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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman---Jane Seymour & Joe Lando

This story begins in Boston, Massachusetts in 1833 and it focuses on a wealthy physician’s family. Dr. Quinn wanted a son to follow in his footsteps and he wanted to name him Michael; as he waited for the birth of his fifth child. He dreamed of his son's future as a doctor.

On February 15, 1833 the last child was born a girl; but that did not stop the doctor from naming his daughter Michaela Quinn (Jane Seymour). Michaela studied medicine, obtained her degree and worked with her father for seven years, until his death in 1867.

Michaela not only did she grieve her father's death, but her mentor and best friend. She felt so alone, and although she promised her father she would carry on his practice---none of his patients would come to her. Her mother was not understanding in this matter as she did not consider Michaela as a doctor and told her she was living in a fantasy.

So she answered an ad for a doctor in the Colorado Territory, she sent a telegram describing her experience and received a reply offering her the position. It was a new frontier, and Michaela wanted a new beginning.

This would be her place, a place where she as a doctor would be appreciated by her skills as a doctor. So she packs and hugs her mother bye and boards the train to the Wild West town of Colorado Springs to begin her own practice.

What she found in Colorado Spring was a new family when three children’s, Matthew (Chadd Allen) Colleen (Elika Flores and later by Jessica Bowman)and Brian (Shawn Toovy) mother died from a rattlesnake bite. 

Michaela met Byron Sully (Joe Lando) and rented a house from the frontier man. Michaela known as Dr. Mike proved herself daily to the townspeople that she was a real doctor. It's backward thinking of so many people from that era; that only men could practice medicine and be a doctor. Dr. Mike proved them wrong, she became a friend to the Cheyenne and anyone who needed her help.

Her mother never approved of her youngest child being alone in the Wild West away from the family in Boston. Michaela gave it all up for her new life in Colorado Springs.

Sully and Dr. Mike's Wedding Day

This is a wonderful series for the family---filled with action, adventure and hard times in the Wild West. And I believe it should be in everyone’s movie library---it is that great. I loved this series. 

Relax and let your mind go back in time---it is a great experience. I love all my DVD's and watch them when I want and that is the join of living now.

A Special Video a fan made for Michaela and Sully--enjoy it is beautiful.


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