Denzel Washington) a DEA Agent and Officer Michael Stigman “Stig” (Mark Wahlberg) an Undercover Naval Intelligence Office are the most skilled law enforcement agents of each agency.

Bobby was assigned to investigate Stig and Stig was assigned to investigate Bobby and we know from where we sit---this will not be a harmonious pairing. Their jobs are to find out if the other one is honest and trust-worthy so they plan to rob a bank and wait for the outcome of honesty or not.

So they robbed the bank and are discussing the money amount when Bobby starts to pull his gun but Stig beats him to it and shoots Bobby. This is when he finds out Bobby is a DEA Agent. So Stig knows he has been set up by someone for an investigation and he is really ticked. He drives off and leaves Bobby in the dirt shot.

So Stig reports in at the Naval Intelligence and flung Bobby’s badge at an office and asked if they knew a DEA Agent by the name of Bobby Beans while at the DEA Agency--- Bobby is asking the same question about Stig---did you know he was Special Forces? Bobby was told that Stig was a piece of work.

After Bobby and Stig expelled with all the bull---they received from their agency---they finally bump into each other again. Of course they showed their combative skills and decide they were equal---and then it was time to talk about being set up. They finally come to the conclusion they were set-up by the mob---they very people from whom they stole the money. Feeling they were really set-up by both the DEA and Naval Intelligence also---they had a lot to think about.

Will they now work together? Of Course and this will be a movie to remember when they both reached the limits of tolerance---Hell will have no fury compared to what happens next.

What will happen now that the two are together again? Fasten your seat belts---for a ride of a life time.

And this is action, packed with drama, crime, and thrills---and I would love to see them act together again.

When two of my favorite guys are starring in a movie together---I am one happy fan.

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