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Thursday, December 4, 2014

VICE with Thomas Jane, Bruce Willis and Ambyr Childers, Premieres January 16th 2015

Roy (Thomas Jane) a serious dedicate office of the law who is absolutely determined to close the VICE Resort; designed by an intelligent man named Julian Michaels (Bruce Willis) who’s greed has trumped his ethical human side.

The Vice Resort has no rules, no laws and each customer can treat the artificial residents of the resort in any way they wish to complete their mad and unnatural fantasies; without any backlash or punishment. It is the worst nightmare a real human could endure.

After each artificial human is mistreated, abused, murdered or even worse done to them. There are more to take the place of the broken ones; while they’re repaired to please the evil sick customers.

Julian Michaels becomes richer each day at the expense of the artificial residents of the VICE Resort; but it will not last forever. However, as much as he claims it is pure entertainment and it helps for the customers of the resort to play out their madness by taking if off the streets.

Night and day---Roy is constantly trying to close it down, but the taxes from VICE helps run the city---no officials will back him. And, Julian is still making money while Roy is dedicating his heart and soul to stop the business. All seems well in Julian’s world with his profitable design, his dream comes true, his VICE, until an issue raises its head.

A beautiful artificial human named Kelly (Ambyr Childers) suddenly  becomes aware and can interact with others then, the gates of Hell are opened for any and all the wicked, demented and greedy people to fall in; with the help of Kelly and Roy.

What will happen to Kelly and Roy? Will they work together for the downfall of the VICE Resort? Will Kelly turn out being part human? Is she a duplicate of a real person? This is an action, adventure Sci-Fi Thriller movie that only the King of Action—Mr. Bruce Willis would be in---he can still excite and please his fans, and I am one of them.

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