Monday, June 23, 2014

The Italian Job---Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton and Donald Sutherland (2003)

This is a film about a great Italian heist which takes place in Venice, Italy by a team of proficient thieves led by John Bridger (Donald Sutherland) who is a specialist safecracker and Charlie Croker (Mark Wahlberg) who is John’s protégé and also a professional thief. 

Charlie has been with John for many years; they enjoyed a great relationship---like a father and son.

John’s daughter Stella Bridger (Charlie Theron)lives in Philadelphia with a career as a vault technician and has begged her father many times to stop practicing his profession; but to no avail---there is always one more job.

All six team members are assembled in Venice to complete their last job of stealing 35 million in gold bars from Italian gangsters that stole the gold bar themselves. The other members of the team are Steve (Edward Norton), the inside man, 

Handsome Rob (Jason Statham) their wheelman, Lyle aka Napster (Seth Green) a computer genius and Left Ear (Mos Def) their explosive expert. The Italian job as they called it would be their last job, and everyone was already dreaming about what to do with their share.

With computerized planning, proficient timing, brilliant research and a skilled team with adaptability at a minute’s notice; the job finished on schedule.

Later Rob drove the team and the gold to the Alps close to the Austrian border where they stop to celebrate with wine; and John gave a toast praising Charlie and his excellent planning of their last job together. 

Everyone agreed with the words spoken by John; however, Steve had a funny look on his face. One might even conclude it was jealousy.

John and Charlie walked away from the team to talk in private. The rest of the team shared their plans of what they would do with their share of the money.

The team traveled on the icy bridge to the Austrian border when suddenly a jeep came facing them---then it stopped on the bridge and the jeep behind them stopped. Before anyone could think what was happening Steve pulled a gun and pointed it to Rob’s head and told him to take his hands off the wheel. Then, John told Steve they would find him---Steve shot John three times in the chest, without blinking once.

Charlie told Rob to drive and he did hitting the Jeep in front of them, then going over the railings into the freezing water. When Steve is satisfied everyone is dead---he leaves with his team of killers. John is dead and Charlie hates to leave him.

After telling John’s daughter about her father's death the team started to research and track Steve, because it is payback time. Revenge is motivated by hating and the retribution race is on for the team to find Steve.  

Charlie paid a visit to Stella to let her know they found Steve in Los Angeles and an informant said he sold a couple of gold bars to a dealer. He told Stella the team would be in LA after Steve, and asked if she wanted to help them. Charlie said he needed her skill on safecracking. He told her it was not about the money that John was like a father to him too.

Stella initially said no, but changed her mind and called Charlie to tell him she was in. She wanted to see Steve’s face when he was caught; and lost his precious gold.

They arrived in Los Angeles and began to work their plan against Steve. Steve would have other issues in the end bigger than the team’s punishment; because Steve killed Yevhen (Boris Lee Krutonog) the dealer that purchased the gold bars from him. Mashkov (Olek Krupa), Yechen’s cousin would revenge his death.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Transporter 3---Jason Statham, Robert Knepper & Natalya Rudakova

Frank Martin (Jason Statham) popularity and expertise put him at the top of the Transporter Pyramid; leaving him to be selective on any jobs offered him.

This action and adventure started when Frank declined a job; but referred his friend Malcom Manville (David Atrakchi) for the job. So both men were happy with the arrangement. 

Happy that is until an Audi A8 crashed into Frank’s living room driven by his friend Malcom. He was bleeding with his injuries and gunshot wounds. Frank called 911 to take his friend to the hospital.

After the EMT’s left with Malcom; Frank started investigating the car, which was still in his house. And, to his surprise he found a young woman named Valentina (Natalya Rudakova) who would not leave the vehicle. 

She explained to Frank about the bracelet around her wrist; that it explodes if she is 75 feet away from the car. 

And, that Malcom had one on his wrist---so Frank hurries outdoors to stop the Emergency vehicle---but was too late---it exploded.

 Frank is knocked out by a hired gangster and carried inside the house.

This is when Frank met Johnson (Robert Knepper) the man who hired his friend Malcom to deliver Valentina and a package to Budapest. 

Johnson makes Frank put on an explosive bracelet like his friend Malcom was wearing. Johnson is a sadistic man who wants to be sure both packages are delivered.

Johnson’s downfall will be not knowing Frank Martin and his vengeful ways. First, he will pay Johnson back for the death of his friend, and then he will work on him for being put in jeopardy; as well as Valentina.

How will Johnson close the box of terror he opened when forcing Frank at gunpoint to put on the bracelet, killing his friend, and placing Valentina's life in peril. Hell might be a nice place for Johnson to crawl to when Frank finishes with him.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

True Detectives with Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson and Michelle Monaghan (TV Series)


This is a raw crime drama about a Louisiana serial killer; proving once again that man is the most cruel and evil animal walking on this planet. Season 1 with its eight (8) episodes immediately got my attention; because of the lives of the two Louisiana State Police Criminal Investigations Division homicide detectives---Rust Cohle and Marty Harty. And, their lives in the 17 years it took them through a Louisiana maze of bayous and smokescreens to solve this crime---when it seemed so many others were against their success of solving this ghastliest mystery. Some scenes I could not watch because of the subject matter, which is unreal to any sane person.

Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson) is a husband to his gorgeous wife Maggie Hart (Michelle Monaghan) and father to two beautiful young girls who loved their daddy. He had it all---a career with a wonderful family. However, his asinine thinking that he could love two women caused him to lose his wife and children in divorce. Maggie forgave him once for being unfaithful, but when it happened again---that was the end.

Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) is a dark sad, very intelligent man who never gives up on any clue and has a method which can extract the truth from anyone especially criminals. He is a no-nonsense man with a past who indulged with alcohol to forget for a while, until again the light of day is staring him in the face.

Rust had a family once---a wife and a two year old child who, was killed in an accident. The death of their baby girl destroyed their marriage. And, now his solace is his work, it gave him motivation and in his working hours a time to be sober. His methodical and intelligent techniques seem to aggravate his bosses and others he worked with each day. If only the ones in power had listened to him earlier---years and lives might have been saved.

HMO did a fabulous job in viewing this show for all the fans of Woody and Matthew’s, and we hope they will return in Season 2.

Note: My Grandmother Knight would love this show---I remember she loved reading murder mysteries, crime and the most wanted. I will never understand how my Angelic grandmother could enjoy such books---but she did.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

From Paris with Love---John Travolta & Jonathan Rhys Meyers (2010)

James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is an ambitious young aide to the United States Ambassador Bennington (Richard Durden) in France. James floats in a calm sea of dullness serving him. However, James would rather be on an assignment with the job of his passion; as a low rank secret agent for the CIA.

James is hoping to get an assignment in the CIA of a higher-level so he can prove his worth to the agency. And, just when he is enjoying being with his girlfriend---he gets a call from the CIA telling him to pick up his partner Charlie Wax (John Travolta) because he is being detained by French Customers at the airport. Because Charlie does not want to turn over his cans of his favored energy drink to them.

This was James’ first test of the assignment and after Charlie Wax called the French Airport Security Agents everything in the book and then some, he stood defiant against them, Yes,  James was shocked by Charlie's loud mouth with foul words being spit out at anyone or anything that got in this big bad CIA agents’ way. James slapped a Diplomatic Mail sticker on the bag of energy drinks. This solved the issue since the drinks were now protected from Customs.

James’ CIA handler advised him to do what Charlie Wax told him because he was on a very important assignment. Which James found out later it involved terrorist that were responsible for the death of the niece of Secretary of Defense.

Charlie Wax takes James on an action adventure of his assignment and one might describe it as a high-level CIA tutorial where killing and bombing is a big part of the lesson. This will be the beginning of James’ hard lesson on the facts of life as a CIA Operative. Will James make it to the end? Will Charlie Wax and James become friends and contacts to help each other with any future assignments they will be given?

Only after seeing the entire movie will one be able to answer all the questions one might want answers to; so buckle up this will be a ride to remember.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

The Equalizer---Denzel Washington, Chloe Grace Mortez & Melissa Leo (2014)

Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) becomes tired of his very demanding life so he pseudocide himself in order to live a discreet life in Boston. With his background training of a previous black ops commando he was a trained killing machine.

He retired from being a helper to the helpless who could not defend themselves. Envision how quick his reflexes react to a sudden move from an unknown enemy or a shadow suddenly in his view.

Even on a beautiful calm sunny day lightning can strike and this is what happened when he
visited the Bridge Diner one night. Robert sat quietly sat at his table reading a book. 

Then, a young girl who was dressed like she was in business of a “Lady of the Night” named Teri (Chloe Grace Mortez) started a conversation with him by asking what his book was about.

He told her it was about a knight in shining armor, which she made a reply. He then told her she could be anything she wanted to be---to change her world.

Later she walked out to meet someone in a car when suddenly one of his men hits her across the face and pushed her inside. And, all of this was done while Robert watched from the window of the diner.

This is not sit right with Robert and he decided he would rescue her from the pimps who took her. So, he used his skills to find her, and then he used his skills to kill the five pimps.

He later found out from his former handler (Melissa Leo) these five men were Russian gangsters aka Russian Mafia. Robert came out of retirement to save a helpless girl, and now the Russian Mafia will be hot on his trail for revenge.

Since the Russians do not know Robert McCall’s background they are in full force to find and kill him. I am afraid they will be in for a big surprise.

I am so happy to see Denzel Washington---one of my favorite actors back in an action film. So mark your calendars for September 26, 2014 for the premiere of the Equalizer.

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