Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hello, My Name is Doris starring Sally Field, Max Greenfield and Beth Behrs~March 11th 2016 in USA

Doris Miller (Sally Field) accepted the humdrum life of a woman in her sixties until she met the new art director John Fremont (Max Greenfield) a young muscular hunk who, was now working in her office. To say daydreams are for the young would be a foolish statement because older women enjoy them as well.

Since John and Doris worked in the same office they seemed to find themselves together at lot. And, Doris decided after she attended a self-help seminar to give in to a new friendship with a much younger guy and see where it goes. Even if they become just great friends Doris was beginning to enjoy much younger people and they loved her.

She inspired the younger crowd as well as getting their attention and being including in their lives. Doris began to shine and to enjoy life probably for the first time. Doris’ spent most of her life caring for her mother. She even gave up marriage because she was a loyal daughter. Now she dressed younger and was being included by John’s crowd who truly liked her.

Doris was having the time of her life because she and John were becoming close. This did not sit well with her close friend played by (Tyne Daly) because she either thought Doris had lost her mind, or she was jealous and felt she was losing a friend.

What will happen between this December and May relationship? Every woman should experience a relationship with a younger man---if only once. She will have great memories to last forever.

This is on my list to see as I have always loved Sally Field in anything she played in. My calendar is marked for March 11th 2016. See you at the movies.

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