Friday, November 29, 2013

Winter’s Tale (2014) ---Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe and Jessica Brown Findlay

A love that consumed the heart and mind of an Irish thief named Peter Lake (Colin Farrell) and haunted his very soul. Because his one love, soul mate Beverly Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay) was his only true love. Whom he met while robbing an empty house---or so he thought was empty---until he met Beverly---the beautiful lady still at home. He never experienced the feeling of love between a man and a woman before her.

It becomes known to him later that she is very ill; she was dying of consumption (mainly a disease of the lungs) and had only a short time to live her young life to its fullest. His love for her makes him preoccupied with justice---a renewed Peter. Beverly loved and protected Peter to the end of her earthly life.
Colin and Beverly

Love does not know a time and place when it should transpires as love needs no clock to tick the time of it appearance. But when it does arrive--- all other issues are off the table. Because real and true love waits for no one; and it takes no votes to confirm who approved or disapproved---it simply does not give a darn.

Peter Lake’s story begins at the turn of the century when his immigrant parents are not admitted to Ellis Island for reasons unknown to me at this time. He was found and adopted. And his adopted father (Matt Bomer) sent him to school in Manhattan to become a mechanic when he was old enough.

Soon without his consent he becomes a gang member of the ‘Short Tails’ and in time becomes an enemy of the leader Pearly Soames (Russell Crowe). Pearly wanted Peter killed and demanded that his gang of thugs do it. Peter always managed to stay one step ahead of the gang until one day his luck ran out---but he’s saved by a beautiful white horse named Athansor. He becomes Peter’s Guardian Angel.

This mystical love story began in 1916 and evolved to the present day which finds Peter not knowing who he is now. Because he and his Guardian Angel horse Athansor goes through clouds into another time; and time is lost for him. A human mind cannot always take all that the supernatural has to offer.

Then he returns to the modern day where he meets Virginia Gamely (Jennifer Connelly) and Abby (Rigley Sobo) a darling little girl. Virginia befriends Peter and begins to understand his time and presence here is not normal, but she is not sure what is happening. However she knows he is here for a reason---that much she is sure.

Love and destiny rose above the coldest of winters in New York to keep lover’s hearts warm even though their life journey might be as short as it seems in this supernatural world of theirs.

This great love story will open on Valentine’s Day---February 14, 2014 for all the fans to enjoy. So mark your calendars for what I believe to be a love story your heart will long remember.

I want to know if Beverly and Peter are together for always and do they get another chance on earth to be happy and maybe have a family together. One can dream about it until the movie comes out and then we will know. Happy waiting to you all---until a “Winter’s Tale” Premieres on Valentine’s Day.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Divergent---Kate Winslet, Theo James and Shaliene Woodley (2014)

This is a Futuristic movie which depicts one Utopian Society created after years of war and trying to find a place in the world where people feel they belong to a stable society. Everyone needs to belong and feel safe and happy in life. This system replaced the old system of democracy.

So what started out as a livable society became a dogmatic one with a rebellion against it. A society where the people tested into five different groups--- that epitomizes a quality that is morally good. These groups or factions are divided into five different virtues to sustain civilization: The selfless is called Abnegation, the peaceful is Amity, the honest is Candor, the brave is Dauntless and the intelligent is Erudite.

In the beginning the initial groups instructed by the leader of the factions---Jeanine Matthews (Kate Winslet) stated the only way their society would survive if they chose their rightful place and the future belongs to the ones who know where they belong.

Every year all sixteen (16) year olds are given test to find out which group/faction they are best suited.
Then they either chose to stay with their family or go into the group/faction which the Aptitude Test
Results showed they are nest suited.

The society seemed to function rather smoothly although controlled, because each person has to serve their group/faction and when Bernice Tris Prior (Shaliene Woodley) became sixteen (16) years old ---then things changed.

Tris is born into the Abnegation faction because this is the faction/group her parents Andrew Prior (Tony Goldwyn) and Natalie Prior (Ashley Judd) chose for them. And when Tori (Maggie Q) tested Tris---Tori tells Tris she is a divergent. A divergent means different and does not fit into any one group, she tested for three different groups---therefore she is not pure and considered a divergent. Divergents are a threat to this society and it could be life threatening for the unlucky person.

Tris decided to choose the faction Dauntless (the brave) because she never felt like she belonged to her parents group. And when she goes to the Dauntless group she meets Four (Theo James) and her life changes.

Romance begins in a world of unstable circumstances with Four and Tris and will they save others as the rebellion against the cruel leader Jeanine Matthews.  She plans to capture all the Divergents to experiment on because they are resistant to her serum.

I cannot wait to see this movie and it comes out March 21, 2014---it’s like looking into a fiction future. Or will it become true sometime in the future?

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fire Down Below---Steven Seagal & Kris Kristofferson

Jack Taggart (Steven Seagal) is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agent) whose best friend another EPA Frank Elkins (John Diehl) murdered in Kentucky while on an assignment. The Kentucky State Police said it was an accident because his truck fell into the river. The EPA thought differently, and this is why Jack Taggart is on his way to where Frank secured the water sample that tested off the charts for a poisonous substance.

The last time Jack talked to Frank they planned to go hunting and fishing when he returned from Kentucky. But he never returned from Kentucky and neither did two FBI agents who met the same fate.

Frank Elkins went to Kentucky after the EPA received an anonymous letter from a small town in Kentucky named Jackson. The letter stated the water was contaminated with something that was killing the fish and making people so sick they died. And he also sent in his report that an abandoned coal mine shaft proved to be the dumping place for the toxic waste. And, the Hanner Coal Company was owned by a big business tycoon Orin Hanner, Sr. (Krist Kristofferson) who was using it to make millions while he killed the territory around it along with the people.

Orin Hanner, Sr. only cared for himself and the money he made. The people and the land around Jackson Kentucky meant nothing to him; only the millions of dollars he collected from big businesses to dispose of their chemical waste.

When Jack lands his plane--- he met his contact who is Preacher Bob Goodall (Levon Helm) and he takes Jack to his living quarters down from the church. Jack will be undercover as a carpenter while he collects evidence against Orin Hanner, Sr. to put him away for life.

Preacher Goodall gave Jack a list of people who needed work on their houses. On his first day of repairing a home the family had a sick boy who had a rash on his arm. Jack found this out after the sisters told him about their sick brother.

That night Sheriff Lloyd ( Ed Bruce) who is owned by the wealthy Orin Hanner, Sr. drove to the church with Orin Hanner, Jr. (Brad Hunt) who works for his father and is just as mean and crooked as he is. Orin, Sr. wanted to know who Jack was and what he was doing there. Sheriff Lloyd wanted to talk with Jack the new guy in town, but Orin, Jr. said no let the boys scare him first.

In essence the boys did not scare Jack when they put two rattlesnakes in his room, and they did not scare him off when they picked a fight by telling him to “Get Out.” But they ended up as the ones hurt, bleeding and bruised.

The longer he stayed in Jackson the more people will like him and maybe someone will trust him enough to share information. All he needed was more evidence and a witness who will point out the guilty ones in court.

Now, Jack has met Sarah Kellogg (Marg Helgenberger) who appears to live by herself with her bees. Her bees are her only income it seems as Jack witnessed her trading the honey she sold at the local grocery store for food.

They become friends and she helped him in the end and he helps her come out of her dark past which was not her fault. This is a movie with drama, action, adventure and thriller
sprinkled with a little romance.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

A Smoky Mountain Christmas---Dolly Parton and Lee Majors

When Lorna Davis (Dolly Parton) a Country Western Singer becomes disenchanted with her life as a recording artist/songwriter she told her agent she needs to get away from it all.  And, her agent Ned (Rene Aberjonois) told Lorna he understood and she can leave for her vacation after 90 days.

Lorna walked away murmuring to herself no one understands. She is completely burnt-out from always recording, performing, writing songs and never resting. And, something is missing in her life and she needs to find out what.

Later that evening, an irritating paparazzi reporter named Harry (Dan Hedaya) climbed up to Lorna’s bedroom window and begged to be let in because of three guard dogs below him that would surely eat him alive. She let him in and call4d for her butler to throw him out.

Harry left alone a few minutes in her bedroom took pictures while Lorna summons her butler. And, one picture was directions to her friend Mary Lou’s grandparent’s mountain cabin. The cabin was not far from where Lorna grew up as a child and always visited her parents; until their death and now she has no one to come home to see.

So with her plans made---she packed and left for her Smoky Mountain vacation---and did not tell anyone where she was going. No one knew but her friend Mary Lou and Harry the grossly annoying paparazzi who followed her.

The next day Lorna is driving down the snowy mountain highway to her long awaited vacation cabin, when she is stopped by the Sheriff John Jensen (Bo Hopkins). Sheriff Jensen mainly stopped her to flirt with a new woman coming to town.

Finally, after admitting Lorna had not violated any laws with her driving the Sheriff regrettably let her go. However, the Sheriff’s flirting did not go unnoticed; because Jezebel (Anita Morris) the mountain witch who proclaimed him as her property---and no one else could have him. Jezebel told him she would put a spell on the blonde if she stayed too long in her area.

Lorna found out after the first night in the cabin that she shared it with seven children.The children found Lorna asleep in her bed and because she was so tired she did not awake until morning. They thought she was an Angel at first.

She was surprised the next morning by the children and suspected they were run-a-ways. But that did not stop her and the children from becoming a family unit before they realized it. Slowly, the empty void began to vanish as Lorna’s life started to mean something again.

Jezebel visited the cabin one night and put Lorna under a spell. And, lead her to the edge of a cliff. Mountain Dan (Lee Majors) saved Lorna from falling off into a mountain river many feet below.

Dan told Lorna about the Mountain Witch Jezebel and she admitted that her Granny wore charms to keep the evil spirits away. Dan showed Lorna his charms and said Jezebel was for real.

This is a great family movie and it has a wonderful ending that I will save for you to find out. Enjoy with your favorite popcorn and soda. May your Holidays be bright and merry.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Non-Stop---Liam Neeson & Julianne Moore in--- (February 28, 2014)

Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) hates everything about flying, the long irritating lines, the crowds, delays, cancellations, and bad airlines’ food. 

He appeared in a bad mood on his drive to the airport to board a non-stop international service from New York to London. It is ironic he felt this way, because it is his job to fly. 

Why? Bill is a Federal Air Marshal for the Federal Transportation Security Administration. He is a plain clothes-officer on airplanes and in the airports. And, it is his job to travel the airplanes to protect the citizens from criminals and their activity.

Bill is in great physical condition, with Marshal Art’s skills and is proficient in weapon usage and it is his job to recognize and capture dangerous individuals.

This service from New York to London history’s proved a smooth flight in the past---without a threat of a storm or strong turbulence. But today’s flight will yield a change for Bill and all who are on the non-stop flight.

Bill sits by a beautiful red-head named Jen Summers (Julianne Moore). Jen tries talking with Bill, but he makes it short and sweet. He is on duty and it’s not his job to listen politely to a nosy woman who might be lovely but he is not in the mood for lovely.

While everyone is asleep Bill gets a text on his secure line---that informed him if 150 million dollars is not transferred to the account number furnished a passenger will die---every twenty (20) minutes.

This message tells Bill someone has hacked his secure line, but how? He knows Wi-Fi secured and unsecured are easy for hackers, but not true with secure lines. Now his analytical mind goes back to Jen Summers, she was sitting close, but it’s not possible she did anything.

His attention goes to a passenger named Jack Hammond (Anson Mount) he had a feeling about him---so it is best to continued his investigation of everyone.

Bill informed the pilot and other key employees of the situation, and twenty (20) minutes later he finds a dead body---then all Hell opens up as he will stop at nothing to catch the criminal and save the passengers.

This movie has so many twists, turns, and surprises with thrills, action and fireworks it will keep everyone glued to their seats. As the hijacking is just the beginning of the death defying events that followed the passengers as they frantically try to stay alive in this unsolved mystery.

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