Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sylvester Stallone, Jason Momoa and Christian Slater in---A Bullet to the Head Movie Review

James Bonomo (Sylvester Stallone) a New Orleans hitman’s partner was killed by Keegan (Jason Momoa) a skilled ex-mercenary. Keegan also killed a New York City Detective Taylor Kwon (Sung Kang)’s partner.

So it only made sense for them to team up and go after the bad guy. And Hell has not fury like James Bonomo when he is avenging the death of a good friend and partner. He has no rules to play by but his own and he reacts to the moment. However Detective Taylor Kwon does have rules to go by and executes them in the beginning and as close to the law as possible.

But James takes out the trash and solves problems and this is one issue that will be bloody and messy. No one will hide from this man who is a sphere of fury rolling over the top of his enemies like a 5 ton ball of fiery steel.

When he tells his daughter Lisa Bonomo (Sarah Shahi) about his partner being killed she reminded him he promised her he would get out of this business. With revenge on his mind he goes after his prey and does not care who tries to stop him---he will not be deterred.

But when Keegan takes Lisa---James’ daughter to use as bait to lure in James ---the fireworks begins--- and I am afraid the bad guy Keegan has bitten off more than he can handle. James would walk over hot coals to get to his daughter.

James does not trust anyone and he said that is how he stays in the game of life over death. One could almost feel sorry for the bad guy because I know he has met his match.

I cannot wait to get the DVD of this movie and I hope everyone enjoys Sly in this one---he just keeps on getting better and better.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale and Josh Hartnett in---Pearl Harbor

 This is a magnificent movie---it has history, action, romance and a fantastic love story. But let’s start at the beginning of our story in 1923 in the beautiful state of Tennessee. 

Rafe McCawley (Ben Affleck) and his best friend Danny Walker (Josh Hartnett) are young boys playing in an old stripped airplane. Probably an old discarded crop duster left in an old shed a perfect gift for little boys to let their imagination soar among the clouds with their heroes.
The boys were best friends living near each other. Rafe always protected Danny because he was younger ---like any older brother would do for their younger brother. All they dreamed about was flying together one day.
In 1940 Adolph Halter draws all of Europe into war and even though France has fallen to Hilter America still refuses to join the ranks of war.

n Long Island January 1941 Rafe and Danny are officially pilots after two years of training and now they know how to handle an airplane for real. So much so they get in trouble doing maneuvers with their airplanes showing how good they are in the sky.
Their last stunt got them both called into Lt. Col. James Doolittle’s (Alex Baldwin) office. First called into his office for a reprimand was Danny and he listened a while and then told the Lt. Col. That he was only trying to inspire the men like he the Lt. Col. Inspired him.
So, this took the wind out of the Lt. Col. Sails for a moment and the Lt. Col. Doolittle said that is BS McCawley, but very,
 very good BS. He said McCawley you remind me of myself 15 years ago.
Lt. Col. Doolittle told McCawley the British have accepted you into the Eagle Squadron and you will be on your way to England if you want to go.
What would you go Major?
I would go even though we will probably be in war soon because of Hitler and I will need you here with me.
Yes Sir---I am on my way.
Then Rafe tells his best friend Danny about his assignment and he is upset.
Danny said--- Guess what it is not combat training over there---it is war. There are no winners the losers die and the ones who come home are wrecks like my dad.
Rafe said--- I will be 25 years old---I will be an old man and they will want me to be a flight instructor, and I don’t want to do loops I want to be a combat fighter.
A group of nurses are on a train going to their assignment---Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson (Kate Breckinsale), Nurse Barbara (Catherine Kellner), nurse Betty ( Jaime King), Nurse Sandra (Jennifer Garner) and Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson is asked to tell a story about her experience of four weeks ago.
After Rafe leaves the office of the Lt. Col. Doolittle a bus is waiting to take all the pilots to be examined and inoculated. Evelyn tells about meeting Rafe as she gave him is eye examination.
Rafe was afraid that he would fail because he had trouble reading letters. And he explained this all to Lt. Evelyn Johnson---and since she knew how important flying was because her father was a pilot she passed him.
And so the love story begins and I will stop here as not to spoil the movie for you when you see it. It is one of my favorite Ben Affleck Movies. Ben’s wife Jennifer Garner was in this film also as Nurse Sandra. She is easily recognized by her deep dimples---a beautiful lady. They were not dating at this time---that came later.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ted DiBiase Jr., Temuera Morrison, & Lara Cox in---The Marine 2

Joe Linwood (Ted DeBiase Jr.) who is a Maine Sniper was finally going home from Southeast Asia for two weeks to spend a vacation with his beautiful wife Robin Linwood (Lara Cox).  All Joe wanted was to stay home and enjoy his hometown. Joe contacted Robin by Skype to let her know he was coming home for two weeks.
Robin told Joe he could be with her in Paradise as her super rich client Darren Conner (Robert Coleby) is opening a resort on an Island and she is in charge. What about Joe she asked it will be five days of sun and beach---it will be wonderful?
Joe told her I was looking forward to getting back home to Michigan and Robin told him she was sorry it was her job and she knew it was bad timing but she needed him to come home. And Joe said anywhere you are--- is my home.
So they are now on their way to the new resort and all Joe can do is look at his beautiful wife and Robin is so happy Joe is with her.
Finally they landed on the Island and it is as beautiful as Robin thought it would be and more---she is so happy to be there with Joe---her handsome and much loved husband.

They are met by Cynthia (Kelly B. Jones) she and Robin have talked over the phone and Skype a lot and this is their first meeting. Cynthia shows them around Paradise it is so lovely and Joe points out a tower and says you have security. Cynthia said yes we have 24 hour guard security tower---the top of the line. Cynthia showed Robin where they were having the party tomorrow night for the Resort's Grand Opening.
Later and before Robin has to begin work she and Joe are on the beach relaxing when Darren Conner walks up and says---it is so nice to see someone having a good time. Robin said I was waiting for you to arrive. Darren Conner this is my husband---Joe shook his hand and Darren said soldier right. Robin said actually he is a Marine. Darren said right---then put his arm around Robin to take her aside and tell her he is getting 24 calls an hour because some rep. has a reporter trying to interview him and some peace order trying to hit him with injunctions. Will you please do you job.
Robin says to Joe and you thought your job was hard---she smiles and walks away to catch up with Darren Conner.
After her meeting they have a few hours they can enjoy themselves so they wanted to go scuba diving and this is when they met Church (Michael Rucker) who has a business on the Island. He and Joe talk for a bit and they loaded up the boat with their gear to scuba dive and swim to the Island which is back of the resort.
That night all Hell broke out as they were attached and the Resort was taken with many hostages---one of them was Robin. This is when being married to a Marine really pays off. Action is the keyword here and saving Robin is what Joe will do as he risks his life for his beautiful wife.

I liked this movie because I love action and romance together in a great story of what can really
happen at anytime in the world of ours.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

John Cena, Kelly Clarkson and Robert Patrick in---The Marine

When John Triton (John Cena) a marine saved the lives of other marines by ignoring a command to stand down and wait for backup was wrong as far as the Marine’s rules. So the hero who saved others was given an honorable
discharge---he had to leave what he loved the most next to his beautiful wife Kate (Kelly Clarkson)---the marines.

After John returned home he was lost---andhurt at the outcome of his career in the Marines---and he did not know what to do with himself. He was so happy to be home with his wife---yet a gloomy halo of sadness surrounded him. Kate recognized it and was trying to come up with something John could do for excitement.

Kate suggested they go to the beach, but John said he had seen enough sand in the Marine’s. So they packed up and start to the mountains. Life was great they were so in love and enjoying being together.
Earlier a team of diamond thieves robbed a jewelry store killing people had stopped to get gas. The leader Rome (Robert Patrick) was driving a stolen Cadillac. 

The gun-crazed killer on the team was Morgan (Anthony Ray Parker). And while a deputy was talking to Rome about a sticker on his bumper Morgan walks out of the station and shoot the deputy in the head.

Then all bedlam started--- because one of the guys takes Kate as hostage while John is in the store knocked out. They shot the other deputy as he tried to get away and then they exploded everything up around them.

John makes it out of the store alive and uses the deputy’s car to chase after them because they took Kate and his vehicle. 

This is one of the most action-packed movies I have seen in a long time---compete pandemonium from the beginning to the end. There is also a surprise ending with who turn out to in on the diamond heist.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Firm

Firm logo.jpgThe Firm is a show that centers on the McDeere Family after they surface from the witness protection program after ten years to begin a new life in the Washington Metro Area. Mitchell McDeere known as Mitch (Josh Lucas) is a graduate of Harvard Law College. 

Mitch’s wife Abby McDeere (Molly Parker) and their daughter Claire McDeere (Natasha Calis) with his brother Raymond known as Ray McDeere (Callum Keith Rennie) is the older brother who served time in prison and is now working with Mitch as an investigator for his law office. 

Ray’s girlfriend Tammy Hemphill (Juliette Lewis) all four went into the witness protection because they helped Mitch who was a whistle blower for the FBI take down a dishonest Memphis Law Firm with ties to the Chicago mob connections.

Claire was born while they were in the witness protection program---so she is familiar with the reason they had to move so often--- to stay ahead of the mob finding them.
And since the Chicago mob boss died in prison the McDeere family is starting their life over---although they are still dealing with the past and its little issue---they are looking brightly towards the future.
Abby is teaching elementary school again and her daughter is in her classroom. Abby freedom is blissfully rewarding now as she can have the career she loves.

Mitch has opened a new law office in a building which was a tiny travel agency, and with him Ray and Tammy. Ray is his investigator for the law practice and Tammy is his secretary and they are working under a strict budget to begin the business. But they are all positive and plan a bright future as the ten years in witness protection.

The first episode beings with Mitch being chased by three men across a park and Mitch got away by running through a huge water fountain and then jumping into the back of a truck.

When he get to a phone he calls Abby telling her she needs to get out of there and she asked why---and Mitch said for her to follow the emergency plan. Mitch tells her he will be there soon---he hangs up.

Mitch met with a man in a hotel room---thinking he had lost the tail of the three men chasing him and they would be safe. But before they can really begin to talk someone is banging on the door saying they are with the hotel security. But Mitch and the man know it is not security because they would have a key.
The small bits of the conversation consist of Mitch telling the man a woman is dead and you know something about it. And the man replied---I am a dead man if I talk, you do not know these people.
Mitch replied---I know people in the FBI they will protect you.
The man said---no one can protect me---I am a dead man already. Then he runs out on the balcony and dives off to the concrete below. He commits suicide jumping to his death eight (8) stories.

Mitch cannot believe his eyes---but has to run out on the balcony himself to escape the men who have now crashed through the locked door. Mitch escapes just in time by sliding down two floors below and running out a second floor window; jumps and landed onto a luggage cart below.

Then the scene takes us back to the McDeere home where they are talking about what happened. This is a great action movie and I wished it was going for a second season but it is not. So enjoy what we do have and it will give us all something to ponder on what might happen after we see all 22 episodes of The Firm.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Idris Elba & Zoe Saldana in---The Losers (2010)

It is never a smart move to double-cross an elite United States Special Forces Unit. These guys were sent to the Bolivian Jungle on a mission to find and eliminate the enemy.

After the target was marked the unit became aware there were a large group of children they had to save and since their contact in the USA would not call off the attack. The unit of five guys, Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who was the leader, Jensen ( Chris Evans), Roque (Idris Elba), Pooch (Columbus Short) and Cougar (Oscar Jaenada).

When the team realized the children would be killed if they did not go in and save them---and they had only eight (8) minutes to do before the missile hit its target.

The five men rush down to the jungle compound killing many of enemy before reaching the children. Finally they manage to rescue the children using an old school bus to save them.

 After walking through the jungle with the group of children---they meet their contact helicopter and while helping the children on board they were informed---only enough room for the children. Clay said we will stay---so the helicopter rose in the air while the children waved bye to their heroes.

As the five men watched the helicopter rise over the trees to leave they heard a funny noise in the sky and looked up just in time to see a missile blow the helicopter up with all the children aboard.

The men ran to the wreckage knowing in their hearts what they would find---only burnt metal and fire still burning. Clays saw the little Teddy Bear one of the children was holding---burning on the ground.

As their eyes could not leave the burning twisted metal---Clay said that was supposed to be us---and they all knew at that moment they were dead to the USA that sent them to complete the mission and to their families.

Clay threw his dog tags into the burning wreck and each man followed suit. They were no longer Special Forces---now they were just men living in jungle looking for a way to revenge their own betrayal. And they knew the name of the name who did it---Max. But they did not know what he looked like.

Clay was approached by a beautiful woman with her own agenda named Aisha (Zoe Saldana) she told them she would get them home if they helped her to eliminate the heavily guarded Max. So the action begins after they reach Miami and plans are made.

This is a very good action movie with a good plot carried out with extra good actors as you will find out for yourselves.

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