Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell in---Tango and Cash (1989)

Narcotics Detective Ray Tango (Sylvester Stallone) is a very dark handsome, debonair man and wealthy man---ranking higher on the social level than a regular Beverly Hills Detective. When others are checking the sports status of their favorite team, Ray Tango is checking on the stock market and his investments.

Completely different from Narcotics Detective Gabriel Cash (Kurt Russell) who is also very good-looking, with sapphire-blue eyes and deep dimples; and, who thinks dressing well is wearing a clean shirt and jeans. He fits in with the Downtown Los Angeles division.

Tango and Cash are very popular and cannot endure each other; as each is proud of his known fame. And enjoyed being held in such esteem by many. They worked every day in their districts without running into each other, while both upset the Crime Lord Yves Perret (Jack Palance) as they searched and destroyed his drug operations.Yves Perret is livid because Tango and Cash reduced his income as they shut down more and more of his drug operations daily. So he concocts a plan to get them both out of his hair and business. 

Tango and Cash received information of a big drug bust at a certain location one night, so they both showed up. And, of course they ran into each other as planned by Perret. Each man with his huge ego will try to outdo the other by being first on the scene. Little did they know it was a frame-up; and, a dead FBI agent waited for them wearing a wire.

Suddenly, they’re surrounded by FBI agents who finds Cash’s pistol on the floor; resulting in their arrested. Their trail was not long and the frame-up worked because the audio tape convicted them by an audio expert who verified the tape as authentic.

They plead no contest to a lesser charge for 18 months in a minimum-security prison. However, bad luck rode the bus with them as they arrived at a maximum-security prison where criminals they arrested in the past were serving time.

Tango’s only family was his beautiful sister Katherine ‘Kiki’ Tango (Teri Hatcher) who worked as a dancer in a club. Tango loved his sister very much and was overly protective of her. He constantly wanted to buy her things, and she wanted to get them on her own. Now, what do you think will happen when Cash meets Kiki?

This is a good movie and over the years I enjoyed my video; until my video player ate it. So I need to buy a DVD of Tango and Cash.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman---Jane Seymour & Joe Lando

This story begins in Boston, Massachusetts in 1833 and it focuses on a wealthy physician’s family. Dr. Quinn wanted a son to follow in his footsteps and he wanted to name him Michael; as he waited for the birth of his fifth child. He dreamed of his son's future as a doctor.

On February 15, 1833 the last child was born a girl; but that did not stop the doctor from naming his daughter Michaela Quinn (Jane Seymour). Michaela studied medicine, obtained her degree and worked with her father for seven years, until his death in 1867.

Michaela not only did she grieve her father's death, but her mentor and best friend. She felt so alone, and although she promised her father she would carry on his practice---none of his patients would come to her. Her mother was not understanding in this matter as she did not consider Michaela as a doctor and told her she was living in a fantasy.

So she answered an ad for a doctor in the Colorado Territory, she sent a telegram describing her experience and received a reply offering her the position. It was a new frontier, and Michaela wanted a new beginning.

This would be her place, a place where she as a doctor would be appreciated by her skills as a doctor. So she packs and hugs her mother bye and boards the train to the Wild West town of Colorado Springs to begin her own practice.

What she found in Colorado Spring was a new family when three children’s, Matthew (Chadd Allen) Colleen (Elika Flores and later by Jessica Bowman)and Brian (Shawn Toovy) mother died from a rattlesnake bite. 

Michaela met Byron Sully (Joe Lando) and rented a house from the frontier man. Michaela known as Dr. Mike proved herself daily to the townspeople that she was a real doctor. It's backward thinking of so many people from that era; that only men could practice medicine and be a doctor. Dr. Mike proved them wrong, she became a friend to the Cheyenne and anyone who needed her help.

Her mother never approved of her youngest child being alone in the Wild West away from the family in Boston. Michaela gave it all up for her new life in Colorado Springs.

Sully and Dr. Mike's Wedding Day

This is a wonderful series for the family---filled with action, adventure and hard times in the Wild West. And I believe it should be in everyone’s movie library---it is that great. I loved this series. 

Relax and let your mind go back in time---it is a great experience. I love all my DVD's and watch them when I want and that is the join of living now.

A Special Video a fan made for Michaela and Sully--enjoy it is beautiful.


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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Gerard Butler & Aaron Eckhart in---Olympus Has Fallen

It is snowing in Camp David and President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Echhart), the First Lady (Ashley Judd doing a cameo) and their son Connor (Finley Jacobsen) are all dressed in formal attire. Because they are ready to leave for a party at a Billionaire’s home. The president’s secret service guards are ready to lead and follow in their cars. The leader of President Asher’s guard is Mike Banning, he and the president are very close as friends as well as employee and boss. And the Asher’s son Connor loves Mike and follows him around like a shadow.

The snow and winds are strong as the five black SUV’s leave Camp David. Connor asked to ride with Mike and two other secret service guards. When the vehicles crossed over the bridge something large hit the lead SUV with a force so great it spun out-of-control, then went over the bridge making the other cars stop short and the President’s vehicle crashed the bridge railing was hanging half-way off the bridge.

Mike tried to get the President and the First Lady out while three other men were holding the back of the vehicle. The vehicle was so heavy they did their best to hold it steady and upright. Mike worked fast in getting the seatbelt cut off of the president, and then he would get the first lady’s---but luck was not on their side---this winter blizzard night. The men holding the vehicle screamed it is going as Mike pulled the president out---the car went over the ledge with the first lady and the two men up front. Mike was devastated he could not breathe or shout any orders---all he could do was look at Connor. One could tell a part of him died that night, because he loved the entire family and now one was gone and he blamed himself.

Eighteen months later Mike Banning has a desk job in the Treasury Department and he is bored to death with it. He still has issues that haunts his memory about that fatal night, and concerned about Connor and the President. And, this morning after a brief conversation with his wife Leah (Radha Mitchell) he apologized for not attending a July 4th Barbecue with her.

Mike meets Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs (Angela Bassett) for coffee this morning on July 5th and some of his previous secret service agents stopped by their table to shake hands. After they departed Mike tells her---he wants back in and Director Lynn Jacobs said you know Mike everybody know you did the right things, no one blames you---it is just seeing you every day would remind the president of the tragedy. Connor misses his mom and he misses his buddy.

During the morning at work one could tell that Mike was thinking about Conner, the little boy he loved and taught him about every tunnel and hiding place in the White House. Conner learned fast and Mike filled his memory bank with every tidbit that could and might save his life one day.

His boring day continued until he heard the alarm call and looked out the his window to see smoke and an aircraft flying low and shooting at people in the streets and visitors to Washington DC. Then Mike Banning jumped into action and to help wherever he could.

This movie is an action, thriller and will keep your eyes glued to the screen. I just got my DVD from Amazon and I have watched it three (3) times already---it is just that good. I cannot tell everything or about everyone that was impressive in this review as it would go on forever.

Mike meets the enemy with Special Forces skills and a death-wish determination for the ones who has invaded his White House and the people he loves, the president and Connor. Olympus is the secret service code word for the White House.

I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did ---and still do, because some of my favorite people are in it. To name a few: Morgan Freeman, Gerard Butler, Cole Hauser and Angela Bassett are some if my favorites. And, I was very impressed with Melissa Leo who played the role of Secretary of Defense Ruth McMillan.

Buy it and watch it when your heart desires---you will always find something new each you watch it.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dolph Lundgren, Alex Karzis and Kata Dobo' in Detention (2003)

Sam Decker (Dolph Lundgren) wanted to help the children as a teacher at Hamilton High a public school where the system has forsaken the students who wanted to learn and always putting the worst in detention, who does not seem to care about much. Detention does not solve any issues and seems it’s the pit stop for the worst students who do not go by the rules of the school.

Probably the reason Sam has stayed this long is because his girlfriend Margo (Jennifer Baxter), a tall beautiful blue-eyed blond who takes his breath away--- works at the school also.
Sam secured a new job with good pay and turned in his resignation to the Hamilton High’s principal. But Sam does not get off that easily, because the principal gave him an extra duty with the after school students in detention.

After a few stolen minutes with his girlfriend Sam enters the detention class to find three boys and a pregnant girl. The rebels of the school system and it seems of life has given them everything but candy sweetness in life. It’s written on their faces the pain in their hearts that the teachers do not take time to notice.
Sam thought after his duties as a soldier, trained in combat who witnessed the worst in war. That he would spend the rest of his life helping and working with high school kids, teaching them and watching them learn. But as he looks at the students before him---he wonders if they wanted any better in life---surely they do.

While the four students are in detention, there is one student in a wheelchair studying in the library to get a scholarship for college. His attitude is not the best, but his intentions seem basically good.

The security guard makes the seventh person left in the closed-down school, with all the doors locked and all the lights are off except in detention, security office and the library.

On the other end of town the police are transporting a truck with 300 million of cocaine, and the mastermind plan of the brutal criminal Chester lamb (Alex Karzis) and girlfriend Gloria Waylan ( Kata Dobo') with his gang of killers are to take it. And, because Chester’s inside information from a crooked cop and a FBI agent they were successful.

Now, they have taken the cocaine to the Hamilton High Auto Shop to work on the two vehicles to transport their treasure.

However, there are seven little stumbling blocks in their great planning---the school is not empty because detention is not over, a student is in the library and the security guard. Now, the action begins.
The killers find out they are not alone and starts a war after the children and Sam.

Sam and the five children---together will fight against the killers. Who will win? A good action drama with a lot of thrills, this is another Dolph Lundgren good combative movie.

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