Saturday, October 27, 2012

Live Free or Die Hard---Bruce Willis, Justin Long & Timothy Olyphant

John McClane---when I hear his name I am ready for an action packed adventure. From his original Die Hard to Live Free or Die Hard; I am a Bruce Willis #1 fan. I watch his Die Hard movies when I need to relax and let him perform the action as no one else can.

In this movie John McClane (Bruce Willis) is a tough cop from the old school of getting the job done no matter what method it takes. His skills and experience saved the day and lives in this film.

John is trying to make a connection with his daughter Lucy Gennaro McClane (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and communicate with her---to no avail. His captain calls him as John is leaving his daughter’s apartment.

The FBI’s Cyber Crime Division was hacked and the Director made the decision to pick up all “Hackers” know to the FBI. And since it is the 4th of July most policeman are off duty. So who do they want? They want Detective John McClane to pick-up a hacker by the name of Matthew “Matt” Farrell (Justin Long) and deliver him to the FBI in Washington DC.

The same time John arrived at Matt’s apartment so did the Thomas Gabriel’s (Timothy Olyphant) gang of Internet Terrorist to kill Matt as they had the other hackers whom they used for their benefit.

 The first shot was through the window---then all war broke-out as the assassins broke in shooting and John shooting back and protecting Matt at the same time it was war. Then suddenly one of the Matt’s trophies fell onto the delete key and a bomb went off that was put in to especially kill Matt, but killed one of the assassins. John and Matt got away after the two remaining killers tried on last time to kill them.

Matt told John after they arrived in DC that this was a “Fire Sale” that mean everything goes so our Nation was in for a rough time.

 This is a great movie and I enjoy watching my DVD.

Next: John McClane movie will premiere February 14, 2013 titled  “A Good Day to Die Hard”

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Mom's New Boyfriend---Antonio Banderas, Meg Ryan & Colin Hanks

Henry Durand (Colin Hanks) lived with his mother Martha Durand (Meg Ryan) who is grossly overweight, smokes, eats sweets and evidently anything she can get in her mouth.
Martha drove Henry to the airport for a FBI assignment and he reminded her that he will be gone for three years and she says I know Henry.

After Henry’s flight leaves Martha buys a dessert and a cup of coffee and sits on the floor in the terminal and leans back against the wall as she enjoyed her food. Martha picked up her cup of coffee and a man dropped change in it---thinking she was a homeless person.

Martha at that moment she had an epiphany---she changed her life around. She lost over 100+ pounds got into to shape. Traveled and played the stock market and made a lot of money and made many changes in her life. One important change---her name--- she now calls herself Marty in lieu of Martha.

So when Henry returns home there are a lot of changes first he did not recognize his mom---and was shocked to see her in her bikini top. And she told Henry I am not covering them up---they were expensive, and just smiles and then tells him she is now Marty---not Martha.

 Henry tells his mom as they go upstairs that he is engaged to Emily Lott (Selma Blair) and she is coming today.

After Emily arrives the three of them go out to for a walk on the town to enjoy the outdoors and its displays in Shreveport, Louisiana. This is when the toy plane that Tommy Lucero (Antonio Banderas) is flying by remote control hits Marty in the head and knocks her out for a moment. And this is how the three of them meets Tommy.

The FBI thinks Tommy is the leader of a gang of art thieves and so they ask Henry to spy on his mom and her new boyfriend.

The story leads to a funny, romantic, adventure with a good ending.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Logan's War: Bound By Honor---Chuck Norris and Eddie Cibrian

When Logan Fallon (Brandon Ryan Barrett) was ten years old his father Nicholas Fallon (Matthew Tompkins) a prosecutor for the city of Chicago; was prosecuting a notorious gangster Albert Talgorno (R.D. Call) to send him to prison for a long time.

Even though Nicholas Fallon had police around his house to protect his family; young Logan was still afraid and worried. He told his father when he came into his room to say good night---he had a feeling---that something bad was going to happen. His father assured him that he had nothing to fear because they were protected by the police. He kissed Logan good night and everyone soon was asleep.

Logan had a rare gift of being able to sense danger before it happens it the only reason the men who entered their home on the night his family was murdered did not take them completely by surprise. His father got his gun and his mother called the police; however that did not spare them.

When Logan’s father was shot, Logan ran and hid behind a cabinet from which he could see the killers through the holes in the wood work. There was four of them; Sal Mercado (Jeff Kober) with three other gangster who carried out the order from Albert Talgorno.

Logan watched his as mother was shot and heard the shots when his little sister was killed. They could not find Logan and had to leave because the police sirens were loud and near. Logan was the only one who survived that terrible night.

 Logan’s Uncle Jake (Chuck Norris) his father’s brother had the same gift as Logan of being able to sense danger before it happened. He knew something was wrong so went to his brother’s as fast as possible.

Logan was in the hospital when his Uncle Jake arrived. Logan talked with Special Agent John Downing (Joe Sano) and when he asked Logan did he see the killers, he said no.

Logan went home with his Uncle Jake to live with him and Ben (James Gammon) who was Jake’s father-in-law. Logan had a lot to filter and tried to understand it all. Now he had a new home with his Uncle and Ben. Both men helped Logan and he grew into a well-balanced young man. A young man who had all the skills of a trained fighter.

The older Logan is played by (Eddie Cibrian) who became a ranger with his Uncle Jake's help. Logan now a man who served his country with honor. Logan still has a vendetta that pumps through his very heart and soul; never leaving his mind. He will go after the men and the man who sent them to kill his family. This is a Blood fued to be carried out by Logan and his Uncle Jake.

And now the action starts as Logan and his Uncle Jake take care of business.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thicker Than Water with Melissa Gilbert, Lindsay Wagner & Brian Wimmer

Natalie Jones (Melissa Gilbert) who is the daughter of Judge Charles Evers Trevor’s is looking up at her recently deceased father’s favorite painting; of two horses running and playing.
When Abygail Jordon (Nan Martin) the Judge’s longtime housekeeper who helped bring-up Natalie; walked into the room. They talked a while and then she handed Natalie a locked wooden box with a key.
Abygail told her--- your father had something he wanted you to know---but being a man never got around to it.
Abygail left the room and let Natalie be alone with her father’s past. After she viewed the information she called her friend Larry Gorman (Robert Mailhouse) an attorney who worked in the same law firm with her. Although Natalie was a top attorney in the firm; she valued Larry’s opinion.
Natalie did not know her father was married before he married her mother; to a famous “Rodeo Queen” named Maggie Mae Jarret. She found a picture in the wooden box of Maggie Mae and her dad who she called “Charlie.”
Natalie Goggled Maggie Mae Jarret online and found she lived in California also. So she planned a trip to find out more about her.
When Natalie arrived she stopped at the local restaurant and ordered a bowl of Chili. Then followed the waitress’ directions carefully; she finally arrived at her destination. She pulled behind an old work truck at the cemetery.
Natalie walked carefully on the dirt and grass as she looked for the gravesite. Finally, Natalie stood at Maggie Mae Jarret’s grave. To her right she heard a rattling sound then she saw a huge rattlesnake. She froze it frightened her so; then all of a sudden a woman walked up behind her and said do not move. It will leave when it realizes you are not going to hurt it.
"Are you here about Maggie Mae?"
Natalie rplied, "Yes I am writing an article on rodeo stars."

"My name is “Jess” Jess Jarret (Lindsay Wagner) ---Maggie Mae was my mother."

Natalie looked shocked, "I didn’t know she had a daughter."

"Yes I am her daughter--- and you look a little sick." 
" Are you ok?"

Natalie told her no--- she had eaten some Chili at the little restaurant.

Jess told Natalie to follow her home to learn more about Maggie Mae. But instead Natalie had to lie down she felt so ill.

Natalie met Lulu Nichols (Lindy Newton) after she arrived home from school. Lulu is Jess’ adopted daughter. Lulu had chores to do so she left Natalie on the couch with a rag on her head.

This is how she met Sam Nelson (Brian Wimmer) the local Veterinarian who is part of Jess’ family.

And now the good part of the movie begins---so I will stop before I spoil it for you. This is a very good movie. It has heart, kindness, dedication, family values, fellowship, love and romance.

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New in Town---Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr.

Lucy Hill (Rene Zellweger) loved her life in Miami Florida as she worked her way up the ladder. She planned to be even more powerful than her now consulting position. While in a meeting she volunteered to mastermind the companies’ blue collar plant in a small community in the frozen state of Minnesota; to downsize it to 50% of the workforce and to reconstruct the operations of the plant.
However, Lucy’s company only looked at the numbers---and not the faces of the people who she would soon find out about after landing on a very cold day. Lucy arrived at the real estate office to meet Blanche Gunderson (Siobhan Fallon) and Trudy Van Uuden (Frances Conroy) who proceeded to the house she would live in.
Lucy drove her rental car with Blanche as a passenger. Lucy was cold, not used to the icy weather and she had the company business on her mind. So Lucy was driving and not talking until Blanche started asking questions.

 Blanche was such a sweet person who wanted to know more about Lucy. Blanche asked Lucy if she was a scraper---Lucy looked puzzled. Blanche told her that she made scrapbooks, and she belonged to a scrapbook club. After more personal questions from Blanche they finally stopped behind Trudy’s car and the three ladies went into the cold rental house.
Blanche invited Lucy to her home for supper (that is dinner in small towns) and this is where she met Ted Mitchell (Harry Connick, Jr.) and his daughter Bobbie (Ferron Guerreiro).
Lucy and Ted did not hit it off, because of their different ideologies. Lucy was a big city girl born and bred and Ted was a single small town father who was raising her teenage daughter with small town traditions.
The next day Lucy met Stu Kopenhafer (J.K. Simmons) the plant manager, and her life would not be the same. Everyone in the town had experienced the presents of other consultants that were sent to their plant from the Miami Headquarters. And they were not greeted with opened arms. Because the workers felt threatened and feared for their jobs. Yes---Lucy was in for the fight of her life.
This is a good movie Renee and Harry sparked great chemistry together. And it showed how people in small town American will band together to fight for their rights.
Will Lucy's heart warm up to these people and will she help them in the end to save their jobs?

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