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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Prairie Fever with Kevin Sorbo, Lance Henriksen and Dominique Swain

Preston Biggs( Kevin Sorbo) a town sheriff intervening in a bank robbery shootout in the street as one outlaw held a woman in front of him as a shield; hoping to get away. The woman shouted ‘Shoot him, shoot him’ as the outlaw pushed her; the sheriff shot missing his target and killed the woman. The worst experience for the sheriff; the woman was his wife.

Two years later Preston Biggs is the town drunk because he blamed himself for his wife’s death. The sheriff gave him a job so he could earn money to pay for the property damages in the bar. He now had a get out of jail job. 

The job was to take three women with prairie fever from their town who came there as mail-order brides. He would travel by wagon with the three women to Carson City to the nearest train.

The worst one was Lettie (Jillian Armenante) whose cell was next to Preston’s before their journey. She tried to kill Preston through the bars. She hated all men because of the abuse she received from her husband---and she had scars to prove it. 

She tried to kill her husband---so she waited in jail until she boarded the wagon to Carson City. Lettie loved music and had her organ that she brought into the marriage with her. Her husband had threatened to destroy it and that is when Lettie tried to kill him.

The second traveler named Blue (Felicia Day) another mail-order bride who carried a Bible and quoted from it with her ‘Hell Fire and Damnations’ words spurred continuously talking. 

Her husband told Preston at first she was a sweet loving wife---but no longer so he was sending her to an asylum with her family’s blessings. Her husband later found out the reason she acted so strangely.

The Third one was Abigail (Dominique Swain) who screamed the sky was too big and would fall on the ground and cover her head. Later her actions became clear.

This is a good western movie with a story I am sure happened many times with mail-order brides. Love also began on this journey to make the movie more romantic. 

And, we learned about everyone traveling together---and to spice it up---a fourth woman whose named Olivia Thibodeaux (Jamie Ann Allman) joined them because she left her husband, Monte James (Lance Henriksen) who is a gambler and who is much older than Olivia.
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fire Down Below---Steven Seagal & Kris Kristofferson

Jack Taggart (Steven Seagal) is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agent) whose best friend another EPA Frank Elkins (John Diehl) murdered in Kentucky while on an assignment. The Kentucky State Police said it was an accident because his truck fell into the river. The EPA thought differently, and this is why Jack Taggart is on his way to where Frank secured the water sample that tested off the charts for a poisonous substance.

The last time Jack talked to Frank they planned to go hunting and fishing when he returned from Kentucky. But he never returned from Kentucky and neither did two FBI agents who met the same fate.

Frank Elkins went to Kentucky after the EPA received an anonymous letter from a small town in Kentucky named Jackson. The letter stated the water was contaminated with something that was killing the fish and making people so sick they died. And he also sent in his report that an abandoned coal mine shaft proved to be the dumping place for the toxic waste. And, the Hanner Coal Company was owned by a big business tycoon Orin Hanner, Sr. (Krist Kristofferson) who was using it to make millions while he killed the territory around it along with the people.

Orin Hanner, Sr. only cared for himself and the money he made. The people and the land around Jackson Kentucky meant nothing to him; only the millions of dollars he collected from big businesses to dispose of their chemical waste.

When Jack lands his plane--- he met his contact who is Preacher Bob Goodall (Levon Helm) and he takes Jack to his living quarters down from the church. Jack will be undercover as a carpenter while he collects evidence against Orin Hanner, Sr. to put him away for life.

Preacher Goodall gave Jack a list of people who needed work on their houses. On his first day of repairing a home the family had a sick boy who had a rash on his arm. Jack found this out after the sisters told him about their sick brother.

That night Sheriff Lloyd ( Ed Bruce) who is owned by the wealthy Orin Hanner, Sr. drove to the church with Orin Hanner, Jr. (Brad Hunt) who works for his father and is just as mean and crooked as he is. Orin, Sr. wanted to know who Jack was and what he was doing there. Sheriff Lloyd wanted to talk with Jack the new guy in town, but Orin, Jr. said no let the boys scare him first.

In essence the boys did not scare Jack when they put two rattlesnakes in his room, and they did not scare him off when they picked a fight by telling him to “Get Out.” But they ended up as the ones hurt, bleeding and bruised.

The longer he stayed in Jackson the more people will like him and maybe someone will trust him enough to share information. All he needed was more evidence and a witness who will point out the guilty ones in court.

Now, Jack has met Sarah Kellogg (Marg Helgenberger) who appears to live by herself with her bees. Her bees are her only income it seems as Jack witnessed her trading the honey she sold at the local grocery store for food.

They become friends and she helped him in the end and he helps her come out of her dark past which was not her fault. This is a movie with drama, action, adventure and thriller
sprinkled with a little romance.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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