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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Prairie Fever with Kevin Sorbo, Lance Henriksen and Dominique Swain

Preston Biggs( Kevin Sorbo) a town sheriff intervening in a bank robbery shootout in the street as one outlaw held a woman in front of him as a shield; hoping to get away. The woman shouted ‘Shoot him, shoot him’ as the outlaw pushed her; the sheriff shot missing his target and killed the woman. The worst experience for the sheriff; the woman was his wife.

Two years later Preston Biggs is the town drunk because he blamed himself for his wife’s death. The sheriff gave him a job so he could earn money to pay for the property damages in the bar. He now had a get out of jail job. 

The job was to take three women with prairie fever from their town who came there as mail-order brides. He would travel by wagon with the three women to Carson City to the nearest train.

The worst one was Lettie (Jillian Armenante) whose cell was next to Preston’s before their journey. She tried to kill Preston through the bars. She hated all men because of the abuse she received from her husband---and she had scars to prove it. 

She tried to kill her husband---so she waited in jail until she boarded the wagon to Carson City. Lettie loved music and had her organ that she brought into the marriage with her. Her husband had threatened to destroy it and that is when Lettie tried to kill him.

The second traveler named Blue (Felicia Day) another mail-order bride who carried a Bible and quoted from it with her ‘Hell Fire and Damnations’ words spurred continuously talking. 

Her husband told Preston at first she was a sweet loving wife---but no longer so he was sending her to an asylum with her family’s blessings. Her husband later found out the reason she acted so strangely.

The Third one was Abigail (Dominique Swain) who screamed the sky was too big and would fall on the ground and cover her head. Later her actions became clear.

This is a good western movie with a story I am sure happened many times with mail-order brides. Love also began on this journey to make the movie more romantic. 

And, we learned about everyone traveling together---and to spice it up---a fourth woman whose named Olivia Thibodeaux (Jamie Ann Allman) joined them because she left her husband, Monte James (Lance Henriksen) who is a gambler and who is much older than Olivia.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kelly Preston & Toby Keith in----Broken Bridges (2006)

Broken Bridges is a great family movie. As the movie begins Angela Dalton (Kelly Preston) who is in her office preparing for her T.V. show as a reporter, when Charles (Jeff Portell) the manager of the station walks in and asks Angela what she is wearing for a meeting tonight. Angela replies that she is wearing what she has on.

Then Charles tells her to wear the Armani suit, as she should dress for success. After that scene Angela goes home to change and is reading what Charles ask her to read for an interview. Then her daughter Dixie Leigh Dalton (Lindsey Haun) walks in, and starts telling her mother the great news that she and her boyfriend are playing in a Club next Friday night.

Her mother reminds her that she is on restriction, because she was caught drinking a beer in school. She and Dixie have a few words, and Dixie told her mother that she could not stop her, and leaves the room.

Just then an announcer on T.V. announced that five young soldiers were killed in a training accident and they were all from Angela's hometown in Tennessee.

The phone rings and it is Angela's father Jake Dalton (Burt Reynold) who says I guess you hear that we lost Bobby and four other boys from here, but you wouldn't remember them.

Angela said she did remember them. Then her father hands the phone to Angela mother, Dixie Rose(Tess Harper).
She calls Angela--Angel--and says we lost our Bobby, and your Daddy wants you to come home for the funeral.

The next day Angela and Dixie Leigh are riding in a convertible to Tennessee, to Angela's Hometown. Dixie cannot believe that her mother grew up here, as it is so different from Miami Florida. Angela has a lot to contend with after reaching her hometown, as her father is very short with her and still angry with her after sixteen years. Because her bestfriend told him she was afraid Angela might do something to the baby, when all she really wanted was Bo.

So Angela and her father had a big fight because he believed someone else over his daughter. Angela ended up leaving home alone because her boyfriend Bo Price (Toby Keith) did not show up as he promised to leave with her. This movie is full of family and family values, the singing is great, and when Dixie Leigh sings for the town everyone is amazed. Special appearances by Willie Nelson and I recommend this to everyone who likes romance, and how sometimes one has to go back to proceed forward in their life.

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